The Struggle For Normality Rant.(What is it?)

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Just thoughts about today's society and the differing views on normality.

Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013




 I never understood this overwhelming desire to fit in with society.Some people,teenagers in particular,have this need to be what is considered "normal".But what exactly is that anyway?It wasn't until i read Julie Ann Peters' novel,"What is normal?",until i realized that there is no one definition for the word.It's just whatever we say it is.What's normal to me may be totally abnormal for another person and vice versa. Normality,to me,is just a waste of time.It's overrated for lack of a better term.The more "normal" you seem,the less individuality you have.Following the crowd personally just isn't my style.I'm a leader in my own way.
  The struggle for normality doesn't just affect one person either,it's more of a domino affect.People get picked on everyday because their not "normal".This gives other bullies a kind of inspiration if that's even the right word.They see someone being different not as a celebration of individuality and free will,but as an excuse to beat and ridicule another human being.It sickens me to think that hundreds of thousands of people everyday are going through deep depression because of the fact that their not "normal" or they don't fit in.As a person who is digging my way out of a ditch of depression and slowly reaching the surface of happiness,I know what is like to try your hardest to become of the crowd.All you want is to be accepted.After a while though,it gets tiring and sometimes you just don't give a damn anymore whether you fit in or not.And eventually,you don't want to fit in and instead of struggling for normality,you begin to strive for abnormality,whatever that may be.

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