Tiffany's life

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this story is about a teenage girl that has every thing... Then something happens to her and everything changes, This story is not finished i just need advice on how it is so far and if anyone has tips on how i can make it better please let me no :)

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Tiffney’s life...

Life sucks. There is no “perfect” life. Everyone has that something that makes them imperfect. Weather it’s their clothes, hair, house, or car. But sometimes it could be something unfixable like personality their face, or body. Many people want to be perfect so they pretend that they are perfect to get in the popular group. Popular people think they are the best in the world, they think they are perfect. They have the perfect car, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect, friends, and the perfect clothes. But sooner or later they will find out that the perfect boyfriend isn’t so perfect, those so called friends really don’t care, and everything else can be gone in a flash of a second. Just ask Tiffney.

Tiffney was a Jr. in high school she was head cheerleader, dating the captain of the football team, named Zach. She had a red convertible car and all the clothes in the world.She was very stuck up, and thinking she was better then anyone. She always had the rest of the cheer team with her. She went to any and every party she was invited to. She was very popular everyone wanted to be friends with her. 

She and her boyfriend were the dream couple they have been dating since freshmen year. Zach was a senior and getting a scholarship for football. Tiffney was going to try to grad early so she could get a scholarship for cheerleading and go to college with him. They had their life all planed out. They were even engaged. She was so happy that she found a good guy that would always be there for her and be faithful to her. Or that’s what she thought he was.

She had a crowd of friends but two of her best friends were Sarah, and Sasha.  They have been her friends since freshmen year they were her first set of new friends. Sarah and Sasha were twins. So they were really close till Tiffney came along now they are more sisters with her then with each other. They do everything for Tiffney  jus because she’s popular. But Tiffney knows that she needs to not take advantage of them because if they left her side the rest of the team would. But soon she will find that they were never really friends with her…

All of this changed when she was heading home from a party. It was rainy out side and the roads were very slippery. She couldn’t see where she was going and a turn was coming up. She didn’t see it. In a flash of a second she had lost her car and soon to find out a lot more then just the car…She would have changed her whole life that one second and she doesn’t like it at first.

She woke up 2 days after the crash in the hospital. She woke up to nobody in there. She looked around for some one to find out what’s going on. Nobody showed for half hour. She tried to get up but soon realized she was stuck because her leg was in a cast and hanging up on a splint.  Finally the doctor came in and she looked at him and asked what had happened to her. He told her that she was driving home and she went on the opposite side of the road she was going 50 mph. a car crashed into her and totaled her car.  She then asked him where her friends where her boyfriend and her parents. The doctor said her friends and boyfriend never showed up. He said he called everyone that was in her contact list so they would all know. Then he said your mom was here but had to leave because she got in a fight with someone on the phone.

She was so shocked that none of her so called friends were there at all. It’s not like they didn’t no. thts all she could think about. Zach didn’t even show up that shows how much he really cares for her. She was mad for a little and very sad. Then the doctor told her something that made her wish that she never made it out of the crash, she wished she died there.  He said that she could no longer cheerlead.  She was very depressed after that all she did was cry she thought about how it ruined her plans with Zach and how he would take it. Also she thought bout her team. Think about how they wouldn’t be able to go on with out her.

The day she was aloud to leave, after a week in the hospital, her mom came to pick her up. She was so happy to go home maybe someone showed up to see her there. When she got in the car and her mom started to drive away she asked her mom if anyone showed up like Sarah or Sasha or Zach. Her mom said a guy named matt showed up and asked if u were ok and left u flowers and a card. Tiffney was so shocked she didn’t know anyone named matt and her friends can’t even take time out of their life to see her but matt did.  She then thought “well maybe they were busy with practices and didn’t know if I wanted company and didn’t want to bother my mom.” Tiffney’s one problem is that she always makes up excuses for everything and every one she never really thinks about the situation.

She then found out from her mom that they had lost the house and their money. She was moving from a three floor house to a mobile home in the middle of nowhere. She no longer had a car because she crashed her and since her family didn’t have money they can’t fix it or get her a new one. She just wanted to break. She had enough bad news she just wanted to go to school and drop every thing going on and go see her friends and boyfriend.

After 2 weeks on bed rest she was able to go to school still in a cast but she figured that everyone would be able to help her. She didn’t tell anyone that she was going to go back to school because she wanted to surprise everyone. When she got there everyone was looking at her and she was wondering who matt was as she was walking by everyone down the hall in a cast and on crutches. She then went to the football field under the bleachers where her crowd hangs out before school and to her surprise no one was there except Zach and Sarah. When she walked up there she jus saw them talking when she got closer she heard them talking about going to Jr. Prom together, She go very upset she turned around and went to the office to call her mom. When she got ahold of her mom and told her mom to come get her, her mom said that she was unpacking and couldn’t. At that moment she felt like she was going to break down and cry.  When she got up to go to class she saw someone pick up her books for her. She looked over and saw a guy with black short hair. He looked at her smiled and asked if he could help her to class. She was so shocked, she never seen this kid before and he was willing to help her go to classes and carry her book.  But she was being the stuck up popular girl because she was at school and told him not to touch her books and grabbed it and walked off.

Well she was walking to class all she could think about was what happened in the last few weeks. She was confused about how everything could go so wrong. She felt like her friends forgot about her, her boyfriend didn’t even ask if she was ok. She felt alone for the first time and she was scared of it. She didn’t want anything in her life to change. She just wanted to be back to the way she was whn she thought she was happy.

Her first class was English. She uses to like this class because Zach and Sarah and Sasha were in it. Now she is dreading the moment they walk through the door. While she was thinking about what was going to happen she heard Sarah yelling around the corner. She was on the edge of the seat thinking bout what she should say to Sarah, or even worse what will Sarah say to her. In a minute, Sarah and Zach walk through the door at the same time. All she could think was how that was supposed to be her. Zach was the first to recognize Tiff and he came up and gave her a hug and kissed her. Then Sarah looked at her with a nasty look and she didn’t understand why but Tiff ignored it and looked at Zach, she missed him so much. His kissing, his touch, his eyes, everything. But I could feel something changed with him. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first. But I felt it.

He asked me how I was feeling and saying how he missed me and he was glad I was back. The entire time he was talking I felt like saying he looked and sounded like he missed me this morning under the bleachers with Sarah. I turned around to look at Sarah to see if she still looked mad. She gave me nasty eyes again so I turned to Zach and asked what her problem was. He looked at her then at me and hugged me and said that the car that hit me was Sasha. When she heard that she started to break down she was crying uncontrollably.  She remembered the doctor saying the person in the other car didn’t make. She was pronounced dead on the scene. When the teacher walked in and sees her crying she asked what was wrong and Zach said that she jus got outta a car accident and it was her first day back for almost a month and just found out that her best friend died in the accident. When the teacher heard that she said that she should go to the guidance office and talk to someone.  So she did, the guidance office said it would be better if she went home and they called a girl named Amy up to give her a ride home. When Amy got to the office she was wearing jeans and a tank top that just passed the school dress code. She had a backpack full of books and 2 books in her hand. She came up to Tiffney and said hi then grabbed her books of the chair and told Tiffney to wait there for a second.

When she got back she told Tiffney to go with her and helped Tiff in the car then got in the drivers side. Tiffney was so worried that she would say something bout her home because it was a trailer and very messy. Amy told Tiff that she had to stop at her house to get her moms card for gas first. When they got there tiff was so shocked Amy lived in a trailer too. Even though it was cleaner on the outside she still felt less worried about what Amy was going to say about the house. Then after a few mins Amy came back out and got in the car and drove Tiffney home. When they started to get close to Tiffs house she said “just dnt say anything bout wht it looks like I just moved here because we are having money problems right now” Amy just looked at tiff and said that the last thing she would want to do is trash talk a girl about where she lives: when Tiffney heard that she felt more comfortable about the girl dropping her off.

Tiffney once again was shocked. All her boyfriend did for her was get her sent home in tears. Also all her friends did was Ignore her. But 2 people she never talked to in her life went out of their way to help. Tiffney decided she want to know more about Matt and Amy so she looked for her yearbook from this year, that she got because the school had an extra and she was in hospital, and looked in it for them. She found out that Matt was on the basketball and soccer team. He was part of yearbook committee. That’s all she could find on him besides pictures of him and a girl hugging and holding hands. For some reason those pictures hurt Tiffney, she didn’t understand why. It’s not like she was jealous she had a boyfriend. Plus she only talked too the kid once and she was rude to him, she would be shocked if he tried to talk to her again. Then she looked up Amy and found out she was head Peer Helper and she was also in volleyball and Basketball. She then realized that her name sounded familiar. Then she thought maybe she went to elementary with her. Tiffney went to find her Yearbook from 6th grade. She opened the book to a page labeled strong friendship and it was a full page of pictures of people with their friends or boyfriend. When she went through them she decided to change the page she looked really quick at the edge and there she was. Tiffney was there with a guy and a girl on each side of her. She looked closer and saw the girl had a necklace with a heart and a key whole in the middle. She looked closer and realized that those people were Matt and Amy.

She then remembered when she was in 6th grade she never did cheerleading and she only hung out with them they all played b-ball togeather and decided that they would all try out for the team when they went to high school. Tiffney sat there for the rest of that night trying to remember why they aren’t friends anymore. She had no idea why she sat there and stared at the picture and the heading of the page for the rest of the night.

The next day she woke up and decided to go and find Matt or Amy to talk to. When she got to school she didn’t see anyone she usually talks to. She says it as a good sign. Now she could go find Amy or Matt and find out what happened back when they were friends and why they aren’t anymore. She found Amy with some guy walking into the school. Tiffney yelled out to Amy. Amy just looked over then started to walk in the building again. She didn’t find matt all morning till she was heading off to her first class which is what happened the other day.  When he saw her he kept walking away. Tiffney yelled out his name and he stopped and looked at her. She started to walk towards him n he just stood there.

She walked up to him and apologized for the way she acted yesterday and didn’t mean a think she said she was just in a bad mood. He said it was ok he understands with everything that was going on with her right now. i then asked him if he wanted to walk with me to class,we started to walk then i got the nerve to stop and ask “do you remember middle school?” he looked at me and smiled he said he would never forget it.

I asked him what happened between the three of them. All he said was that stuff happened we all grew up and went on our different paths. Then he said something about how Amy probably won’t even talk to me ever again. When he said that all I could think was why she is mad at me. When we got to my class he gave me a hug and said it was good talking to you again. We have to do it more often.

At the end of the day Zach came in the room Tiff was in and asked her who Matt was, he saw them hug; Tiff told him he was a friend. When Zach started to snap on her for hugging another guy Tiff couldn’t help but yell out that Matt was nicer, funnier and acted more of a boyfriend then Zach did. Zach got mad and stomped off he had a disgusted and angry face. Tiff just sat there in the back of the room ready to cry. Then she heard Zach start yelling and swearing so she got up and walked to the door. When she got there she saw Zach in Matts face. Yelling and screaming for no reason. She didn’t understand why he was so worried about her cheating on him lately; it was never a problem they had, tilled after the crash.  She was so worried for matt she didn’t want him to get hurt because she decided to go off and say that stuff to Zach. She yelled down the hall to get Zach’s attention but he was to busy. She all of a sudden lost balance and started to fall. When she reached the ground she started to cry. She was thinking why everything was happening to her. She was always good and never got in fights with anyone. Then she started to think about Sasha and how she must be having it worse because she isn’t here anymore.tiff and her were always in the same boat no matter what was going on. She was her true friend. Tiff only used her; tiff was nicer to Sarah who wants nothing to do with her. Then she started to cry worse.

After about 3 minutes sitting on the floor crying she heard someone running down the hall. She thought that maybe Zach had backed off Matt and came to help her. When she looked up there was an arm in front of her to help her up. When she looked at whom it was she was shocked when she saw the blood dripping from his nose. She asked Matt if he was ok and tried to help him but he didn’t let her. He just said that Tiff had bigger problems then a bloody nose. He started to walk away then said that he would be right back. When he came back he had at issue in his nose. Then he looked at her and asked why she was still at school she told him that she had to stay after because of all the school she missed. Then she said she also wants wait till after football practice to see Zach for a little bit. When she said that he just looked down and said that it sounded fun.

When he left the room Tiffney looked out the window and saw the cheer team. All she could think about was what life would be like right now if she didn’t go to the party; if she didn’t let Sasha drink then let her drive home. Then Tiff started to think where Sarah was. She said she was heading home with Sasha.  If she didn’t get a ride with Sasha where did she. Tiff decided to go and sit somewhere near the field to wait till after practice so she could surprise Zach. After practice he and Sarah waited till everyone left then grabbed each others hand and walked to his car.  Tiff really wanted to jump up from where she was sitting and yell out to show that she busted them, but she was so upset she couldn’t do anything. That would explain where Sarah was after the party, and why she was so mad when she was back at school.

For the next few weeks she stayed home she didn’t want to see Zach or Sarah. Her leg finally got better and she got off her crutches she was excited because when she got to the doctors and he said her foot was better she thought he meant she could cheerlead again. But he looked at her and said that she couldn’t cheer again because she has a week back bone due to the crash and with all of the jumping and stuff that they do she could easily break it. Then her mom made her have to go back to school. She was so upset but thought that she was ready to go back and face everything that was going on.  So after her doctor got her cast off and they got in the car to head home Tiff decided to ask her mom if she could go see Sasha’s parents. Her mom took her over and they both went to the door. Tiff thought it was weird to just show up at their house but she knew she had to do it.

When she got to the door, she knocked and her mom came to answer the door, when she saw Tiff she just reached out gave her a hug and started to cry. Tiff hugged back and just sat there she knew it would be worse for them if she cried to. Sasha’s mom had adopted her as their third kid they always loved having her around. Tiff also loved to be around them. Even though her mom and dad r rich the were always working and thought they could make it up by buying her things. Sasha’s parents new Tiff better then Tiffs parents did. When Sasha’s mom stopped crying she opened the door and lets Tiff and her mom come in. when I got in I noticed that Sarah was not home. I asked where she was and they said that she had a dance to go to so she had to go get shoes and a dress. When tiff asked who she was going to the dance with all her mom said was a guy with a motorcycle, and he is a football player. Then she said she has his hoodie up stairs.

When Sarah’s mom said Sarah had this guy’s jacket, she started to remember how everyone on the team had to wear it this morning. She decided to call another cheerleader named Amanda and asked her what football player did have his jacket. Amanda said Zack.


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