Origin of Two Heroes

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Two of my classic heroes origin stories are told.

Submitted: December 25, 2013

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Submitted: December 25, 2013



Origin of Two Heroes


Once about thirty-six years, two months, thirteen days, and fifty-two hours ago there was a young student in the prestigious college known as Wicklesberry University. This courageous young man was different from the rest of the other students in this college, not only was he not an idiot who the only reason why he was there was because of rich parents, but he was different because he was a cheetah, yes a normal cheetah, four legs, tail, and does not breathe fire. His name was Daniel Gladstein.


One day Daniel was walking to his class of Magicianism 101 when suddenly one of the hall monitors named Jesse appeared. Daniel was very fond of Jesse but he knew she was a level eighty-five wizard and social interaction between the two was forbidden not only by state law, but also law of the university, and also the law of the police chief of Dublin, Ireland. Daniel’s big problem is that he was only a level one magician. He decided to chance it on that faithful day. Daniel looked at here as he approached her and said, “Hey how are you today?” Jesse looked surprised, then smiled and used one hand to brush back her long brown hair. She then pointed at Daniel and yelled, “You’ve got a frozen leg!” A bright light jolted out of her fingertips and into Daniel’s left front leg, freezing it instantly. She then calmly walked away, leaving Daniel all alone.


Daniel still surprised by all that just transpired, stands still hoping and praying that his leg thaws out. He waits three-days, until his friend Yogary the Bear comes to help him out. Daniel moves his left leg for what will be it’s final time as it breaks off. Yogary says, “Why don’t you join the army I’m sure they are desperate enough for a three-legged cheetah.” Daniel is now clearly full of scornfulness and hatred for the world. “Enough is enough.” He said coldly. “I will have my vengeance for what that woman has done to me.” Yogary says, “Let’s go back to my cave and we will both just calm down.”


They both go to Yogary’s living cave and sit down. “Why do you want such vengeance on the whole world and not just Jesse, the girl who did this to you, the hall monitor?” (You see at Wicklesbury University there was only three things you could major in: Post Modern Art, Magicianism, and Carpet Cleaning.) “Why don’t we just hang out here for a while, I will whip us up some food, and we can just talk about the good old days?” Yogary said trying to help to calm down his friend. Yogary as you might have expected majored in Post Modern Art, because those people never stop talking. Daniel, beginning to be frustrated with the always talking Yogary said, “Sounds like a good plan, but let me cook for us tonight.” Yogary replied with, “That sounds like a good idea my friend, as you may know the kitchen is five paces from the couch.” Daniel walked into the kitchen and picked out the gassiest beans in the pantry, and said, “I will start my vengeance on this world with you.” Yogary originally with his back to the kitchen quickly turned around only to be met with the can of the gassiest beans landing in his open mouth. Daniel quickly exited the cave, and Yogary had gas for the rest of his natural life, nearly killing him thirteen years later.


Daniel left the cave to seek the vengeance of the world and the woman that destroyed his life, but first he would seek to make a name for himself in the military, and to increase his tactical fighting abilities.


If there is a lesson to be learned in this tale, (I don’t think there is) the lesson must be: even if you think you are best friends with someone if you talk to much to them they may kill you.

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