The Road Adventure to end all Road Adventures!

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Title should say it all, this is the Road Adventure to end all Road Adventures!

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013




This story begins on a Monday. Both Jack and Michael T. Fox have decided to go on a road trip to Arizona from North Carolina. They have both called in sick, Jack the pest control man and Michael T. Fox who is not related to the Back to the Future star, but a different one that works at a car wash for baby strollers, so it is more of a stroller wash than a car wash. They figure it will take two days to drive to Arizona. So they packed up their winter clothes and mountain climbing gear. They also brought fifteen hundred dollars in pure gold to sell to the Native Americans in Arizona. Then at five o’clock in the morning they set off to Arizona. About an hour into the trip Jack already wants to turn back around because he left something in his Radioflyer wagon at home. They circle back around and travel back to Jack’s house where he picks up his loaded pistol stashed under his two year old child’s toys in the wagon in the garage, after he retrieved the gun they were back on the road.

Fourty-one hours later they are driving through the Arizona desert, when all of a sudden Michael T. Fox starts seeing what he thinks are hallucinations. He sees Lt. Dan the three legged cheetah The Road Adventure to end all Road Adventures!

! The three-legged cheetah is running alongside of their 1985 Honda Accord, and Michael T. Fox who is not driving, rolls down his window, “What do you want?” he says. The cheetah replies, “Your souls or I’ll steal your gold!” Jack shouts, “ NO Way! Take our gold!” Michael T. Fox says, “No way, take our souls, they are useless anyway.” Lt. Dan begins to wag his tail at extreme speeds and after twenty minutes Lt. Dan now owns Jack and Michael T. Fox’s souls! Within seconds Lt. Dan vanishes and an Indian trading mart appears.

“We are here” Jack says. They both get out and walk up to a giant Native Americans named Chief Inspector Gadget. Everyone greats each other with a simple “How.” Jack begins to barter with the good Chief. “We have fifteen hundred dollars worth of gold in the trunk of our vehicle and we will sell it to you for twenty thousand dollars.” The Chief takes a deep breath and replies “No.” Jack starts to think about another offer but just decides to shoot the Chief in his old kneecaps. “That’s for World War I!” yells Jack. Michael T. Fox is unimpressed. Suddenly Academy Award winning actor Sean Penn walks into the teepee hands Jack a check for twenty thousand dollars, and he walks out, hot wires Jack’s car and drives away into the sunset. “What do we do know?” says Jack. “How about we pray to our new God?” Michael T. Fox states. They both say a few words in French and then Lt. Dan appears like a genie in a glass bottle. “Head East and I will find you guys transportation.”

Jack and Michael T. Fox begin to head for the door Chief Inspector Gadget gets up from behind the counter of his teepee store and he raises up a bow and arrow, “One shot, two kills.” He says with vengeance on his Native American mind. He fires the biggest arrow in existence and it sails right through Jack and Michael T. Fox. Lt. Dan says, “Wow that was awesome.” And then the cheetah jumps into a 1994 Power Wheels motorized Jeep, a vintage model, and he drove away into his mysterious cheetah lair or cave or boat or where-ever he lives.

The moral of this tale is never get into a situation where you end up in the cross-hairs of a sharp shooting Chief.

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