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an essay about comparing high school to elementary school

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012



Brian Ciardiello

Comparison Essay

Whenever I drive past my old elementary school, I always remember those earlier years.  I miss those carefree days. But high school has been good for me, too. Although elementary school and high school may seem very similar to parents and outsiders, they are actually very different. They both have a lot of advantages and disadvantages. I decided to figure out which one I liked better.

To begin with, Elementary school has many advantages. It is very easy and relaxed. You don’t have to be stressed about getting good grades or excessive homework. Your grades only matter to yourself and your parents and don’t affect your future at all. Kids in elementary school are just happy and carefree. They have nothing to worry about other than having fun. Recess is also a big part of elementary school. That was always the best part of the day that everyone looked forward to. There were many different activities to do. Another advantage is there are no sports teams affiliated with the elementary school. Instead you play for a town park district team. There is no pressure with these teams because everyone makes the team and everyone plays an equal amount.

Elementary school has disadvantages to. You have very little freedoms during school and after school. You have to stay on the school’s campus at all times and if you leave the boundaries, for example, at recess you will get sent to the principal’s office. After school you also have little freedoms. Parents usually don’t let their kids stay out past nine. You don’t get to stay out late and are stuck in a house all night because you can’t go anywhere. You also get punished more often in elementary school. The teachers and principal are a lot stricter. If you say or do anything bad you will get sent to the principal’s office which is never good. Your parents are also stricter so if you get sent to the principal’s office you will get grounded at home to.

High school has many advantages. You have a lot of freedoms. During school you can leave campus for lunch which is a lot better than eating in the cafeteria. Also, high school kids have their driving licenses. You can go wherever you want and don’t need parents to drive anymore. This makes weekends a lot more fun because you aren’t stuck in one place for the whole night. You also have more friends and meet a lot of new people in high school. In elementary school you have less than 100 people in your class and in high school you have around 700 people in your class. You have the opportunity to meet many different types of people.

High school also has many disadvantages. In high school you have so much more to worry about like your grades, college and your future. From the moment you first step into high school, your grades and how it affects your grade point average and class rank becomes the most important thing.  This is especially true at a competitive school like Fremd. It is getting more and more difficult to get into selective colleges. Students are pressured into taking as many AP or accelerated classes as they can. This puts so much stress on a high school student.  You have to try and balance grades, sports, and other extracurricular activities.

Looking back over the years, I realize I like high school a lot more. Although high school has a lot of disadvantages it is over all better than elementary school. It is a lot more fun with all the new people you meet. In elementary school you don’t know very many people. In high school you meet and make friends with many new people. You also are treated better in high school. You are treated like an adult with a lot more respect and freedoms.

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