Spiritual Intrusions

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Submitted: February 10, 2018

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Submitted: February 10, 2018




February 8, 2018

8:30 pm


  The voices of these negative spirit attachments have picked up a fair degree within the last hour. Mainly, I’m hearing them coming in over the steady background noise of my heater. I’m debating on whether I should shut my heater off for a while…..just to enjoy some measure of silence…..not that eliminating that source of background noise would completely make the voices go silent. But, often when I do eliminate the noise around me, the voices tend to become fainter. Often, they’ll be more whispery. Or, sometimes I’ll hear them in this strange high-pitch manner.

  Actually, I just started hearing a few whispery voices now. So, at the moment…..I’m hearing a whispery voice off to my right and a voice coming through the noise of my heater off to the left. All in all though, I wouldn’t say the voices are strong at the moment. I’m holding my own with blocking them out.


9:00 pm

  As has typically been the case recently, the voices seem to be getting stronger as it gets later. The voices now are a bit stronger than they were thirty minutes ago. They are not at what I’ve come to call “bombardment” level yet, but I observe that they do seem to slowly be getting stronger.

  I’m not sure if turning in early tonight will make any difference, because this week….these spirit attachments seem to be waiting for me to go to bed before they really start to escalate the harassment. I’ll see how it goes.


9:51 pm

  The voices continue to get stronger as it gets later. I’m hearing the younger female sounding voice….or as I often say “my main tormentor”….speaking in a rather erratic manner…..it’s mostly a whispery voice…..but she seems to be yelling more and more. I’m getting the feeling here that tonight is going to go the same as last night and the night before.


11:05 pm


Just as I expected that they would, these negative spirit attachments have escalated their level of harassment now. The voices are becoming louder and also clearer. This is something I should point out. There are occasions when the voices can get louder, but still not be very clear. Then there are other occasions when the voices can be clearer, but not necessarily loud.  Sometimes it’s a combination of both…..which is what I’m experiencing right now.


  I took a few doses of sleep aid a little bit ago. I’m just waiting here for it to start to take effect. As has been the case so far this week, it’s been a bit slow to work. This happens to me every once and a while. I often wonder if I’m developing a tolerance to this particular sleep-aid. Most of the time it works quite well, so I’m not looking to stop using it as of yet. but, for whatever reason, every now and again….I just experience this stretch of a few days…..or a week….or maybe longer, where the sleep-aid just doesn’t seem to work as well as it does most of the time.


February 9, 2018

12:25 am


  Just as I expected…..as soon as I got into bed, these negative spirit attachments stepped up their harassment. Tonight,  (at least so far) it’s been the voices rather than the physical/bodily disturbances that have been giving me the most trouble.

  I made my first attempt at sleep about a half-hour ago, but the voices were coming in louder over the noise of my heater, and also the younger sounding female voice (my main tormentor) was speaking through my pillow and directly into my ear quite clearly.

I took what sleep-aid I have left, but it’s all used up. I usually don’t go through this much this fast. But, as I was saying before, this week the sleep-aid hasn’t been as efficient for me as it usually is.

Well, I’m feeling quite tired. The voices are still quite active. But, hopefully my second attempt at sleep is successful. As I was saying earlier, the voices are also coming in quite clear now….which does make it a bit harder to block them out, but I’ll try.



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