Friends Lose

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Friends come and go.....or do they??





Funny when people dont know it is you, 

So they use that as a cowards excuse,

excuse me I think you are in the wrong, 

but the battles not about who is weak or strong


This is about life and not competetion,

This is about truth, not reasonable suspicion

So the story goes and I learn again

Really learn to pick your friends


Life is a tough battle but its more about lessons,

its about learning and not always guessin',

Life is about the good and the bad, 

But this life is the best one I have ever had


Learn from your mistakes, 

Dont follow the herd,

However long it takes,

Heal from the Word


Words and things are all hearsay, 

Gossip is just the devil at play

So listen up good and listen up now,

Respect and love me or get the fuck out.


My reasoning is none of your bizz,

and I just have too many to list,

So let me just do myself a favor, 

and say begone with all that baggage , and bring in a new flavor

Too some I am a jerk , to others I am a neighbor

So wipe your mouth after it spits out my name

Remember two can play at this game

Air out dirty laundry and Karma goes beyond me,

Look at yourself in the mirror and you see a zombie


I used to think you were all I had, as a friend, but you aint no friend of mine

I used to retrace my steps , now I know you are just out of line

I pray that you get the help that you need,

I am tired of being the one who has to bleed.

Submitted: April 05, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Brian James Dechristofaro. All rights reserved.

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