Zombie Winter

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This is a short excerpt of hopefully a larger story. It is about surviving during the periods when Zombie attack is not much of a threat so concentrating on the human element of the situation. This is my beginning. Hopefully I find the time to write more.

Submitted: February 10, 2013

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Submitted: February 10, 2013



Powder, patch, and ball loaded into the rifle. Pan primed and a fresh flint placed in the cock.

The rifle was leveled at its prey some 70 yards or so away. He pressed his cheek against the cold,

wooden stock aligning his eye with the sights and bringing his prey, a Whitetail deer into them.

It was grazing, trying to find some outcrop of green grass under a few inches of snow.

He steadied himself against a tree, let out a breath and squeezed the trigger. The cock fell grinding

Flint against steel. The rifle went off almost instantly. For a moment he was not sure if his shot had

found Its mark for he saw the doe jump and begin to run. Within a few seconds he knew.

The deer fell not more than 20 yards from where it had been grazing. As he walked toward the

Either dead or dying animal he pulled out a near razor sharp pocket knife just to make sure it was

Still there. Once next to the deer, observing it for a few seconds, looking for any signs of life.

He opened the knife and cut the does throat to ensure she was dead and proceeded with the task

Of field dressing her. As he sliced the skin of the belly open, he could not keep his mind from

Remembering things he had seen in the past. “I have done this so many times, you would think by now

I would stop doing this to myself” he said to himself inside his own mind.

It was the same every time. He would slice the skin of the belly open and begin pulling out the

Organs and he would remember things that had happened almost three years ago. The difference

Between taking this doe for meat and what had happened then, was the entrails he had seen were


Once finished with field dressing her, He bound the does legs together with twine and began

To drag her through the snow. He wasn’t far away from home and harvesting deer was easier now

Due to the population increase. You didn’t have to wait too long in one spot before a group of them

Would wander within one hundred yards. Even before you saw them a long way off you could often

Hear them coming if you listened hard enough. You also had to be careful not to get lulled into a

False sense of security in the winter. Even though sightings of those walking corpses was practically non-

Existent during the winter you had other things to worry about. There are other predators in the

Woods who would gladly take you as a tasty treat. On rare occasions, which now had be become

increasingly rare, you would encounter other groups of people. During this time of the year, they we

usually desperate and starving. These rare encounters were currently on his mind while dragging the

deer across paved road. These desperate people were still drawn to whatever vestiges were left by our

once civil society. So roads always make him a little nervous. His only source of comfort was a Colt semi-

automatic pistol for protection. Most people they had encountered in the last year had not had any

ammunition for the firearms they had. Most of the ammunition that had existed up to the plague struck

had been used in fighting off the diseased and the desperate.

Soon the house came into sight. A large white farm house with heavy forged steel bars on the

structure’s every orifice. Sometimes he would think to himself, that this home might just be one of the

last remnants of civilization left in eastern Pennsylvania. This old farmhouse had electricity, hot water

and heat along with six residents in total that needed to be fed. They had survived by possibly just luck.

He pulled the deer to the back door of the house where the kitchen resided, knocked on the door and

Called out, “Jake, I have a present for you!” A large muscular man standing about six foot five with dark

Brown hair and a full beard opened the door to great him. “Mr. John, looks like we have ourselves some

More venison.” John began untying the legs of the doe and asked, “Any issues today, no visitors I

hope?” . “No, its been quiet. I have been feeding the stove and the girls have been keeping to

themselves. The only interesting thing I that did happen was I found one of those undead bastards

frozen to the shore of the river. It was pretty much lifeless but I took the machete to its head anyway.”

“That’s good.” John said, “I have also been meaning to check on the waterwheel and generator.

I haven’t in awhile and I have been noticing some dips in the voltage output here. Lets get this

Deer carved up first.” Jake and John both set to butchering the deer. Halfway through Mark had walked

Into the kitchen and said, “I guess I know what I am cooking tonight.” Once all the meat was butchered,

Sat in the living room. Staring at a wall where a Plasma television once sat he had a tendency to

Have flashes of memory from his old life. Sometimes when waking up in the morning, when he was

Not yet fully awake he felt as if he was late for work. His old life seemed so long ago yet not long enough

For it not to be near the front of his mind. His occupation and education gave him the ability to power

this house and keep things working. In his old life he was Radio systems field engineer for a small

communications company in the area. A career he thought he would retire from one day. He would

day dream about what his life would have been like if this plague had not existed. Thoughts like this

occurred to him less and less. There were far to many other things to take care of to be concerned

with what “might have been”. Then a familiar voice called from upstairs, “John are you down there? I

though I heard you.” John answered, “ Yea, I am here Stacy, we got a deer.”

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