Don't Give Up/The rest of my life/You need to know

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'Don't give up' is a poem that I wrote for my brother-in-law John, who was my best friend for 40 years. At this point he had just been confirmed as having leukaemia.
I wrrote 'The rest of my life' for him when he was going through tough times with his treatment. Unfortunately 'You need to know' was written when we found out the problem was back and incurable. I just needed John to know how I felt before it was too late.

Submitted: October 18, 2007

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Submitted: October 18, 2007



Don't give up

Hello John, how are you feeling?

Bored I guess and climbing the ceiling

The next few weeks are going to be tough
There’s no way around it, your going to feel rough
There will be barriers, knock backs and frustration
You’ll need the will power of old, to fight this damnation
Think back to the struggles on our bikes that we saw
Not wanting to give up by putting foot to the floor
Who will be first to falter and give up the fight
Not you I don’t think, but it will take all your might
When we both stopped smoking it always seemed to me
There was no chance of failing, too much competition you see
So think of the future and those times on a barge
Would you like red wine or beer sir? I’ll have a large!
There’s no way that you’ll give in, I know this is true
Just come out fighting, meet the challenge, that’s you!
So if you need anything from me, just give me a shout

I’ll never be far away, always be about

The rest of my life
I just don’t know what to do with myself right now
But I need to get through this problem somehow
The days are bleak and nights so long
It’s so frustrating but I must be strong
This thing that I’ve got it’s a bloody pain
I need the strength to go on and make some net gain
My fingers are numb and my mouth is so sore
I need to keep going and get through that door
There are days when I feel there’s nothing wrong with me
Then again there are days when I feel awful you see
With my fight against cancer at least I’m not a loner
My brothers right there he’s my bone marrow donor
They say there’s a time that’s your darkest hour
That’s where I am now, no strength or willpower
But you see it’s the others I have to consider in my life
The people all rooting for my recovery, my family, my wife
It’s an emotional turmoil, all my strength trying to funnel
Just as I feel down and out, is that light in the tunnel?
I’ll keep fighting on and beat this thing, you’ll see
There’s no way I’ll give up, keep going for my family
It’s all the good things waiting for me the other side of that door
That makes me so determined to beat this and pick myself from the floor
All the hardships we endure, the toil and the strife

This will make me treasure and enjoy the rest of my life

You need to know
There’s something that you need to know
Your friendship has been an honour to bestow.
It’s been forty years that we’ve been best of friends
Something that needs saying before it ends.
For those that know you, there’s great respect
Looking back over the years, a time to reflect.
The good times, the bad, the highlights, the strife
No one can take away the enjoyment we’ve had in life.
You leave me a better person for knowing you
Your mentoring and challenging, the credits due.
Life’s a better place for having you around
Your impact on friends and family has been profound.
We will miss you dearly but memories will get us through
I for one have been honoured, having a friend as good as you.

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