It's all in the mind

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Not sure why I wrote this, just sat down and developed a theme I guess.

Submitted: October 30, 2007

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Submitted: October 30, 2007



I think I’m sad…. Or am I glad?
On second thoughts I’m going mad!
Is it dark or is it light, is it day or is it night?
My minds in turmoil get me out of this plight
As I rise from bed I don’t know the day or date
Is it worth getting up? I might meet someone I hate!
The room its spinning and noises loud
It would only be worse if I go out in the crowd
The news on TV it states the trouble and strife
Should I chance going out? Maybe take a knife
As I enter the street full of noise, people and threat
I’m beginning to panic, my hands are shaking and palms are wet
Someone pushes past me are they going to attack?
Should I turn and defend before they push a knife in my back?
As I turn and grapple with this person I feel manic
Without thinking I thrust in my knife and start to panic
The people their shouting and holding me down
I told you this world is mad, I must leave this town
The police they arrest me and drive to the station
Will I end up in prison or out on probation?
Then I hear the news, the person I stab ends up dying
As the judge prepares to deliver his verdict I’m crying
I knew I should have stayed in bed on that fateful day
Just as well I was dreaming, should I get up and go out? …no way!

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