Persecuted Soul

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decision time has come, to die or not to die, finger on trigger,split second from death. Only your conscience can stop you now!

Submitted: October 20, 2011

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Submitted: October 20, 2011



Body full of palpitations

Come the end of allegations

Sitting here with gun in hand

Can’t continue, conscience withstand


‘Please think again, please relent

Remove the thought, remove intent

Clear your head and take deep breath

Now’s not the time, time for death’


I can’t go on, the pain too much

The will to live resists my clutch

Sweating brow and trembling hand

The wanting to go on, I must withstand


‘Listen to your conscience ensconce

Then think about your next response

Think about the ones you love

Then wear your conscience like a glove’


As time does pass it makes me weak

Forget the consequences and havoc to wreak

Mind in turmoil, conscience protests.

Into open mouth the nozzle rests




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