Beauty of the beach

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A peice of life that will forever remain, but no longer detroy anything i haven't yet made.

Submitted: July 31, 2013

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Submitted: July 31, 2013



Warm sand between your toes, hot humid air flowing through your hair, and laughter and cheer you hear in your ears is just a small piece of what you can encounter on Madeira Beach. The beach is a place to go and relax, have fun, and enjoy yourself at any time of the day or night. In the day time the beach is the chill spot, by night its the party spot, and by dawn its your quite place. Everyone has that one special place that makes them feel safe, my special place is Madeira Beach, the memories and vast variety of feelings i have shared with this beach is like no other.

My Name is Bri and i am from Orange, Massachusetts and when i was thirteen my life changed immensely when i moved to Madeira beach, Florida. Stepping off the plane at Tampa International was a rush, the air port alone was enormous with every food or coffee place ever needed, the place was just like a mall. Everything was bigger and better in Florida. The hot sun beats down on your face, the hot humid air sticks to your skin, and the bright city lights inspire you. Walking through Gulf Blvd. is a trip, instantly amazed by every little thing seen, for the was nothing like back home. No mountains just flat ground for miles around with big buildings and shinning lights, a sight to see is the beautiful palm tree that sways in the wind and i swear there is something in the air that makes you want to sin.

People walk into stores no shirts no shoes just bathing suits, people are sleeping on side walks, and roaming the streets. The different varieties of people all around are so different and so interesting it will be your obsession to see more. everyone is different in their own creative way, you will forever be entertained roaming the cities and beaches. You feel free to explore until you want more, and just when you feel your obsession is fulfilled you are blinded by the lights and given no more. Everything is so new that you don't know what to do; you believe in all these people who are not true, they lie, cheat, and steal with no sympathy for you, all they care about is themselves and what they can get from you. You do not realize until its to late, you can not escape the fate, now you got no cash and your record is trashed and all you can do it appreciate. The city lights create a sparkle in your eye, you love it, you live it, you learn it but now you have to learn from it.

The lights went out without a doubt for i have sinned, when you are caught in a mess all you can do is confess, for the things i have done i pray not to be shunned. For i have changed in many different ways i have put away the childish games, for what i have shown is not to impress but yes to confess for creating such a mess.

The mountain peaks are high, i feel closer to the sky. I am home where the city lights don't glow, and what do i have to show? A back bone a most, i am strong like a wood post. I shall never regret the times i can not forget. Setting morals and goals to have something to show that people can change and stop living life like a game.

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Beauty of the beach

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