What makes me happy.

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Just another short love story.

Submitted: September 29, 2013

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Submitted: September 29, 2013



" I love you " i said.

" I love you " i said again.

It was a Monday morning around 11:33 A.M. . I convinced myself to tell her that i love her. The only little time i had with her was between 3rd and 4th period break. She was extremely busy that trimester, so we couldn't hang out a lot lately this Year. Last year i fell in love with her. Every single part of her i loved. Her black long majestic hair. Her soft smooth skin. Smooth as a pearl that has been recently been polished. Her enchanting eyes and her beautiful smile. Her lovely, enthusiastic, and exciting personality, feelings, life style, and emotions made me fall in love with her. Every single thing about her made me feel what i feel for her right now.


Her small little " mistakes " she did, does not bother me for i  love her no matter what imperfections she has. Even though the job she wanted to work at wasn't the most decent or well paid i would still encouraged her to pursue her dream job and i would follow her where ever she takes me because i love her and because when ever i am with her i feel like i am having the best dream of my life, Yet it is not a dream, but the real thing! That makes me happy, but you know what else makes me more happier? If she is also happy as well. But for also that reason i can not be with her. Why? Because with me she will achieve nothing and she might wonder whether her choice was good or what she could have become. I would not be able to give her what other men could give her or what she wanted in the end.

She wouldn't be happy, and if she isn't happy, how could i be? Yet i could not say goodbye to her with out confessing to her at least.

" That is all i wanted to say to you, "

She stood there in the hallway, with her eyes wider than a full moon.

" You what? "

" I like you "

" You what! "


" Oh well I- "

" No don't answered, don't say a word. I already know what you are going to say. I really am not looking for an answer any ways. I just wanted to confess my feelings to you. I just wanted you to know how it is that you look like through my eyes. And you look like hope, beauty, a ray of sunshine, a diamond, an angel, and the most beautiful girl in the world. Because you are the world to me. Because you are everything to me. Because i love you. "

And with that, i walked away to my next classroom. Yet i never reached my next classroom. I found myself outside. In the school yard. It was beginning to rain, since i started to feel water running down my face. But i looked up at the bright sunny sky and  smiled. Smiled because in the end, i know that now, she was going to be happy. With or without me, she is happy.

And so am i.

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