A Little Too Much

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Opinion Piece on Drinking

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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Submitted: May 14, 2013



A Little Too Much A little too much to drink can change one night or can change one’s life. Drinking a little too much can possibly risk a little too much. Alcoholism is not a new problem in society but is one that has greatly affected the world around us today, including those we are close to in our personal lives. I believe that a little too much to drink can lead to destruction by ruining one’s health, financial stability, relationships, and appearance. Physically, the continual use of alcohol and the eventual addiction to the substance takes a heavy toll on one’s health. Alcoholics are not able to take care of themselves nutritionally. The addiction and mental impairment overrule the importance of healthy foods. Also, alcohol can cause ulcers and cause terminal effects on the liver. As alcoholics grow older, dementia and diseases such as Alzheimer are likely. Physical problems will never cease if you are an alcoholic because there is no cure. If you keep drinking, your health will continue to fail. Money can also become a hardship for those who drink or abuse alcohol. Alcohol is very expensive, which only adds to the financial burden of necessities we need to survive. Alcoholics will need more of the substance to satisfy the addiction. The more alcohol needed, the more money being spent. Also, alcohol can cause problems in one’s college career or occupation. Arriving to work or class late or not doing what you are responsible for can lead to being fired or kicked out of school. If you’re jobless you have no income to maintain a healthy life. Legal troubles will also challenge one’s financial stability. Behavioral problems resulting from bad judgment when under the influence can drain your funds or cause you to never find a job. One of the biggest losses in the life of an alcoholic would be relationships with friends and family. Mood swings and impaired judgment can cause episodes that push those you love away. Alcohol has been famous for ruining marriages. Alcoholism can also lead to your children being legally taken away from you because you cannot be trusted or capable of taking care of them while impaired. Alcohol is craved or needed so badly by your body that family and friends are pushed to the back burner. Alcoholism not only affects those closest to you but can also ruin your appearance as an individual. It is natural for society to frown upon those who drink all the time. Alcohol is seen by many to be “evil” or “sinful”. This idea can lead to many people in your community losing respect for you and ultimately not wanting you around because you can’t be trusted. In addition, society tends to view alcoholics as people who have a natural flaw in their personality or character. Some believe only bad or mentally messed up individuals can become alcoholics. Since alcoholism has no cure, society makes no move to help those who are addicted. They don’t believe they can help anyway. Most believe that alcoholics brought it upon themselves and deserve the life they are living. In conclusion, drinking can start as a new hobby to occupy your time but can eventually lead to a lifestyle. This lifestyle is one that can rob you physically, socially, financially, and emotionally as well. Not only should we avoid alcohol but we should make others aware of the risks of it. In my opinion, don’t ever start drinking because a “little too much to drink” can lead to losing a whole lot.

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