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I wrote a few short stories on another writing website, and just wanted to take a few of my favorite lines from each . I really liked the descriptions I did (: I'm TRYING to write a new short story or novel using every one of these lines .. SO i need ideas for story lines ! :)READ AND COMMENT PLS .

Submitted: September 07, 2009

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Submitted: September 07, 2009



I hopped into the front seat, put on my seatbelt, then got out the headphones for my iPod. All I could think about, from that moment on, was what the people at Garsbury were like. Were they geeks and nerdy kids, rich and beautiful, or something in the middle?

I glanced up at the picture-perfect sky, and the beautiful fall trees.

 I could tell by the look in his eyes when he pulled it, that he was scared: scared for us and our safety, scared by the fact that he had just become a killer, scared of what might happen to him

A few hours later, we passed the sign that said " Welcome to Odessa " in big, navy, italic letters. It was a beautiful town. The tree's were the perfect shade of yellow and orange. The houses were all made of stone, with pretty flowers and tiny rocks creating pathways up to the doorsteps. Children and Teenagers were doing jump-rope, shooting hoops, and just sitting around on the grass talking.

The grass was pure green, and beautifully cut. The windows were crystal clear, with not so much as a smudge on them. The stone on the outside walls looked as if it was brand-new and had just been placed on. It was truly a pretty sight. I looked behind me, and the "Frank the mover" truck had pulled up to the curb. Two extremely handsome men had stepped out, and began unloading boxes and furniture.

 walked into my new house. It was just as beautiful as the outside. The floors were covered with brand-new, shiny hardwood, and on the walls was a beautiful shade of Garnet.I turned into the family room, and walked through the adjoining doors to the kitchen. The cupboards had been painted dark brown, which went perfectly with the stainless steel appliances.
Into the hallway and into another room I went: my bedroom! It was perfect for me. Two of the walls were painted lime green, and the other 2 were painted fuchsia. The walk-in closet made the room look even better. One of the men had brought a bunch of boxes up for me, and I started to unpack them. Up on the walls went my posters of Highschool Musical, Zac Efron, Avril Lavigne, Chris Brown, and Ryan Sheckler. On the back of my door, right across the room from my bed, was the collage that my friends had made for me the day before I left Kingston. It was the perfect place for it. I could look at it every night before I went to bed, and again when I woke up.

I put on my outfit and walked infront of the mirror. My white shorts looked great on my tanned legs, and the green tanktop, brought out the blue in my eyes. I sat down, and brushed my long, dark brown, wavy hair.

" Hey, I'm Brittany. I guess you're my new locker partner?" She asked, as she brushed back her long, wavy, brown hair out of her face before swinging it up into a messy bun.

 The sound of people laughing & chattering with their friends; the sight of preppy girls gossiping and whispering about the gothics in the corner; Student council members posting papers advertising the special events coming up. I could feel it, this was going to be the best time of my life: Highschool.

When I turned around, I laid my eyes on the most gorgeous boy I have ever seen. Sitting on the corner of the desk at the back of the class, sat this extremely handsome boy, with eyes as blue as the sky , and dark brown hair that looked like it was as soft as a bunny's fur. And judging by his amazing figure, under that green Steelers football jersey was probably the most perfect set of rock-hard abs and beautifully tanned skin.

The bell rang, and as I reached down beside me to put my binder in my bookbag, I saw footsteps coming towards my desk. I slowly looked up, and there he was, that gorgeous boy from the back of the class

As we walked outside, the most beautiful sight caught my eyes! The sun was shining perfectly, and there was no sounds except the chirps from the birds, the water dripping from the fountain, and the distant sounds of cars driving by.

They say that the best person for you, is the one that you don't look for, the one that fate just brings to you. That statement proved to be true, the moment I met you.

I just knew, right from the moment you walked into homeroom, I could just see something in you, in your eyes, that told me we were supposed to be together.

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