I don't fit in

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I always try to fit in at school but I dont seem to fit in

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012



I'm sooo tired of trying to fit in its like the more I try to fit in the more I get in trouble,here lately I gave into peer preasure and I'm not proud of it either!!!!!!

I want people to except me as I am I don't want then to think I'm just another ADHD teen which I'm not I have a great personality if you ask me I love to wach the sunset and watch the stars at night I love nature its buetiful.

I hate that people jugde me before they get to know me its like judging a book by its cover..

I believe in God i beleive Jesus died on a cross and rose the 3rd day and he died so we can forgiven..

I have a boyfriend I'm going into 10th grade when i graduate I wanna be a model I've always wanted to be a model.

Anyways I'm tired of always trying to fit in because its not worth I just wanna be myself not try to be someone else its just not me I'm a very shy person and it's my personality i don't want to grow up badly and make bad descisions my parents tault me better then that..

So just be yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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