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It;s quite i'm only
What could happen??????

Submitted: May 14, 2008

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Submitted: May 14, 2008



I never thought i'd be the one in this mess, 15, pregnant, cocainem addiction and getting drunk nearly every night...I just thought it's be fun? Well wouldn't you? One drink turned into another and another turned into five andthen i lost count, the worst thing is, my mum doesn't even know i'm pregnant, i don't even know who the father is... it's too late for me to have an abortion... I started doing drugs when i was 14, weed, draugh, then the heavy stuff, heroin really messed my body up so i stuck to cannabis and cocaine...they made me feel like the world meant nothing to me and i was just floating around happy as a cloud... I think at some point i will tell my mum, even though she'll probably kick me out of the house, or should i leave it until the baby just comes? I don't know what to do?? I'm lost with out my friend Jason...he told me not to do all of those things...he warned me...and now look at could i be so stupid, i've ruined my life and this babies...Jason says he'll stick by me...i sure hope so... My bump keeps getting bigger and i'm missing periods and i'm being sick in the morning so i'm scared mum is starting to suspect something... But, that night was amazing...the sex...was better than i'd ever had, underage sex is no big deal...everyone is doing it, all my mates have! Jason says i shouldn't follow in their footsteps but i guess it's too late to turn back now...


6 months on and i sill haven't told my mum, i'm 16 now and i think soon enough i'll tell my mum that yes it was an accident but i want to make this child have the best life possible and let him/her not ruin it like there mum did...Jason even says he'll "act" like the dad...the child will think it's his/her dad...but he's not...not really...

Is He??

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