Where the Sun Won't Shine

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Shiloh Green was once happy. Ever since she’d started dating her sort-of-famous boyfriend Braxton Abbott, drummer for the popular YouTube band Contained Chaos, the future had seemed promising. They’d get married, have kids, have successful careers, and live happily ever after. Everything would be picture perfect.

That was the plan—until Braxton killed himself.

Now Shiloh is left to carry the heavy weight of guilt and pick up the pieces of what had once been a seemingly perfect relationship. She doesn’t know how to live her life without him, and neither do his bandmates. As she struggles her way through her final year of high school, Contained Chaos’ growing success comes with a new drummer, Dalton, and she doesn’t want to accept it. But Shiloh must learn how to move on, and in this story of heartbreak and tragedy, she discovers new things about herself and begins to figure out what her future might really hold.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Before

Where the Sun Won't Shine   Chapter 1 - Before When Contained Chaos had a show at home, everyone went to it. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2 - After

Chapter 2 - After   Everyone is staring at me. As I twirl the combination into my lock, I can feel m... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 - Before

  Chapter 3 - Before The park smelled of freshly cut grass and lake water as Braxton and I ventured down the... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 - After

Chapter 4 - After When I hear the chime of the doorbell through the house, my heart sinks way down to the floor. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 - Before

Chapter 5 - Before When Zane, band manager and Nathan’s uncle, pulled into my driveway in his blue Chevy Impala... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 - After

    Chapter 6 - After It's Monday. Usually all Mondays are shitty, but the shittiness of Mondays has now taken on a... Read Chapter

Chapter 7 - Before

 Chapter 7 - Before   I woke up in the morning with my legs entangled with Braxton’s, sunlight streaming into the tent. H... Read Chapter

Chapter 8 - After

    Chapter 8 - After Mom is sitting on the couch when I get home from school, her feet propped up on the dark wood... Read Chapter

Chapter 9 - Before

Chapter 9 - Before   “Drinking is bad. Don’t ever drink. Especially underage. That’s really bad.” Alex let out some ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10 - After

   Chapter 10 - After    Sometimes, it feels like the world is out to get you. Today was one of those days. I... Read Chapter

Chapter 11 - Before

Chapter 11 - Before Before I entered the boys’ room, I gave three light knocks and heard a “Come in!” from the other ... Read Chapter

Chapter 12 - After

Chapter 12 - After Before I know it, grief completely warps my sense of time, and the days blend into each other until it’s been ov... Read Chapter

Chapter 13 - Before

Chapter 13 - Before I had never been to a music festival so early in the morning. It was barely nine o’clock, and the... Read Chapter

Chapter 14 - After

Chapter 14 - After Grace insisted that our lunch spot be at Starbucks, so here I am for the second time this week, sipping at another... Read Chapter

Chapter 15 - Before

Chapter 15 - Before My heart rattled against my rib cage as I stood in the very front row, the stage ahead of me bathed in darkness. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 16 - After

  Chapter 16 - After “Shiloh, watch that back knee on that grand jeté!” Coach Madison calls from across the studio. “You... Read Chapter

Chapter 17 - Before

Chapter 17 - Before I was lost in watching the subscriber count on Contained Chaos’ YouTube channel climb when I felt something tap... Read Chapter