Diary of a Dog With Multiple Personalities

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A dog with multiple personality disorder records his days in his diary revealing his many comical alteregos.

Submitted: July 18, 2014

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Submitted: July 18, 2014



Diary of a Dog With Multiple Personality Disorder

The 21st of April,
Today I chased a squirrel.
It was delicious.
I have been spitting out squirrel hairs all day. I gave the rest as a gift to my humans .They locked me outside.
The cat mocks me from the window.
I wonder what cat tastes like?
The 22nd of April,
Someone left a squirrel for my owners.I don't know who they are but they should not be doing that. This is not the first time something strange has happened.I Must find Them.
The 23rd of April,
I am soooo very happy because today I went on a Walk! To a park!
I am soooo very very happy!
I smelled a bird’s nest and another dog!
I am soooo very hyper and happy!
It was the best day ever!
The 24th of April,
I dont know why but the people I live with want me to go on a walk. I hate walking.
Why won't they let me sleep all day . I sat on the leash so  I think they got the message.
Going to sleep now.
The 25th of April,
Someone moved my squeaky toy again. Mr.Fluffers is nowhere to be found. I suspect the cat but it could be whoever gave my owners that squirrel.I will find the culprit.
The 26th of April,
I have soooo much energy!
Owners look surprised that I am sooo very hyper.I will scratch on the door until they take me outside! I want to play fetch!!!!
The 27th of April,
I killed the cat. He was delicious.


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