Layla (Part 1 of a 3 part anothology series)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Layla feels like her world is falling apart after asking someone to homecoming. She misses the person she was one in love with.
This is the first part of an anthology series where the 3 characters are connected. Each story takes a step further from reality.



I walked faster through the hallways.I can feel the hot tears building up ready to stream down my cheeks.No,not here, not now. I cant believe I did that. Stupid. Just stupid. I dont even know if thats what I want. I gripped my binder tighter and I can feel the plastic make marks in my fingers. It kind of hurts but I don’t care. I put my head down in a foolish attempt to hide my face. I dont know if anyone is looking but I dont want to find out. Why did she have to look like her. Like Maya.I don't know what I felt for her but I know I cared for her. We were just friends. But I can remember thinking how much I wanted to kiss her beautiful lips. My train of thought was broken when some jock bumps into me.

“Hey, watch it!” I say while desperately trying to hold back tears.

“Sorry.” he says back with a tone that distinctly says it’s your fault.

I wonder if he knows. I wonder how many people know now.There were seven people there when I asked her. By tomorrow the whole school will probably know. I asked Alisha to homecoming. And she turned me down. I dont even know if I like her. Maybe I just wanted to find out if the way I felt about Maya was real. More than just a one time incident. If it was her, or me. I knew Alisha wouldn't like me. How could she. The stunned look on her friend’s faces let me know where I stood. She was nice about it. She really was but I could see how uncomfortable she felt. I didn't want her to feel that way.Really I didn't.

Maybe I could leave early. Go to the nurse or call my mom. Tell them something to get me out of here.What if they say no or find out I lied.I’ve never cut class before but maybe just for today would be alright. I'm almost at the top of the stairs. If I go left I could sneak out the back door. If I go right I have to face my class. I just cant  do that. Not now. I turn left .Just as i'm walking out the doors I hear a student’s voice from behind me.

“Layla, where are you going?”

I start running and don't look back. She’s not maya.


Submitted: June 03, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Briara . All rights reserved.

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Chris Podhola

As a story beginning it is good. It shows potential, demonstrates conflict, and is well described. I would recommend taking the time to proofread it, however. As a fellow writer I know how tempting it is to write something and then just post it for others to read. Kill that thought. Whenever you write something take the time to read it over and to correct the mistakes that you see. Your readers will appreciate the extra effort that you put in and it's only fair for you to be the first person to care about your work.

Tue, June 3rd, 2014 2:53pm


I've been turned down by a girl before too and it kinda screwed me over. I definitely relate to this and I'm really interested to find out more. I love the ambiguity of it.

Tue, June 3rd, 2014 7:57pm


Thank you for your comments. This was my first attempt at flash fiction and my goal was to write it in the same way that our thoughts run through our minds. I wanted to write it with the same intensity and anxiety that we feel in stressful or painful situations.I hope you will read or have read the other 2 stories that go with it. Thank you so much for reading my work.

Tue, June 3rd, 2014 11:20pm

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