The Purple Dragon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rissa is so consumed in the memory of her past, she refuses to leave her room. She struggles with self doubt and her fear of change. But everyday hope walks through her door to be her friend. Her brother, Charly, helps her slowly let go of the past.
First short story i'm putting out here so it might be a little bumpy. I haven't had a lot of time to edit. My apologies :p

The Purple Dragon

Rissa laid on the same floor in the same room she’d refused to leave for months now. She stared at her fingertips, only allowing slight movement to her hand to entertain her eyes. Getting up would mean changing the position she was in. I like the laying here. If I move completely, I might never be comfortable again. The fear of change had consumed her. She only moved when food was brought to her, when she had to use the rest room, and on the rare occasion she had a visitor. She resented those times but swallowed her fear when they presented themselves. She wanted to survive, to live, to be free of her worries even, but she couldn’t shake it off. She couldn’t convince herself that things would be ok if they changed a little. So she laid in her room and drowned in her doubt.

She heard footsteps coming towards her room. It was probably around three o’clock. Charly came to visit her everyday around three. He pressed on the door gently and walked across the room to sit cross-legged on the chair beside her.

“Hey, Ris.” he said. She didn’t reply. She never did. She’d stopped talking to everyone after the break down. Charly pulled out a piece of paper. “ I colored you a picture today in school. It‘s a purple dragon. He‘s sad though because he doesn‘t know how to fly yet. See, he‘s in his cave because he doesn’t want to go outside. He thinks it‘s scary out there, but it‘s not. This is his friend.” He pointed to a yellow dragon-looking figure. “He wants to get the purple dragon to come with him so they can fly together.” He always had these weird little stories to tell her. They were cute and sweet but most of all comforting. As much as she hated the feeling of other people’s presence, his company was nice. He would come and talk to her about his day and the world outside her room. He didn’t pressure her to talk or scare her or yell at her. He just wanted to love her and involve her in his life. He cared and that in itself made her feel a little less scared everyday. When he was done talking, he flashed her a smile and walked out of the room, closing the door gently behind him. For only being five, Charly was brilliantly creative.

In her free time, she thought about life outside her room. She thought about getting up and picking up her life where she left off. She thought about both happiness and pain. But most of her time was given to the memory of the day she gave up everything to live silently in her room. Rissa would have been talking to Matches about their future and exhaling cigarette smoke into each others faces if it wasn’t for that memory. Matches always made her feel better when things weren’t going well. But she left me. Rissa cringed at the thought. She breathed deeply and closed her eyes, allowing the memory of that day to slip into her mind.

Six months ago Rissa was walking home from school with Matches. They stopped and slid into the alley a few blocks away from her house.

“ Hand me a match?” Rissa mumbled while pulling out a cigarette from her pack.

“ Sure thing. Hand me a cig?” Matches raised her eye brows and smiled.

“ Again? You owe me.” She replied while she handed her the pack.

“ No problem.” She winked. They leaned against the alley wall, waiting for Vince to show up. It had became a routine for them in the past couple weeks. Vince was cool and funny. Best of all he sold them dope. He’d been graduated for a year now, but he still made time to come and chill with Rissa and Matches. They were like there own little messed up family.

Vince poked his head into the alley and gave a sigh of relief seeing that they were still there. He walked over to them and wrapped his arms around both their waists.

“ Miss me?” He smirked.

“ God get off,” Matches laughed, “ I know it’s hard to keep your hands off, but could you let me smoke in peace, please?” Vince laughed too.

“ Nice to see you too.” Then he smiled at Rissa and hugged her gently. “ Got money?”

“ I might. But it’s not for you.” Rissa hugged him back. Her mom had given her grocery money for her and Charly. She couldn’t spend it on pot again, as much as she wanted to.

“ You sure about that?” He pulled a plastic baggy out from his pocket. “ It’s really nice stuff. Just got it the other day. You in?”

“ I want to Vince, but I can’t today. Charly will freak if “forget” zebra cakes again”

“ Come one Ris. It’s worth it and I kind of need the money.”

“ Vince. I can’t” She said trying to sound strong. She bit her lip and looked at the pavement. It was hard saying no to him.

“ Matches, knock some sense into her will you?”

“ Can’t. I’m in her debt at the moment.” Matches scowled. Neither of them liked the idea of staying sober for the rest of the day. Vince’s smile faded and his attitude fell to irritation.

“ Dude, I need the money.” He was scary serious. “ Help me out, okay?” Matches began to slowly back out of the alley.

“ Matches? What are you doing?” Rissa asked shakily. Before she replied, Matches had ran out of sight in a panic. Vince was hold a blade close to his side. “ Vince, what the hell?”

“ Hand it over Ris.”

“ No.” She whispered

“ Rissa, I don’t want to hurt you. Hand it over.”

“ Matches!” She screamed. But before the could scream anything more, Vince had his hand on her mouth and the blade on her neck.

“ Don’t. Just make this easy and give me the money.” She couldn’t really do anything more unless she wanted to die. She dug in her pocket, took out the two crumpled twenty dollar bills, and handed them to him. “ See? That wasn’t so bad. I hate to do this to you Ris, but if I don’t pay the bills, me and my mom will be out on the streets again. I could never get out of this shit town. You still can though kid. So do me a favor and do something with yourself angel face. I’ll see you around.” Then he kissed her hand and was gone.

She went home and slammed the door behind her. No one was home. She screamed and sobbed and broke anything that was glass. Her only friends had abandoned her and now she was alone. Nothing was right anymore. She ran to her room and smashed her mirror into pieces. When there was nothing more to break, she collapsed on her floor and allowed the broken glass to sink into her skin. That was the first time she realized how fragile life was, how fast things can change, how scared she was. So she decided to enclose herself to her room and never let the world take what she loved from her again.

Rissa flinched. She hated nothing more than that memory. She blew out the breath she hadn’t even realized she was holding in. She heard footsteps coming towards her room. It had to be around eight. Almost no one came to her room after six. Charly pushed open the door with tear in his eyes.

“ Hey Ris? I miss you. I don’t want to make you upset or try and make you do thing you don’t want to, but I miss you. I want to go outside and play with my big sister again.” He sniffled and wiped his tear on the sleeve of his pajamas. “ I know you won’t talk, but I love you and miss you a lot. Night Ris.” He put on his strongest face and sighed. He closed the door behind him as a single tear ran down her face. I miss you too. For the first time since the incident happened, she sat and asked herself the question she’d been so afraid to answer. Is staying here safely and surviving better than taking small risks to live? She was terrified, but she knew the answer. No.

She walked down the stairs slowly and carefully. Her feet led her into the kitchen to sit and the counter where stacks of mail were building up. She traced over the lines in the marble counter until her finger stopped and a piece of paper. There were two dragons sitting in a cave. A purple dragon with the name Rissa, and a yellow dragon with the name Charly. She smiled, almost choking on her own sadness. Charly was standing in door of the kitchen, watching her and smiling from ear to ear. Rissa looked up at him as he walked over to where she was sitting and hugged her tightly.

“ Looks like I’m going to need to draw a new picture, huh Ris?”

“ Do you want to go play Charly?” was all she could say.

Submitted: March 04, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Bridge. All rights reserved.

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im not crazy im special

that was so sweet :)

Mon, March 5th, 2012 12:38am


thanks so much :)

Sun, March 4th, 2012 5:00pm

Marcus Hanson

great:)charly is an awesome kid and the storys just great:)

Tue, March 6th, 2012 12:00am


thank you so much for reading it ^.^ thats so nice

Mon, March 5th, 2012 5:18pm


-.- you're too good. I quit, you win..(; Great job hun

Tue, March 6th, 2012 2:08am

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