The Holocaust

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I wrote this poem to try to spread awareness of the alarming rate of antisemitism in the world. the Holocaust was a very intense example of this. I hope that after reading this, you can tell others about antisemitism and help to end the hate.

Submitted: May 06, 2019

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Submitted: May 06, 2019



It began in 1935 with the Nuremberg Laws.

Jews' rights were stolen from them with no good cause.

Marriages between Jews and non-Jews could happen no more.

It continued this way throughout the second World War.

A boy called Grynszpan went to Paris to visit his father.

Finding out he'd been deported was more that a simple bother.

Acting out of vengeance, anger, and pain

He shot a German diplomat unaware of the Hell that would reign.

Nazi mobs attacked towns where Jews used to live.

They raided shops and synagogues, taking all the Jews could give.

One hundred Jews died and thirty-thousand were seized.

By this point, the Nazis were far from pleased.

Adolf Hitler sent the Jews far away.

Ghettos in Poland were where they were forced to stay.

But the ghettos grew crowded and there was no room.

The Jewish people now faced ghastly doom.

Concentration and labour camps were spread throughout Poland.

Treating Jews with respect was illegal and banned.

Hitler's Final Solution was established in 1942

A genocide to eliminate each and every Jew.

The camps that they lived in were dirty and small.

The Jews were tortured each day; nobody cared at all.

If they tried to escape, they never got far.

They were recognised by a yellow patch with a star.

Jews were then killed with chambers of gas.

Carbon monoxide and Zyklon B murdered them in a mass.

Auschwitz in Poland was very well known

That one camp killed one million Jews alone.

A total of six million Jews were dead by the end of it.

It was a tragic event we cannot forget.

The past is done; there is nothing we can do.

We respect and pray for each fallen Jew.

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