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Submitted: June 13, 2011

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Submitted: June 13, 2011




“A woman’s Heart is like a white orchid, gentle, pure, and soft. It can last a long time; its fragrance doesn’t fade easily as long as it remains in a cool temperature but when left on a hot temperature and without being tended to, A Woman’s Heart will wither just like white orchids would”



The children are screaming loud again, it’s only 7:00 am in the morning. I can’t find my shirt mom! Her son is screaming up his lungs.  Sitting on top of the stairs is her 6 year old daughter, Mom? Mom? Mom!!! She screamed louder this time. “What is it sweetie?” She looked up and smiled at her daughter. “Mom, the girl in my school keeps picking on me, I don’t want to go to school today” another loud noise came from the bathroom, “Hun? Where the heck is my shaving cream? I knew I had it here somewhere, I’m going to be late for work” Kathie looked around in exhaustion. She was up late last night trying to get her reports ready for work the following morning. She looked at her watch reminding herself, “The meeting is at 9:00 am I have more time.” She walked by the stairs “Hon, your shaving cream is under the sink” pointed her fingers to her daughter who now is throwing a fit, stomping her feet on the stairs “I said! I don’t want to go to school today Mom!”  Kathie walked up the stairs, sat next to her daughter and said “Sweetie mommy used to get bullied in school too when I was your age, but it didn’t stopped me from going to school. Now come on, get up the floor is dirty and we have to get you ready” Mom!!! I can’t find my shirt! Can you come up here please?” Brendan her son is still turning his bedroom upside down looking for a jersey shirt he wanted to wear to school that morning.  “Come on you guys! Give me a break here! I only have two hands” She said with mild agitation. Walking pass her is her husband Brian “Hon, don’t forget about tonight okay?” “Tonight?! What’s up with tonight?” Kathie asked. Brian was running late for work, he didn’t want to get stuck in traffic again and he didn’t really heard Kathie asking question as he was rushing out the door. Brian? Kathie said. Before Kathie can say another word, Brian’s car was already leaving the front yard.  “Mom! If I can’t find my jersey shirt I am not going to school!” Her son Brent is still making noises in his bedroom, must have been turning it upside down again as he does every morning. “I don’t want cereal mom, I want eggs and hash brown” Her younger daughter said while tapping her little fingers on the table.

This is the typical day morning in Kathie’s house. It’s always busy, it’s always loud. She goes to work at 8:00 am after dropping her son and daughter to school, she has to be at work by 9:00 am, in the afternoon after she gets off work, she cleans up the mess they leave in the mornings, Brian picks up the children in the afternoon and takes them to their after school activities while Kathie prepares for dinner.  Dinner is always at 7:00 pm since Brian and the kids doesn’t make it home around 6:20 pm.  Kathie could not remember the last time she took herself for a little me-time; she is always busy, if not at home, at work.  On the week-ends, she spends it with the children and Brian. Week-end is always a full house for everyone.  Brian’s mom likes to lounge around in Kathie’s house every Saturday and tells her how to bring up the children the way she brought up Brian.  Kathie and her mother in law gets along well, except with the part of having to hear her mother in law telling her how to raise her own children.  Her marriage with Brian is not so great either.  Through out their almost 9 years of marriage, Brian had cheated on Kathie with different women, their marriage is in turmoil and it has been in turmoil for quite a while now.  Brian knew Kathie loves him and will always forgive him, no matter what. He also knew Kathie loves her marriage and will not anything to come between them. Not even his cheating ways.

As Kathie drove to work after dropping off the children, she thought about herself. “As soon as I get up in the morning, I tend to the children then the husband, when I get to work, all day clients drives me nuts, when I get off work, I clean up the house, cook dinner at the end of the day, I’m pretty much exhausted, my brain hurts, my body aches.” Everything flashed through her mind while driving on the freeway. How her marriage with Brian is on the rocks, her mother in law telling her how to raise her own children, Kathie was even reminded of the times she caught Brian cheating on her with another woman. Everything flashed through her mind that morning. Kathie felt her chest was tightening up, as if a sharp object is cutting her Heart open. It felt unbearable, it felt very painful and for a minute… She thought to herself “What If I left Brian then? What if I took the kids when I caught him in bed with another woman?  Kathie’s tears started falling, she feels sorry for herself. She wondered if there is a World out there.  Other than the world she knows……. The half an hour drive to work seemed like hours that morning. Kathie’s mind wondered “If I chose differently, if I didn’t gave Brian and our marriage everything I am, maybe I would have been happier” as thoughts goes around Kathie’s head, she remembered all the times her husband Brian cheated on her. The memories were still fresh as if it just happened yesterday.  Kathie found herself crying while driving. (Again)  She lost track of the number of times Brian had cheated on her through out their marriage.  There was his Colleague at the Firm he works at, then the woman he met at the Gym,  Kathie recalled the neighbor Brian had an affair with not too long ago which they were forced to move from one location to the other. “Brian’s lack of discretion not only puts us in financial hardship” she thought to herself. It not only hurt her but makes it very tough on the children. She couldn’t remember the times she had asked Brian to leave the house and the numerous times she forgave him and took him back over the years.



Good morning Mrs. Berg. Mrs. Smith came in early I have her sitting in the waiting area. Kathie’s secretary greeted her as she enters the Counseling office. “Ahh Mrs. Smith… “Kathie exhaled, “She’s always early. Morn’ Grace” Kathie responded back. As Kathie walked down the hallway her colleague and best friend Jane commented about her having a “frog eye” again.  “Did you just spent the night crying Kathie?” she asked. “Ah the seasonal allergies got me again” Kathie smiled. “Hmnnn.. Seasonal Allergies huh” Jane stared at Kathie.  Jane and Kathie are long time friends from the time they were in College.  They both work at the Counseling office. Jane would always ask Kathie how she can deal with her clients in very sensible ways and does a great job at it when she herself is broken inside. “Part of Life Jane, Part of Life, I guess we give what was never given to us by others” As Kathie would always put it.

Mrs. Smith Hi, please come in my office. Kathie greeted her Client.  “You wouldn’t believe what the dirt bag did to me this time!” Mrs. Smith started blabbering, Mrs. Smith, a middle age woman who has been coming in to Kathie’s office for about 4 months now couldn’t wait until she gets inside Kathie’s office to tell her story. Kathie closed the door while Mrs. Smith continued saying “I had been married to the stupid dirt bag for almost 15 years and he still hasn’t stop womanizing!”  Would you like some coffee? Kathie asked while asking Mrs. Smith to have a sit.  But as if Mrs. Smith didn’t hear her, she was caught up with her own emotions at the moment.  “Tom will never change! He just wouldn’t!” Kathie let her client talk, listened to her client attentively. “I’ve tried my best to talk to him but he wouldn’t listen. I don’t know if I can take it anymore Kathie,” Mrs. Smith now almost about to cry (Again) Kathie remained in tact and kept her composure. She has always been good at keeping an emotional detachment with her Clients.  Mrs. Smith leaned back on the brown, soft cushioned therapy couch, you know the one you would usually see in any counseling offices I’m not sure what’s the purpose of it but it seem to relax the clients or patients. Mrs. Smith placed her purse on the side of the couch and said “Jim thinks I should leave Tom he’s no good for me” “Jim?” asked Kathie. She gave Mrs. Smith a blank look waiting for an answer.  “Oh Jim is my lover, we met about a month ago by accident, I was at the supermarket and he was shopping for groceries, he’s a very fine Man, he likes me a lot, too bad Jim is married too.” There was no expression on Kathie’s face, “How do you feel about that Mrs. Smith?” she asked her client in a calm voice. “Tom started it!” Mrs. Smith responded in angry voice “He’s the one who keeps cheating on me; He started it, what am I supposed to do? Sit at home and babysit the children while he runs around on me?”  “Mrs. Smith..” Kathie leaned back on her chair, and continued saying “My job is to help you cope up with your life circumstances, mainly to cope up emotionally and mentally without finding yourself burn out and that you may lose focus in life.  I understand your frustrations; I understand what you’re going through. But if you are looking to find an answer this office, you wouldn’t.  Only YOU.. know what you want in your life and how you want your relationship to work out… Kathie paused and exhaled saying “.. or not for that matter.“ Mrs. Smith has the blank look in her face this time. “What should I do Kathie? Tom is never going to change, I am falling for Jim, he is so nice to me but I’m afraid if I leave Tom and Jim leaves his wife, things may not work out for us as well. So much drama and complication, I don’t know what to do anymore.” Kathie stared at the Woman in front of her as if she is reading her mind, as if she is trying to figure out the mess Mrs. Smith got herself into. “Mrs. Smith, My advice is to sort your feelings very cautiously, think of the pros and con about your affair with this Jim guy and sit down with your husband Tom, talk openly about how you are feeling, about the situations in your marriage and perhaps come up with a compromise and go from there..” The timer came on; Mrs. Smith’s session with her Therapist is done for the day.  Kathie found herself taking a deep breathe after that session, the back of her neck started aching; she picked up the phone and called her husband Brian. “Honey…” Kathie said. “We need to set a time to sit down and talk maybe in the next few days? Could you jot that down on your calendar please?” “Is everything Okay Hon? “ Brian asked. “I don’t know are they?” Kathie replied. 

It was another long day at work for Kathie; she had a few more session after Mrs. Smith’s appointment. The rush hour is bad in the afternoon; freeways are clogged with cars, bumper to bumper.  Kathie decided she’d take another route. While driving she kept trying to remember what Brian said that morning “Don’t forget about tonight” “I can’t think of what’s tonight is all about” she thought to herself. Kathie did not realize the route she took would take her to the same street where she first met her husband almost 11 years ago. At that very moment, Kathie smiled remembering the first time she ran into Brian on Glassboro Drive. Brian was jogging that day, it was early morning, Kathie was walking her dog Skipper oh he was a vicious little dog, skipper gets scared with any sudden movement and there was Brian, running passed Kathie, Skipper was startled, bit Brian’s leg.  Kathie laughed as she remembered the odd chance meeting she had with Brian. “I guess I got lucky, he didn’t sue me then.” She thought to herself.  Kathie remembered that day; Brian looked at his leg and realized it didn’t bled. Skipper didn’t bit hard as Kathie was able to grabbed Skipper, a less than 8 pounds Pomeranian dog. “I guess you owe me a dinner for your vicious dog’s damage on my leg” Brian said to Kathie that day.  As Kathie was about to turn on right on the crossed intersection she heard a car honking at her, She noticed it was Brian’s Mercedes Benz.  Kathie turned on the street and parked on the side street, looked at her watch, it was passed 5:00 pm. “Hey” she said as she was getting off the car. “Fancy meeting you here, I was staying away from the traffic on the freeway didn’t realized I was driving by Glassboro Drive” Kathie gave her husband a hug.  “Happy Anniversary Honey” Brian said while handing Kathie a dozen stem of white orchids. (Kathie’s favorite flowers)  “What do you mean Anniversary? Brian? Our anniversary is not until December” she said calmly Brian laughed “Yes, our wedding anniversary that is” “Today is the anniversary of the first time we met remember?  And yeah Skipper still hates me to this day.” Brian laughed. “Yeah, but.. We never celebrated the anniversary of our first meeting” Kathie whispered.  Brian reminded Kathie “I told you this morning, don’t forget about tonight” remember? Kathie smiled “Yeah you know what? I was thinking about that all day at work and I couldn’t remember what it is” Brian laughed out loud “I knew you would forget.. so I picked up the kids early, took them to the babysitter, I made arrangement at the restaurant we first went to 11 years ago, Man! I’m surprised that restaurant is still there ha-ha! Kathie interrupted Brian “Oh my gosh! Now I remember! You left a note on the refrigerator door to meet you tonight at some address; It must’ve slipped my mind. I’m sorry are we late? “Kathie was a little bit panicky. Brian hugged her and said, No dear, there is no such thing as “late” Kathie didn’t quite understood what Brian meant at that time.  “How about we leave your car here, and we’ll use mine instead and we’ll head out to the restaurant? We’ll come get it later tonight okay?” Brian asked. Kathie agreed and got into Brian’s car.

Brian drove the car around Glassboro Drive, they had a good laugh reminiscing the first time they met there, the walks they took along the board walk by the ocean when they first started dating, the Irish restaurant Kathie took Brian 11 years ago as a compensation for Skipper, the dog’s minor damage on Brian’s leg.  Brian reminded Kathie of the first kiss he stole from her a few months later that year when they first dated each other and how Skipper, the dog tried to growl and warned him not to get close to his master.  Driving by Glassboro Drivebrought so much fond memories in Kathie’s mind.  All the years of their marriage came flashing through her mind as she sat in the car, then she realized… There are more beautiful moments; there are more wonderful moments and wonderful memories she and Brian had shared through the years, than what she was thinking of that morning on her way to work. Kathie felt her feet are off the ground again, as if it was the first day she fell in love with Brian. Kathie looked down on the flowers Brian gave her earlier, it was beautiful, she always loved white orchids, it reminds her of what her mother used to say “A woman’s Heart is like a white orchid, gentle, pure, and soft. It can last a long time; its fragrance doesn’t fade easily as long as it remains in a cool temperature but when left on a hot temperature and without being tended to, A Woman’s Heart will wither just like white orchids would” Kathie noticed a note attached in one of the stem, she gently pulled it and looked at Brian with a compassionate eyes..


THE NOTE READS : “Kathie my Love, I went to get this flower at your favorite florist onGlassboro Drive and reminisce about the firs time I met you on that street. I knew I made mistakes in our marriage but you stood by me as understanding as ever, you have a beautiful heart, always forgiving even at times I knew everything takes toll on you. You remained strong for me in times of my weaknesses; you remained strong, for you and for our marriage, for our children. I know I am a lucky Man to have you in my life. Nothing in this world will and could ever replace that. I wouldn’t trade it for the world not even with myself. Today I ask you to accept me, to forgive me and give me the chance to make it right for you, to be there for you, to be the strong one for you. – With all my Love, Brian”


All the characters and stories written by Missy are FICTIONAL: Any resemblance with actual names and events are PURELY COINCIDENTAL.








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