Bridge of Time by Missy (Collection)

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A Collection of thoughts from Bridge of Time by Missy

Submitted: September 24, 2012

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Submitted: September 24, 2012




Bridge of Time



"Guard your Queens everyone!" :)

The other day I told a buddy of mine: 
If I were to use analogy on a mutual-love relationship; I’d say it’s like playing a game of chess. Two people agrees to be in a relationship both laying out their paw

ns (their thoughts), their bishops (their time), their rooks (their affection), their queens (their hearts) & their kings (their hopes & dreams) on a chess board (called togetherness). Both with good intentions to succeed & win but both play different techniques, both makes different moves & sadly enough, sometimes it is inevitable that somewhere along the line one of the player will end up making a wrong move & the other gets to say "Checkmate!" 

Buddy of mine: Hmnnn… and how many times you’ve lost a game of chess Missy? 

Me: Ah quite a number of times but it's not so much about the times I've lost but more so about the times I played well on my part. 


Missy’s pick of the day:

Among the knights in shining armor, the frogs I’ve kissed who didn’t turned into a prince; the frog disguised as a prince & all my heart’s meantime moments, I will always remember with fondness the one who stood out in the crowd, a rugged man with his meek & humble smile, his eyes filled with passion, filled with love, respect & admiration without the need of words & fanc

y love confession my heart simply knows it was in the right place, with the right person. Such a tragic time was never on our side, none the less my heart keeps a sacred spot for him & somehow deep within I’ll always know, He will always feel the same way too. Perhaps, one day… time will turn its course & fate will cross our paths to never ever part again. Until then... My heart awaits. 



Missy’s pick of the day:

When she wakes up in the morning the first thing she does is think of you, through out the day, no matter what she’s doing, she spends a few seconds/minutes thinking of you, in the midst of her busy work schedule, tons of home works & school projects, she gets a smile with the thought of you, she looks forward to hear your voice, for that cell phone to beep, to hear your voice on the other line. O

n her way home from daily usual routine, she wishes you’re thinking of her too. At night when all the day’s work is done, she sits & starts relaxing with beautiful thoughts of you. Somewhere out there is a Woman who cares deeply for you, someone who loves you more than you probably even know and someone whose world is filled with everything about you. So tonight I wonder if you actually know how lucky you are. 
Perhaps not eh? 



Missy’s pick of the day:


An Email:
We didn’t have too much then. In fact we didn’t have anything at all. Just each other! & it was good enough. It was perfect enough. We didn’t have a car back then so we would take a long walk together t

o ride a bus, rain or shine, warm or cold. I would take you to restaurants I could afford, it wasn’t much but it was all I could do. You never complained, you always understood. You would give me a hug & thank me. It made me felt so horrible seeing how you do without when you were with me but it was all I could afford then, but you loved me anyway. Years had gone by since fate intervened. Now I drive a fancy car, I have a good paying job, I have everything to offer, I can afford all the things I couldn’t afford then.. And you were gone! sometimes ask myself if simpler things in life will bring you back. 








Missy’s pick of the day:


“Hold her hand as she lay in her bedside, look her in the eye, touch her cheek, trace her face with your fingertips & remind her off all the wonderful years she spent her life, of all the beautiful moments you spent with her, for all the sp

ecial bond your shared with her, thank her for the kindness of her heart, her beautiful soul, her caring and ever loving ways, for all the guidance & support, let her know how wonderful it is to be a part of her life and whisper in her ear how much you love her, and will always love her for the rest of your life.” 

To a college friend & someone who is very special to me Dr. Reynaldo L. Reyes Jr, my deepest condolences for the passing of your Mom, my prayers are with you & your family. To Carline, an old college buddy of mine who I recently just reconnected with through, thank you for letting me know last night about the passing of Mrs. Reyes. 

To all the sons, daughters & family members of parents who passed away from cancer & other terminal illness. May your faith remain unshaken, your hearts remains strong. May you always cherish the memories of your departed loved ones. 





Missy’s pick of the day:

“Funny & silly as it may sound; I spend time walking down the memory lane only to feel you a little closer to me. When I sit in silence & close my eyes, you come flashing through my mind with those beautiful smiles

. The soft gentle look in your eyes, they always melts my heart. At times I have to shush those thoughts & bring myself back quickly to reality but the more I run from it, the more thoughts of you comes chasing me. I always get reminded of little things we used to do, the silly things we used to do as if we didn’t care about the rest of the world. The many way you made me feel loved simply by being around. And yes, funny & silly as it may sound, these are the very same reason why I take the time walking down the memory lanes even if I have to do it alone without you here.” [The heart remembers the one who means the most…. And I remember you] 

Create beautiful moments with that someone in your life everyone, when the moments have passed it becomes a beautiful memory, sometimes you’ll be surprise to find out that sometimes, those beautiful memories are the very same reason you will end up in each other's arms again. World is too small & fate has its funny ways of bringing two people together. Have a good night from my corner of the world & stay blessed! – Missy




Missy’s pick of the day:

Reader’s email:

Missy few months ago I dated someone who I knew from before, we had a really nice time & I really thought he was serious about me. He made me promised not to announce to our friends that

we are an item, he said he wanted to keep us private. The other day I found out from another friend through facebook that she is dating the same guy & he told her the same thing, don’t let anyone know about their relationship as he said “he wants to keep it private” I am so angry at my friend, why would she even date him & why would he do such a thing? I don’t know what to do.

My Personal Thought:

Sadly enough there are others out there who has no regards what so ever to other people’s feelings. It is inevitable that we may sometimes find ourselves in competition with our own friends over one guy, as you mentioned in your message, “He” made you promised not to announce your relationship public only to find out he told your friend the same thing. Unfortunately there are people out there who tend to play the field in turn putting a dent on other people’s friendship. 

I “personally think” No one should come between friends, especially a boy who doesn’t seem to respect both of you. If I were to be put in that shoe, no matter how much I feel for the guy, I would reassess the situation, I probably would not even lift a finger fighting over a guy who had already shown me lack of respect. If he can hook up with my friends on facebook while we are together, what else would he be doing next? (But then again, that’s what I would do. What works for me may or may not work for others) I wish you & your friend good luck & to the guy --> I’m sorry to say this but you'll have to learn how to respect women more seriously because the table could turn on you, you'll never know which girls could be laughing right now behind your back for doing to you what you're doing to the other girls" <--- Stay blessed everyone! - Missy





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