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Thanksgiving note from the Author of Bridge of Time by Missy

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



Thanksgiving Day is a day away! May you all share a beautiful moment with the ones you love, families and friends, may you all look back and count your blessings with a smile. May you all say your thanksgiving grace knowing you are one of the lucky ones who is able to share the day with the ones who cares for you. On a Thanksgiving night when you say your grace, may you all include the less fortunate ones in your prayers, from Bridge of Time by Missy to all your homes, wishing you a Happy blessed Thanksgiving Day! – Missy


Thanksgiving Day, that one day of the year where we count all our blessings,  where we hold hands and say our grace in front of the ones we love, when I count my blessings, I thank all the times I was at my weakest point, for those times taught me patience, taught me self-compassion, they taught me to be strong. I thank the times I was happy and content with life, for those times reminds me of life’s uncertainties, it taught me to care, to share, to love. On thanksgiving day when I count all my blessings, I thank the times I’ve fallen so madly in love, it taught me how to share myself selflessly, it taught me feel alive, it taught me how to value someone, it taught me to give and share a part of myself unconditionally without expecting anything in return. I thank the times I was heart broken, it taught me lessons in life, it taught me how to feel the meaning of pain, the meaning of regrets, the meaning of longing and emptiness, in the end it made me appreciate little things in life, it made me grow into a better person.


Thanksgiving day is not just a day for turkey and yams, it’s not just a day for ham and gravy, it’s a day of reflection! A day to look back at where we were in life and how far we’ve come, it’s a day of reflection appreciating little things in life, such as friends, families, love ones, it’s that one day in a year where we all gather in the table saying grace and telling one another how thankful we are for each other.  From Bridge of Time by Missy to all your homes, to all the readers all around the world, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  This year in my thanksgiving list, all of you are on top of my list, thanking all of you for your time, devotion and support for Bridge of Time and my writings but most of all, thanking all of you for being here, for sharing a piece of your life with me here on Bridge of Time by Missy.  You all touched my life in a profound ways no matter how seemingly insignificant it may look, I am very grateful for all of you!  On behalf of Bridge of Time by Missy and Callaghan and Associates Books and Publishing, We are very thankful for all your support! Stay blessed. – Missy



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