Heart's Dilemma

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Missy's newest article on Love and Life.

Submitted: July 11, 2011

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Submitted: July 11, 2011



Reference:  Bridge of Time By Missy - Ireland Fan Page




At some point in someone’s life he or she will fell in love with someone yet easily scared to speak of it, perhaps afraid to lose the friendship or any form of interaction with the person whom she or he fell in love with.  Some may say “I’d rather keep my feelings to myself than to lose the one I love”, others may say “I’m not going to take the risk of telling the person I fell in love with how I feel because I don’t want to be rejected.” At times I hear someone say “ Oh this feeling will go away, it’s best to keep in it than to be mocked or insulted” most of the time, I hear others speaking of their affection about someone to someone else and I often wonder how much pain and aching their hearts feel keeping such emotions bottled up?


Human hearts they say can easily get scared, everyone’s reason and excuses are all different, but it all boils down to being scared of telling someone how they feel afraid of being mocked, being rejected, being turn down, being laughed at. Wondering if they fell in love with the person they know, will they be treated the same way? Or will they be rejected?  Human’s hearts they say fears easy. I personally think, it’s the mind playing tricks on humans.  Our minds can process million thoughts by the second, it can whisper in our hearts “You can’t do this, you can’t do that”, “You will only be rejected if you tell that someone how you feel” Human’s mind can be very tricky, it can create chaos, havoc, confusions, wrong assumption, prejudice, biasness, injustice. It can instill pain, fear, sufferings, if one doesn’t guard his or her thoughts, it can lead that person to more sufferings not only in love but life in general.


Hearts scares easy, as one would say.  When someone fells in love with someone, fear of speaking or disclosing such emotions can be the hardest thing to face, so most people just keep it in, one may fall in love with someone who is not emotionally available, who is not physically available, others may fall in love with someone who is already taken these situations requires thorough consideration towards the other people involve, relationships, marriage or what ever it may be and yes, it can be very selfish if someone gets in the way of 2 people’s relationship to seek the affection of the other person, this situations causes more pain, not only to the 3rd party involved but to established relationship per se, these type of circumstances, one has to decide to either give way, let go or to keep the affection of love hidden towards the other person or pursue the other person’s affection and act in a selfish ways,  getting in the way of 2 people who love each other, breaks up relationship, creating chaos, stepping in other people’s toes, stealing affection, breaking up relationships or marriages for the sake of one’s own benefit only to find themselves unhappy in the end, feeling guilty, feeling remorseful. Feeling incomplete even after obtaining the affection they seek.


Then there are others, who may have fallen in love with a friend or someone they are acquainted with, yet their hearts are scared or their mind tells them otherwise. Sadly enough, there were many relationships out there which could have blossomed, which could’ve turn into something real, something good. But it is when one waits for the other to speak his or her emotions first that creates too much confusion, building a wall of doubt, or fear.  Some other people are brave than the others, some are more open to their emotions, some may not.  There are others who are not afraid of taking risk and there are some who lives their lives afraid of that risk.


When someone had fallen in love for someone else and had not spoken of it, they find themselves in a dilemma of having to watch the person they love falling in love with someone else. It creates an emotional chaos, it creates pain, it creates unhappiness, jealousy, envy towards the person whom the one they fell in love with is spending his or her time with. While the other person is clueless as to why one reacts in pain or anger, jealousy and all the negative emotions. This only creates a wall between them, it closes the window of understanding, it closes the door of communication until one feels his or her love is unrequited while the other person is left with questions unanswered.


Human emotions are never easy, while mind plays the trick the heart suffers. While the mind whispers “No, you shouldn’t fall in love with that guy or that girl” The heart keeps aching, when one falls in love, fear comes next. The endless “what if” whispered by the mind delays the heart from speaking for itself, it gets scared, it gets confuse, it becomes helpless.  In love or life in general, one always faces the battle between his oh her heart and mind.  Some people feels through their mind and others think through their heart.

One always finds him or herself in a Heart’s Dilemma and in the process love slips away, questions remains unanswered, I guess the moral lesson of it all, is finding the wisdom in our search of love and happiness. Finding our own enlighten to follow the path which may or may not lead us in our own sense of completeness. Everyone is different in their coping skills when facing a Heart’s Dilemma, some may be braver than others, some may be more open than others, some may just sit in silence watch the love slip away afraid to take the risk.  Everyone is different, what works for others may not work to some. How ever it is one’s coping skills in love or life in general, no one is to judge them for it.  We all face the battle between our hearts and minds and we may find our hearts in a dilemma, the positive side of it is finding the wisdom to face our own life’s pages and learning to apply it the next time we find ourselves in the same shoes. Balancing the Heart and Mind is the key to finding our sense of completeness.  

Stay blessed everyone! - Missy









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