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Short stories from A Woman's Heart, a subsidiary of Bridge of Time By Missy.

Submitted: August 06, 2011

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Submitted: August 06, 2011



Sometimes the right one comes along at a wrong time, leaving the heart filled with confusions and regrets. A Woman’s Heart is so beautiful, so beautiful enough to sacrifice for the sake of others.  Bella is one of those women who sacrifice her own for the sake of her marriage in hope someday it will work out just fine. But when the heart ask for what it needs from the wrong person, one may always find himself or herself in a situation where the endless cycle of pain keeps repeating, leaving the heart longs for that right one who came along at a very wrong time.



Part I:


Bella is married to a man who spent years of his life having others aid his ways, he is a very gentle looking on the outside but on the inside he is emotionally unavailable, he is on his 4rth marriage, and it is Bella’s first marriage. They’ve been together for 4 years and through out their marriage Bella had cried a million times, she was lied to, betrayed and cheated on by her husband multiple times.  He promised he would changed, Bella kept her hope, he failed to keep his promise year after year, but Bella stayed in the marriage, continued doing a good job as a wife, a caring loving wife, even if she spent the night fighting and arguing with her husband, he would wake up with breakfast on the table, he would go to work with packed lunch, she would greet him when he gets home, although in silence, she is broken into pieces.  Her husband is a malignant narcissist, he had a history of lack of sexual integrity, he would use and manipulate women for attention, she would call him off on it and he would lie and accused her of being paranoid, he would call her names.  He abuses her mentally, emotionally and psychologically. But she cares for him, she hopes that by setting a good example he will someday wake up and realize all the sacrifices she does to save her marriage, to guide him in the right path.  The first few years of their marriage, Bella had lost herself,  she had lost her self esteem, her self confidence, she didn’t knew why her husband treated her the way he did when all she did was loved him, cared for him, tend to him, even nurtured him because she knew he came from a very abusive family background, she tried to understand him as much as she can,  she gave him her life hoping he would learn how to love and care as she knew he was never truly cared for or loved by his own family, so she gave him love and everything she had learned from her own family background, caring, compassion, understanding, nurturing and kindness. He took her virtue as a sign of weakness and took advantage of it.  Her love for him gradually faded but she is still his wife and she did everything she possibly could to stay for the sake of their marriage, for his sake. She stayed with him to save his face in being criticized by his own family of once again, not being able to keep a marriage. There were days and months, she and her husband seemed to be working things out, they seemed happy, there seemed to changes, until she finds out he was lying again to her, doing what he does most of the time through out their marriage. Lie, manipulate and cheat on her.




She spent years of crying on and off, worrying, wondering why the disrespect, blaming herself for not being cared for and loved the way she deserved, doubting herself thinking she is not good enough for him,  praying that someday he will realize how much she cares for him and that maybe, just maybe.. He will finally grow up.  Even if their marriage was in turmoil, even if she is broken inside, alone and lonely, even if she feels self inadequate, Bella never took liking into any man, she is not a bad looking woman, she is very pretty, she is educated,  she carries herself really well in public, most of the time her husband would take her to gatherings and parties not because he really wanted to be with her, but because of how she look, because of her social skills, she is very brilliant and very smart with a look any man would turn their heads twice. To him, she is just a trophy, a “thing” to display for his own pride, he never looked as a wife, but an object there only for his purpose.




Part II:


The right one came along at a very wrong time. William is the guy who moved across the street from Bella’s home, he is a very charming friendly man and he was funny, educated, William is genuinely kind. He had noticed Bella for months but hesitated to say hello, he watched her walked by to her car from the parking lot while he played basketball with friends, she walked straight not looking around to notice William has been taking a liking at her.  At times he would look at her while driving by her house and she was watering the plants, he would smile and she would look away.  One night Bella walked by herself on the street crying after her argument with her husband, yet another argument one in a million fights they’ve had because he was cheating on her again. William was driving by and noticed Bella sitting on the side of the street, crying. He stopped the car and asked if she is okay? It was passed midnight and the streets were empty.  Bella stood up and said she was okay and turned around walked back to her home.  In a few occasions, William noticed Bella with bruises in her arms while she was walking by to take the trash in the dumpster, each time he would try to talk to her, she was very evasive.




One day Bella’s husband came home from the gym and introduced William to his wife, saying “William and I met at the gym, I didn’t know he’s our neighbor” Bella’s husband can be friendly and nice if he wanted to, in fact he has a lot of buddies, when he brings in his buddies from work, Bella entertains them, she cooks for them and she is friendly with them, her husband tells a story quite the opposite of what is really going on in their home, he tells his friends their marriage is great, that he and his wife gets along well, everything is a lie when it comes to hearing it from Bella’s husband’s mouth he does that only to make his friends think he is a great husband. But Bella knows the truth. The day her husband came home introducing William, the neighbor to Bella, Bella felt something weird, some kind of comfort around William’s presence,  she ignored it but it was something she had never felt for years. Little did she know, she was standing right in front of the Man who later would be the reason to find her old self back again.




William started hanging out in Bella’s home more often after that day. They became friends,  she felt very safe around him, she felt very comfortable, he is very kind, very thoughtful, very funny in a goofy kind of ways, he is very smart, him and Bella has so much in common, their likes and dislikes, their views in life, politics, religion and family. William fell in love with Bella the first time he saw her. For months he kept his feelings inside respecting that the woman he fell in love with is a married woman. William became Bella’s confidant and he attentively listened to her compassionately, without bias and without judgment.  He truly cares for Bella and Bella started falling for William.



Part III:


A few months later, Bella found out her husband was having an affair with his co-worker, yet another woman her husband decided to cheat on her again. She called William crying and needing someone to talk to, William came rushing to Bella, he then told her why she’s with him when he knows all those months she was in pain and he knows that her husband has been hurting her not only emotionally, but physically.

Bella told William she cares for his marriage, she cares for her husband.  Do you love him? William asked. Bella didn’t respond.  William told Bella how he feels about her. He told her how much he cares for her and that he fell in love with her the first time he saw her.  Bella asked William to leave and she never spoke to him for the following months.

William tried his best to be in Bella’s life but she chose to keep him out. A month later Bella and her husband moved to another city because they have a military order relocation. Before Bella left town she went to William’s apartment, stood at the door, said goodbye to William, hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek and handed him a letter.



My dearest William,


“I fell in love with you too, you brought me back a part of my life I thought I’d never find again, the feeling of being loved, the feeling of being cared for, the feeling of loving someone.. But I am married, my marriage needs me. If what we feel for one another is God’s blessings… He will bring us back together someday, no matter how long it takes or what it takes, but until then… Let’s leave everything in God’s hand because he gave me my husband and my marriage and I know God has a good reason for it. If it means learning from it, if it means serving a purpose to my husband or my marriage, I’m leaving it all in God’s hand because I trust that God knows what he is doing and if your love for me and mine to you, is what God intended it to be, He will bring us back to each other’s arms someday. Thank you for loving me.



With all my Love,



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