If I were your baby

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Missy's writings "If I were your baby"

Submitted: June 19, 2011

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Submitted: June 19, 2011



I may not be the best one around, I may not be the kind you would parade in the crowd, I may not be the kind your friends would be jealous of you to have and they may tell you to open your eyes and get the one who can turn heads. I may not have all the looks you dreamt of, as there are plenty of them out there whose easy on the eyes. I may not have the fanciest car, or high profiled career, I may not have a lot of money nor live a life with luxuries. I may not dress up like the model you see on television nor have the nicest voice or a fancy face, I may not be as popular as someone you and your friends knows, I may not have all the ideal and superficial things in life. In fact I may not have anything you desire at all..

But one thing I know, If I were your baby, you will be love like no other, you will be cherish, you will always have the smile in your cheek, you will always feel how special you are, I will always tell you how important you are in my life and will always find ways to make you happy, to make you feel complete, If I were your baby I will support you in anything you do, I will guide you in the path you’d like to take, I will respect your prerogatives, I will always admire the way you are, no matter what your flaws are, no matter how much imperfections you have, I will always be there for you even in your most darkest hour, I will light the way for you. I will make you a home, I will always have the time to listen to you to lend an ear or two to always assure you I am right there with you.

If I were your baby, you will never feel as if you always have to look for that someone to be there to love you, admire you, accept you the way you are. In my arms, you can always run to. In my heart you can always be sure. In my life you will always find a spot to come to and I will never stray nor be unfaithful, I will always take you in all your uncertainties. If I were your baby, You will always find a place to rest all your worries. My love will never change. If I were your baby.. Oh what a wishful thinking..

You will never know the place I have reserved all my life for you in my heart. You will never know how I waited for you to know somewhere out here, is someone waiting, hoping, There are plenty out there who could promise you the moon and the stars, there are so many out there who claims their love for you is real, there are plenty of people out there who tries their best to get your attention, to see you smile at them, to have you spend time with them to own you, to call you their own..

If I were your baby, you will never have to worry what would I do in your absence, where would I be when you turn your back… Because If I were your baby.. Everything I am, everything I will be… Will all be for YOU.

But I guess you’ll never know any of this, unless you started looking my way. Until then, I can only hope these thoughts will somehow reach you.. Maybe not tonight, Maybe not the next day.. But one thing for sure … I will always be here… Waiting… For the day that I can be your Baby. Lately, YOU seemed to be the only thing that I think of, that matters to me. Your face is the first thing I see in my head as I wake up in the morning, through out the day no matter what I do thoughts of you follows me. Songs on the radio reminds me of YOU as if I hear your voice singing in my head. News on a television makes me think of YOU, I wonder if you’re okay and wish you are safe. YOU are in my thoughts every minute of the day. Before I lay my head to sleep, I see your face and I ponder of things I would like to do if I were only touching your cheek, running my finger tips on your lips. As I close my eyes before falling fast asleep, thoughts of YOU comes flashing through my head, your voice it seemed very near almost whispering in my ear, your soft silky skin, I can almost feel the warmth of your body, thoughts of your skin next to mine makes me tremble in silence, almost unbearable, as I toss and turn in the middle of the night, YOU seemed to get closer and closer, I remind myself, YOU are not here and my mind is playing tricks on me. Yet, the more I more I bring myself into reality, the more you seemed to be real.. The more you occupy my head.. so real I can almost smell your scent.

And in my sleep, YOU visit me, drawing me closer and closer in your arms, your finger tips brushing through my hair, your voice, soft and gentle uttering “I want you” your eyes as beautiful as ever looking at me as if I were the most beautiful thing you’ve ever laid your eyes on, your touch, soft, gentle and maddening it stops the time, it’s just YOU and ME..making me want YOU more, be with YOU more.. Hold on to YOU more. Your scent.. is enchanting. Your smile..it’s making me melt, your lips next to mine… It makes me weak, it makes me lose myself. Laying next to you makes me feel the most luckiest person in the world. Oh… The Beautiful YOU … Amazing!

As I open my eyes, I ponder the dream I had of YOU.. I toss and turn put a pillow in my face and reminded myself.. YOU are not here, YOU are not real, and YOU have no clue how thoughts of YOU drives me madly insane but tonight just like every other night…. I look forward to seeing YOU even in my dreams. And tomorrow just like everyday I look forward for thoughts of YOU following me around making my day as brighter as always filled with moments I can only wish to do if I were to be spending a moment with YOU. I will see you in my dreams tonight and wish that YOU, feel the same way too.

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