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Collection of Missy's recent inspirational thoughts from Bridge of Time by Missy live community page, a venue for all her readers and followers.

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012






I think the toughest part of being away from someone we love & care for deeply is having that empty feeling inside of us. That void feeling making it so much harder to get through the day. No matter what we do, no matter where we at or whose around us still our mind is somewhere else thinking of the one our heart is missing. Their face keeps flashing through our mind, their voice seemed echoing inour ear, we see them in everything we do and we secretly wonder if they are thinking of us too.

We find ourselves debating with our heart and mind. At the end of the day when we’re all alone, away from the noises of the world, away from the crowd, we long for that person even more and we fall asleep with a heavy heart, only to wake up the following day feeling the same way all over again. We hope and wish that soon, just soon enough we’ll find ourselves in the arms of that someone we love just so we can be ourselves again because without them there is a hole in our hearts longing and waiting for them to fill in. *Sigh*

To those who are away from someone they love tonight, may you keep them close in your thoughts and in your heart, to those who are tucked in tonight in the arms of that someone special in their lives, may you cherish one another and appreciate every second of your togetherness. Have a pleasant day/night out there everyone. Stay blessed. – Missy



COURAGE: Is a weakness holding on a little longer. 

In all my years I’ve come to realize I can’t have everything I want, that things will not always work the way I hope it would be, I can’t always hold on to something or someone far too long not because I didn’t want to but because they didn’t wanted to or the circumstances just wont let us. I've had my share of heart aches I know there will be more, I’ve shed many tears for the things I couldn’t hold on to, for people who chose not to stay and in all of these, I’ve come to terms with the reality that it’s just the way life is. There will be things I can control & plenty more I have no control of.

Life is about experiencing things, sharing a piece of my life with others and allowing them to share theirs with me, no matter what the out come will be, no matter how many times I will find disappointments along the way. Life is a learning process, it’s about creating moments, it’s about building memories. It is what gave me the courage to never give up on life, on love, on loving, on being loved and that courage is what keeps my faith in knowing at some point in my life a time will come I’ll never have to go through that cycle ever again. 

No matter what you’re going through right now may it be love or simply life in general, “Keep the courage in your hearts lit up like a sun shining through from the sky. Life is all we have and it’s only as meaningful as we make it to be. Have a good night everyone and stay blessed. – Missy





“If distance were measured in terms of the heart we'd never be more than a minute apart."

Sitting in front of my computer on a winter night like this wondering how many others out there doesn’t have the privilege to be with that someone they love? Those who can’t hold hands and look at each other’s eyes to say “I love you” to each other. Those who can’t hear that someone's voice, those who are listening to a love song tonight remembering each beautiful moments they shared with the one they love and are wondering tonight, if that someone remembers those times as well. Tonight I think about others out there who secretly whispers the words “I wish you were here” hoping that someone special is wishing the same thing for them as well. 


To those of you whose love is far away, may you find a way to stay connected, to remind each other how much you love one another and how much you miss each other, may the memories you built together brings you closer although miles apart. Don’t let the distance shake your faith in one another and may you find a way, any ways to stay connected, emotionally, mentally although physically apart. I know how hard it can be, but as a buddy of mine said “It takes two to build a castle”… Don’t let the love slip away. Have a blessed night/day everyone! - Missy


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