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Submitted: June 13, 2011

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Submitted: June 13, 2011



I may not be the best one around, I may not be the kind you would parade in the crowd, I may not be the kind your friends would be jealous of you to have and they may tell you to open your eyes and get the one who can turn heads. I may not have all the looks you dreamt of, as there are plenty of them out there whose easy on the eyes. I may not have the fanciest car, or high profiled career, I may not have a lot of money nor live a life with luxuries. I may not dress up like the model you see on television nor have the nicest voice or a fancy face, I may not be as popular as someone you and your friends knows, I may not have all the ideal and superficial things in life. In fact I may not have anything you desire at all..

But one thing I know, If I were your baby, you will be love like no other, you will be cherish, you will always have the smile in your cheek, you will always feel how special you are, I will always tell you how important you are in my life and will always find ways to make you happy, to make you feel complete, If I were your baby I will support you in anything you do, I will guide you in the path you’d like to take, I will respect your prerogatives, I will always admire the way you are, no matter what your flaws are, no matter how much imperfections you have, I will always be there for you even in your most darkest hour, I will light the way for you. I will make you a home, I will always have the time to listen to you to lend an ear or two to always assure you I am right there with you.

If I were your baby, you will never feel as if you always have to look for that someone to be there to love you, admire you, accept you the way you are. In my arms, you can always run to. In my heart you can always be sure. In my life you will always find a spot to come to and I will never stray nor be unfaithful, I will always take you in all your uncertainties. If I were your baby, You will always find a place to rest all your worries. My love will never change. If I were your baby.. Oh what a wishful thinking..

You will never know the place I have reserved all my life for you in my heart. You will never know how I waited for you to know somewhere out here, is someone waiting, hoping, There are plenty out there who could promise you the moon and the stars, there are so many out there who claims their love for you is real, there are plenty of people out there who tries their best to get your attention, to see you smile at them, to have you spend time with them to own you, to call you their own..

If I were your baby, you will never have to worry what would I do in your absence, where would I be when you turn your back… Because If I were your baby.. Everything I am, everything I will be… Will all be for YOU.

But I guess you’ll never know any of this, unless you started looking my way. Until then, I can only hope these thoughts will somehow reach you.. Maybe not tonight, Maybe not the next day.. But one thing for sure … I will always be here… Waiting… For the day that I can be your Baby. Lately, YOU seemed to be the only thing that I think of, that matters to me. Your face is the first thing I see in my head as I wake up in the morning, through out the day no matter what I do thoughts of you follows me. Songs on the radio reminds me of YOU as if I hear your voice singing in my head. News on a television makes me think of YOU, I wonder if you’re okay and wish you are safe. YOU are in my thoughts every minute of the day. Before I lay my head to sleep, I see your face and I ponder of things I would like to do if I were only touching your cheek, running my finger tips on your lips. As I close my eyes before falling fast asleep, thoughts of YOU comes flashing through my head, your voice it seemed very near almost whispering in my ear, your soft silky skin, I can almost feel the warmth of your body, thoughts of your skin next to mine makes me tremble in silence, almost unbearable, as I toss and turn in the middle of the night, YOU seemed to get closer and closer, I remind myself, YOU are not here and my mind is playing tricks on me. Yet, the more I more I bring myself into reality, the more you seemed to be real.. The more you occupy my head.. so real I can almost smell your scent.

And in my sleep, YOU visit me, drawing me closer and closer in your arms, your finger tips brushing through my hair, your voice, soft and gentle uttering “I want you” your eyes as beautiful as ever looking at me as if I were the most beautiful thing you’ve ever laid your eyes on, your touch, soft, gentle and maddening it stops the time, it’s just YOU and ME..making me want YOU more, be with YOU more.. Hold on to YOU more. Your scent.. is enchanting. Your smile..it’s making me melt, your lips next to mine… It makes me weak, it makes me lose myself. Laying next to you makes me feel the most luckiest person in the world. Oh… The Beautiful YOU … Amazing!

As I open my eyes, I ponder the dream I had of YOU.. I toss and turn put a pillow in my face and reminded myself.. YOU are not here, YOU are not real, and YOU have no clue how thoughts of YOU drives me madly insane but tonight just like every other night…. I look forward to seeing YOU even in my dreams. And tomorrow just like everyday I look forward for thoughts of YOU following me around making my day as brighter as always filled with moments I can only wish to do if I were to be spending a moment with YOU. I will see you in my dreams tonight and wish that YOU, feel the same way too.

Lately, I find myself thinking of you more often. When I wake up in the morning I see your smiling face flashing in my head, your eyes, those beautiful eyes as if they’re looking straight at me. I can almost hear your sweet soft voice next to my ear and I go about my day with thoughts of you all day. At night just like tonight, here you are again.. in my thoughts, in my head.. as if you’re just near me. I can almost feel your skin next to mine. I know it’s just insane:) This mind keeps playing tricks on me and It’s okay because it makes you feel close to me. I hold on to these thoughts until I lay awake in bed, until I fall asleep and in my sleep, you’re there with me. You are in my mind during my waking hours in my dreams I see you still.

I’ve seen your beautiful heart, I’ve felt your beautiful soul. I am very lucky to have had that chance to see the other side of you. That child-like side of you, that playful, happy, sweet and funny side of you. Your soul is very beautiful, so beautiful it’s like a magnet drawing me closer to you.. My mind is filled with thoughts of you. As if you’re just right here next to me… I can almost feel you.

If thoughts of you brings you closer to me everyday, I wouldn’t mind being consumed with every thoughts just to feel you, just to have you near me… at least until I hold your hand, until I see that beautiful eyes of yours, touch that beautiful skin of yours, feel your touch all over my body, feel your lips next to mine and hear your voice say … I feel the same way too \":-)\"

I will see you in my dreams tonight until I find myself laying next you … Thank you for showing me your beautiful heart.


Their simple conversation on the yahoo messenger took them back to twenty four years ago. The time they went to high school together, how she would go to his classroom on a recess or after school hours with a friend to listen to him play his guitar, they talked about the street they both lived few houses apart from each other, how he would play his music and she could hear it from her bedroom window. They had a good laugh reminiscing the old church near the street they grew up in. They talked about the high school days, what they remembered about each other from way back when. “Boys drools over you in high school they watched you walk in excitement” he reminded her. “You were the timid one, quiet one, tall think curly hair shy kid back then” she reminded him. They had a good laugh about it. “Yeah, I was a heart breaker back in high school eh?” she laughed. “Yes you were” he said and laughed. “My buddy was all over you and talked about you a lot” he said. Oh uh, she replied.. I hope he didnt think I broke his heart. “You did!” he teased her.

Twenty four years ago, was right there in front of both their eyes at that very moment, it took them back to time, the high school days, the younger years. They’re in their 40?s now, he became a very popular musician and she became a psychiatrist. Twenty years ago was long gone…. but not that night.. That night, twenty years ago was happening right there and then, both in their minds, in their memories.. They bridged the time together at that very present moments twenty four years later and only by the means of computer, messenger, the internet.. He’s righof his ipad, she’s right in front of her monitor… Countries apart. And yet; at that very moment. There they were.. crossing the Bridge of Time together. *Sigh* What a beautiful moment! crossing the Bridge of Time lasted them for hours and I meant, hours…. brought good memories, good laugh, lots of reminiscing.. and for hours, they felt like kids again..playful, kiddie, happy, giggly. They joked around for hours, teased for hours, talked through typing on the computer keyboard for hours. They were happy. “old times are always good to remember” He said to her that night.

Their Bridge of Time moments, brought them closer together in a very profound ways of understanding each other more, getting to know more of each other in a very unthinkable but good ways. They bonded with each other. They get to peek at each others heart, each others soul. “I like it!” he commented and she said “Me too”. Their Bridge of Time moments for hours the other night had brought these two people with two different career path, different life style, different circle of friends, different Countries together as ONE. And it was a beautiful moment! And most of all their Bridge of Time moments brought these two people together as if they’re sitting next to each other in person talking, remembering… Even if they are world’s apart.

She joked around afterwards, You’re a very popular guy all over the world I can’t be seen in public with you and he said “Doc! get that stuff out of your system will you? I’m not popular, I just sing for a living and you should not be afraid to be seen in public with me, I will pick you up at the airport” They had a few good laughs about it and he told her “it’ll be very sad when you leave though”. “No it won’t” she said.. You’ll be following me in no time and they laughed some more. Their Bridge of Time moments continued on for hours, they remembered together.. Ah, what a beautiful moment!

Bridge of Time moments are indeed very mysterious, it takes only a brief moment for the thoughts to popped in in our heads, any moments of remembering can bring the years together as if it’s happening at the present moment, the feeling is as real as it was when memories were being built. Our mind is a very strong tool, it process million thoughts a minute, it remembers moments in details, it brings back memories flashing in our heads like a movie playing on television. It’s an amazing moments. I “personally” believe to move on with the present, we’ll have to cross the Bridge of Time, the so called past…to know where our lives are heading. My father, a very wise man, once said “To get to where you’re going, you must know where you came from.. When you find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere, just take the same path you’ve taken and it’ll point you to direction where you needed to be to get to where you want to be.” Crossing our own Bridge of Time moments, remembering our past is not a very scary thing to do, in fact it is necessary to look back, to be able to feel again how it felt then, to look back at the steps we took, to reassess the path we’re leading now in our present.. It’s a part of life, it’s a part of being human, it’s what brings Wisdom in our life.


Ever had that moment in your life where something from your past or someone flashed through your mind? You remember every detail, every scenarios as if it’s a movie playing right before your very eyes. Ever finding yourself feeling that same old feeling as if it’s happening all over again? The feeling seems so real as if you are taken back in time living in that very moment once again? So real you could almost feel the other person’s presence? Then you remind yourself… Ahhhh the past! the long gone past..! Yet while you go about your day the memories keeps running through your head, the more you resist the more the memory of that something or someone becomes stronger and you find yourself just sitting there… Remembering … Feeling .. Reminiscing … And somehow the thoughts brings you comfort and you realized.. “That memories of something, someone…is there for a reason, to remind you of who you are now and how far you’ve come in life” And when the moment of remembering goes away, you feel new, you feel alive again! smiling at yourself, shaking your head telling yourself.. ah these memories are a reminder of how someone had touched your life in a profound ways and you could only wish to this day they know how much their existence in your life means a lot to you. May your moments of recollection be pleasant and may you find wisdom from the message you find in it. Thank you all for supporting Bridge of Time and my writings. – Missy

Dear YOU,

It’s been a long while since the last time I saw you. It’s been ages since the last time we were together yet memories of you visits me often and when it does, it takes me back in time. I remember the smile in your face, the look in your eyes, the feature of your face, I remember the sound of your voice, the things you used to do, the moments we shared together. I remember everything about you. Every little moments that at that time, doesn’t seem to matter. I remember how you made me feel. So special, so alive, I remember doing things with you that I wouldn’t normally do around anyone, the silliness, the goofiness. I remember how your presence would make me weak in the knee, feeling like a child again. playful, happy and carefree. More often I find myself remembering you although I know you’re long gone, although I know by now I may not even come across your mind anymore. Memories of you keeps hunting me like a dream, the same dream every night.. Your memories reminds me of everything I was, everything I used to be. Ah… The Heart Remembers! No matter how long it has been since I laid eyes on you, no matter how long it has been since we last spoke, No matter how long it has been since I last held your cheek.. your hands… When memories of you visits me… I find you standing right here next to me, with the same smile you used to have on your face, that same gentle tone of voice I used to hear when you speak. My heart remembers everything about you…. The way you made me feel alive, the way you taught me how to care, how to love, the way your presence brings out the best in me. My heart remembers how your kindness, your thoughtfulness taught me of compassion, taught me of caring. My heart remembers YOU…. Your strength where I learned courage from. Your brilliant mind where I learned understanding and wisdom from. I remember your Heart.. How it taught me to love. Your love of life, where I learned how to live. My heart remembers YOU.. The you I’ve come to know and in you I found the piece of myself I thought I’d never find again. Once again, remembering you reminded me of everything I’ve become, My heart remembers how you shared your life with me giving me a piece of yourself that brought back the piece of myself I had lost a long time ago. My heart remembers YOU no matter where you are or what you do or who you’re with…. And I will always remember YOU… Because in YOU I found myself. Thank you for the moments you created with Me… For those moments built a Memory in my Heart which will always be a reminder of how far I’ve come to life, of how much I’ve learned to live again. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself which will always be a reminder of how I had found myself. Your memories will always be a part of me where ever I go, what ever I do, who ever I’m wit.. For these memories are a chapter of my life, I spent sharing with YOU. Thank you!

Always, ME




A Woman’s Heart is a mysterious thing.. It’s filled with complexity, it seemed as if it has its own mind. It can carry the world’s burden yet remained strong, it can share its qualities to almost everyone around them, filled with compassion, caring and love. A woman’s heart is so big that it has room for almost everyone. Friends, love ones, families even a total strange in misfortune, a Woman’s heart could sympathize, it tries to help as best it can. A woman’s heart is very brave, courageous, it can put up with everything and beyond, pain, struggles, heart ache, its filled with patience and compassion, it can wait for years, longs for years, hopes for years. Quite the contrary in my own opinion, as many would say a Woman’s heart is weak and frail .. I’m not quite sure about that notion or maybe I’m wrong, but I personally believe, A woman’s heart is no where being close to weak and frail. It does however, have a mind of its own. A woman’s heart knows when enough is enough, when it’s being taken advantage of, when it’s being neglected. It can give for as long as it possibly can, it can be patient for as long as it can, it can be compassionate and caring for as long as it can, but a Woman’s heart, also knows when the pain is enough, it may struggle to let go, it may find itself in a long painful dilemma but it bounces back if given the right timing to heal. If given the right chance to heal on its own. It bounces back with tenacity, with courage with bravery and it prepares itself for the next time it opens up again.. Oh that beautiful mysterious thing about a Woman’s Heart.. It is indeed admirable!

I firmly believe when a Heart is broken… It’s not in vain, it’s not weak, it’s not fragile. When a Heart is broken it is open in two… Like a door waiting to heal on its own and in the process of healing when a Heart is broken it’s cut in two leaves opening for a possibility, leave opening to a chance, a chance to heal on its own, it leaves an open invitation for anyone who would help mend the pain, it opens it eyes for new beginnings for a new opportunities to mend and feel again. Ah the mysteries of a Woman’s Heart .. So amazing!

As I am writing my material, I thought about the times I found my heart broken in pieces, I thought about the times my heart seemed to have failed me, only to realize, having it broken in pieces had only made me stronger, had only taught me wisdom, had only prepared me to leave that opening in the corner of my heart to heal and feel again.. This morning I thought about the boys in my younger years who broke my heart and I am so ever grateful for them for breaking my heart, for proving themselves unworthy of the space I allotted in my heart for them and most importantly for making my heart as strong as it ever did.

A woman’s heart …. Has a mind of its own, has ears and eyes of its own.. It knows when they are in the right place at a right time, with the right person. I salute all my female readers this morning for I know your Hearts are as strong as it ever did.. To those whose hearts are broken, please remember.. You are not weak, you are not frail, You are only going through a process of becoming more stronger, more braver than you ever did before. I salute your Heart for its courage to face the pain, to feel the pain as these emotions are there for a reason .. to find your own Wisdom to prepare you for the next phase in your lives, for the next time you find your heart feeling again, beating again..

I personally dedicate this material to all of those who had broken my heart in pieces years ago thank you for the pain thank you for the hurt, thank you for helping me find my own wisdom and I thank you for helping me become the person that I am today if you had not broken my heart in pieces years ago … would not have found my Heart’s home today. And to my readers who can relate to this writing, Keep your heads up high things happens for a reason… What you are now going through is only a phase… may seemed unbearable at the moment, may seemed endless at the moment .. That too shall pass… You will bounce back, give your heart a chance to heal on its own time.. To each their own as one would say … The Higher Power knows what’s best for your heart.. The Higher Power gives us trials in life including broken hearts.. to find our own wisdom.

WAIVER: To all the Bridge of Time readers, please note.. I’m not a love counselor, I only write of things “I” believe in. What works for someone may not work for others. Thank you all for reading may my materials entertains you. – Missy


LIFE’S PAGES: (How many stories are you?)
Someone I know and think of as a dear friend from a far distant land million miles away from California asked me earlier thru an inbox message “How Many Stories Are You?” the question not only made me smile but made me look back in all the years of my life. I found myself asking “How many stories am I?” Indeed inspired me to write this material to share with all the Bridge of Time readers. To a very dear friend in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. South Africa, thank you for the asking the question, you made me reflect on my own life, you made me remember all the years of my life, people, events who are and has been a part of it in creating my very own life’s pages, you made me think of everyone whom I shared my life with, who touched my life profoundly in creating every chapters of my very own existence, in creating my very own book of life for someday I know, when I’m old and gray… I will always look back fondly for all the beautiful memories and for the not so beautiful ones which helped me a great deal in learning a lesson in life, in finding the wisdom in a learning process we call Life.


Ever find yourself reading a book and as you turn the pages thoughts comes in your mind? perhaps a story that you can relate to? something you tell yourself “this happened to me” or “Jeez, as if the Author writes something about me” ever find yourself relating to someone’s situation? Ever wonder… If you were to write a book, what would you write about? Funny as it seems, but at some point in someone’s life, I’m sure one has wondered if they were to write a book, they’d write something about themselves, things they can relate with, perhaps about love? about heart breaks? about life’s struggles, about events in their lives or someone they know. In our daily routine and busy life schedule, we tend to not realize everything we do, everyone we share our lives with, every situations in life in general or love, every person we are in contact with, every person we share our lives with, everyone whom we opened our hearts with and welcomed in our lives…. IS A CHAPTER OF OUR VERY OWN LIFE’S PAGES…. They all tell a story waiting to unfold, our moments, memories we share with these people are a story of its own. Every human beings we are in contact with, who shares their lives with us, whom we share our lives with.. ARE PAGES OF OUR BOOK OF LIFE, OUR VERY OWN LIFE AND WE ARE A CHAPTER OF THEIR LIVES AS WELL… Every moments no matter how insignificant it may seem creates memories and these memories of things, people and events in our lives are like pages of every book waiting to be written, waiting to be publish as one would say… And someday, at one point in our lives… They come to life over and over again like a published book being read over and over again …. With the exemption that these pages are in our hearts, in our thoughts and we look back and re-read tose pages again and again….. IN OUR OWN MIND, IN OUR OWN THOUGHTS..IN OUR OWN MEMORY. So tonight I wonder if you were to write a book of your own with the title “LIFE’S PAGES” what would you write? what you think of? If you were to write on a journal, or diary or even in your own computer’s word pad something about your life, events in your life, who would you start writing about? what would you start writing about? If someday, you were to look back in your life as if you are reading a book, what would you see? what would you read? who would you remember? I know it may sound odd, some may even say “what??? I don’t understand it at all Missy” \":)\" ) I’d like to end this writing material tonight with what I had posted few days ago … YOU ARE THE AUTHOR OF YOUR LIFE, YOU ARE THE WRITER OF YOUR LIFE’S PAGES, OF EACH AND EVERY CHAPTER OF YOUR LIFE, YOU ARE THE EDITOR OF YOUR PAST, YOU CAN EDIT YOUR PAST TO MAKE SURE THINGS YOU ARE NOT FOND OF OR HAD CAUSED YOU PAIN AND HURT BEFORE DOES NOT HAPPEN AGAIN IN YOUR PRESENT NOR THAT IT WILL MPACT YOUR FUTURE. THE BEST STORY EVER EXISTED IS THE ONE YOU CREATE … THE BOOK YOU CALL “MY LIFE AND HOW I CHOSE IT TO BE….” And someday when you are old and gray, you will look back and tell yourself you have created a Masterpiece.. You lived your life the way YOU needed it to, the way YOU chose it to be and most importantly….. I wish someday when you look back at your own life you will have that someone so dear to you… Sitting next to you holding your hands, remembering your life with you and being able to whisper in your ear ” My dear you have created a Masterpiece of your own Book of Life, your own Life’s Pages, chapters of your years… And I am forever grateful for I am the one you chose to share it with” Wouldn’t that be nice? To reflect on your own life someday and feel the sense of Completeness.


Another silly night filled with thoughts of you. I look at your photographs and silly me, I can almost feel you. That beautiful, giggly smile is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on (but then again you prob’ly think that’s her … being SILLY! (again) Your voice… it echoes in my head. I long to hear them again, but shall I call? Shall I say a word? Nah, I think I’ll sit here and enjoy the thoughts of you running in my head like a SILLY DUCK holding a heart balloon (Boinks!) Yeah right here in my own little world, oceans apart from you (yet there you are at the bottom right corner of my yahoo messenger with that silly picture of you that brings out all the silly ones in me!).

I seem to find myself having these silly nights since the last time we spoke (like in days! ha-ha) Crazy indeed, SILLY as you would say. I wish I’d have more silly bones in me tonight where I would just reach out to you (or type on my keyboard) and say Hey… I miss you .. Do you want to be silly with me? But then again, I go totally dumb around you. I get this silly tingling feeling on my knee reading what you write on that chat box, I get all the words wrong even my keyboard goes dumb. So instead I watched your name in the chat box pop in and pop out. Oh this silly heart of mine. Your eyes… I get lost in them and it’s totally silly because I wonder if I’d faint if those eyes were right here staring me in the face, I might just fall off my chair. Oh the silly me eh? All these silly things I go through are so totally out of fashion, one may even think it’s so absurd. How can someone be so love struck over someone who’s not even around? Ah this thing called Silly Love! Well tonight I’m in my silly mode so I might as well just say everything I needed to say.. (holding myself intact making sure I dont lose my poise and click on your name on that little yahoo instant messenger chat box and scream out of my lungs I am totally madly, insanely mad about YOU! That would be so totally embarrassing eh? Nah you’d probably just laugh and say SILLY YOU!) in my waking moments, I think of you.

Your smile is like the sunshine that brights my day (of course you dont know that .. Well okay maybe yo do.. ) At night I think of you before I go to bed (That I think you dont know as well.. unless you can read signs ha-ha) Things you say out of the blue, almost make me fall off my chair.. (and I wonder if you even meant it or you just think there she is … Being Silly Again!) Oh and those beautiful dimples you got on your cheek.. Hmmmm … (I wont even go there!) and those lips.. That beautiful full lips of yours… I wonder sometimes what would it do if it’s pressed next to mine.. (oh that! I wouldn’t go either ha-ha) Those arms… I’d like to be wrapped around with… They are pretty strong;) Tonight I am having one of those Silly nights that you laughed about, giggled about.. If you could only read this note tonight… I betcha you’d say the same words you said last time… (I can’t disclose on here) But your words SILLY and RELENTLESS would suffice \":)\" )

Goodnight to that Silly Man out there from the Silly Girl over here ….who keeps wondering why hadn’t we been Silly with each other during all those years that we could’ve ha-ha! Jeeez!!! I can’t wait to be totally, madly, insanely Silly with YOU (again soon)

Ever run into someone you barely knew yet they remember too much about you? Someone who reminds you of things you did for them or with them from a distant time? And they’d remind you of something you barely remember until it comes to you and you’d say “Oh yeah.. wow, thank you for remembering that time” funny how we sometimes come across an almost stranger and they’d say hi to us and reminds us of things we did for them or shared with them then we realized, we had been so caught up with things in our own lives that we over looked some people whom we had shared a piece of ourselves eh? Every moments we share with others, every little things we do for and with others, no matter how little of significance it may seem at the time… creates memories. Memories are part of our lives, memories are chapters in our lives, a Life’s Pages as I call it, Life’s pages we create on our own by sharing a part of ourselves to others, for others. When we share a piece of ourselves to and with others the moments we shared with them builds a foundation in our hearts, or theirs .. They will always remember us for how and what we are to them or with them. May it be things we said or things we did for them, or to them.. At times, we get so caught up with the “moment itself” we tend to forget we are creating memories. We just go with the moments as it presents itself and over looking that whatever moments we create today will be a memory to remember tomorrow. I personally think… When the moments past it becomes a memory, when memory is forgotten it becomes a history yet even history repeats itself at times and we find ourselves being in “that very same moments” again, may not be with the same person but in the same situations, then we remember ..”Hmmmnn.. feels like Deja vu all over again… Haven’t I had these moments before? When we find ourselves in these situations, it’s like revisiting  that chapter in our lives, opening our very own Life’s Pages all over again … Then we remember the ones who helped us create those memories.. we wonder where they at? or how they are doing? and half the time, we asked ourselves how could such memories brings so much pain? or happiness? and we ask ourselves .. “what could have been? ” “what should have been” If we had only cherish those moments, if we had only held on to those memories… Not alone…but with that very same person who created those memories with us. Then we often wonder.. If that someone is creating the same memories with someone new, the way they built memories with us.

Memories and remembering is a very beautiful thing.. It makes us feel human, it makes us feel vulnerable, it makes us feel alive.. It makes us feel we are part of something or at least were.. Memories are there for a reason.. to help us grow, to help us assess our own minds, our own hearts.. to find wisdom in what we hadn’t found before..Memories are there for a reason… To help us look back on things, on every moments.. To help us look back and realize the things we hadn’t done or were not able to do to keep creating more of those moments… To know and understand that we may find ourselves again … Creating the same moments with someone new. Except this time around, we’ll be able to find what we lack then, to continue creating more memories that we will be ever so fond of remembering .. not just in our thoughts but with that same person who shared their lives to us in creating those moments.

BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS we create with that someone in our lives right now.. in the present..today… Will be a beautiful memories tomorrow, in the future… a chapter in our life’s book, our very own Life’s Pages .. Something so wonderful we will always remember with Fondness.. And we may be surprise to know, we are not the only one who’s crossing that Bridge of remembering but having them in our lives as we cross that Bridge of Time I call Bridge of Remembering. Others refers to it as Memory Lanes ..

Years from now, wouldn’t it be nice to sit on top of the stairs together? Wouldn’t it be nice to sit at the park together? wouldn’t it be nice to sit on the beach watching the sunset, or just barely walking on the street holding hands with that very same person whom you shared moments with and created beautiful memories remembering the same moments, the same memories we shared with them… Together? Create beautiful moments with that someone dear to you today for those moments will be beautiful memories you both will remember tomorrow … And it sure would be so nice to walk down that Bridge of Time remembering those moments TOGETHER. Being able to say to each other “Thank you for sharing beautiful moments with Me.. For creating Beautiful memories with Me”

Changes they say, is the only thing constant in life. Everyday the sun will come up, at the end of the day comes the sun set bringing forth the darkness of the night, then dawn sets in, comes another day. No matter how long the rain, the bright cloud comes right after, then the sun rises again. When summer pass comes fall then winter and spring comes, and yet another year.. Ahhh… Changes they say… Is the only thing constant in life. People and things they come and go, people we meet today may be gone tomorrow, things we do today may not be the same thing we do tomorrow, everything, the time, the people in our lives, they seem to slip away like sand in our hand yet their memories stays the same in our hearts in our mind, Changes perhaps is not the only thing constant in life after all?? I’d like to share thing writing in a letter format to everyone before I sign off for the night. Thank you everyone I hope you enjoy it.

Changes seemed to have been the only thing constant in my life yet your memories never fade, they never changed. No matter what I do or who I’m with, thoughts of you still follows me around. You’ve been gone too long yet as if you never left, in the middle of the crowd in my busiest day, I think of you and I find my self at times still wondering what if you were still here? what If I hadn’t lost you? No matter how seemingly happy my life turned out to be with someone I am with, I still look for you, each time I close my eyes I still see your face, my heart, no matter how filled with happiness and contentment it seems, there is always this emptiness I feel I know no one can fill other than you. When changes comes I think of you, thoughts of you seemed to be the only comfort I find myself in. When pain and hurt hits me, I think of you as if you’re around holding me and telling me things will be just fine. When things don’t work out the way it should, thoughts of you gives me strength. No matter who tries to fill the hole in my heart only thoughts of you makes me feel complete. Yet they say… Changes .. is the only thing constant in life. My heart never changed in wishing for you, in longing for you for I know… In my life, I love you the most. In my life, I love you the most. I knew it right there and then, from the time you said goodbye to the time I thought I was over you, I knew in my life, you are the only thing that matters the most. Changes they say..Is the only thing constant in life, perhaps they were wrong, changes in my life seemed to have gotten better, new love, new life, yet my heart remains the same.. divided in letting you go and keeping you close, no matter how much I’ve tried, the more you stay in my heart, I tried my best to move on, to fill in the hole you left yet no one comes close to mending it, no one comes close to how you made my whole life complete. Somewhere out there, you may be with someone new, you may live the dream of your life, someone who loves you more than you think I could’ve, someone may even be making your heart filled with joy, I know I may never have you again nor hold you again…. But perhaps….. Changes is NOT the only thing constant in life after all? Perhaps True Love is something else that remains the same…. FOR IN MY LIFE…. I LOVE YOU THE MOST.

You have always been the kind whose kept to himself, when things are not working out or not the way you wanted it to be, you’d go hiding in your shell, leaving your friends and everyone around you wondering how you are? you would never say a word to anyone and others around you are left questioning themselves if they had done or said something that might have upset you and when you are done with what you needed to do or had taken the time you needed to sort things out, you’d come out of your shell bouncing back to your old self without apologizing or offering explanations. You’re always like that and that’s Okay. It’s just the way your personality is, a lot of people doesn’t get to really understand you, but I do. I just knew. I just knew from the patterns, from how you would appear and disappear, I just knew from observing you, I just knew some how.. Lately, you are back hiding in your shell, friends are asking about you, wondering how you are? wondering about the total silence, wondering about your little hide and seek patterns. Today I told a few friends of yours who mentioned about your silent treatment and you disappearing again from the face of the earth and I said ” Give it time, it’s just the way it is, when he’s ready, he will come out of his shell, he will bounce back to his old self. Just be there for him, he needs you guys right now although he may not word it out, it’s just the way he is, always kept to himself. Be there for him even if he tries his best to keep away give him space to sort things out on his own but make sure you guys make him aware that you have faith in him as I do.. ”

I believe in YOU, even when at times your world falls apart, you lose faith in things you do, you lose motivations in things around you, you lose touch with the rest of the world and people in it. I still believe in YOU. I know how hard you tried I know how much you tried all your might to get to where you at, sometimes in our life, we lose focus on things that matters, may it be because of new acquaintances, new peers, new people we hang out with, sometimes we do things to ourselves we wouldn’t normally do, sometimes in our lives we get lost. And it’s Okay…. finding the wisdom and learning a lesson in our mistakes is what matters the most.. But I believe in YOU .. I always do! I know you will come out of it, things will starting to look better.. What you may be going through right now is something you would not want to discuss with anyone, perhaps out of shame? perhaps out of ego? perhaps out of confusions ? or being out of focus? And that is OKAY!!! No matter what it is you are going through with phases in your life. I’ll be right here … KEEPIN’ THE FAITH IN YOU even at this moment, you may not see that or feel that, I can only wish you would look around and see I am not the only one who cares deeply.. A lot of us do.. Your friends, your families. I always have Faith in YOU

I can’t comprehend why, but I just knew when you are not being okay, when you are not okay. I just knew.. Times like this is when I needed the most to let you know I have faith in YOU, that I believe in YOU. I guess that’s what friends for eh? I have so much Faith in YOU that when you feel you are running out of Hope.. I want you to have some of mine. I believe in YOU so much that when you are starting to not believe in yourself, you can have some of mine. I have so much strength in me that when you are starting to feel weak, you can have some of mine. I have so much Respect for you that when you are finding yourself lost… My respect for you will not be weakened and I will respect you more in times of your weakness, I have so much admiration towards you, for the kind of person you are, for the person I know you are not the person others thinks of you, But that person I have seen with beautiful heart, beautiful soul. Because of that My Faith in YOU will remain true from the bottom of my heart.

Please know, WE are here for you, WE keep believing in YOU, Me, your friends, your buddies. I won’t look at you any different, you don’t have to be ashamed, you don’t have to shy away because even in times of darkness in the corner of your world.. even when you no longer believe in yourself… I will always be here Believing in YOU, having Faith in YOU. YOU ONCE SAID TO ME ” YOU GOT YOURSELF A FRIEND HERE” Now it’s my turn to say the same … YOU HAVE A FRIEND HERE WHO ALWAYS HAVE FAITH IN YOU, FOR WHO YOU TRULY ARE, FOR WHAT I KNOW YOU ARE, FOR WHAT THAT BEAUTIFUL SOUL YOU HAD SHOWN ME AND BECAUSE OF THAT… I WILL ALWAYS UNDERSTAND YOU … You always hide in your shell but please know when ever you are ready to come out from it… “I’m just right here” Always Keeping the Faith, always believing in YOU.

There is nothing wrong with being weak sometimes, there is nothing shameful in making mistakes as long as YOU find wisdom and learn from it to grow into a Better Man … There is nothing wrong with being Fallible, that’s what Humans are cut out to be …. Fallible…. Learning from it, finding wisdom in it…. is what makes us Humane ….. “I’ll be right here when you come out of that Shell:)) and I will not judge you but will respect YOU more.

PAUL SAPIERA:  (A Success Story)
A while ago I posted this personal writing material as a tribute to someone I knew from high school. I would like to take the liberty to repost it again tonight to serve as an inspiration to everyone and all the readers of Bridge of Time who may think their dreams are too big to reach, Nothing is too big or too small or too easy and too hard when you put your Heart to it. No one can tell you that your dreams and aspiration in life is hard to reach, Only you know what you can and cannot do, even at times when you doubt your own self, don’t give in to those negative, unmotivating little voices that your mind creates to wear you down, negative thoughts are there to wear you down, to suck the life out of you (forgive my bluntness) those unmotivating thoughts are little leaches in your mind that test your own weaknesses, don’t! and I mean don’t! give in, You are the only one who can make your own dreams come true. No matter what it is, no matter who tells you that you can’t..Only YOU can create your own path. In one of my previous writing materials I wrote the ” MT. KILIMANJARO: Reaching your Dreams” (http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=177437122307665)

PAUL SAPIERA, ((http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=paul+sapiera&aq=f)  A Maverick Performer, a Music Icon, Singer, Song Writer, Song Composer, Music Producer is one of the ordinary guy I knew from high school who had proven himself to the World that “Nothing is impossible if you put your heart to it and reach for that dream. Two decades later, Paul Sapiera is still at the peek of his Music career, still being admired and followed by millions of his Fans all around the world, you may find his music materials all over the internet by typing his name Paul Sapiera on search engine like youtube.com to find live videos of his concerts. PAUL SAPIERA has won a Multiple Gold & Platinum Awards and to this day still proves to the World.. ANYONE CAN BE SOMEBODY, ANYONE CAN REACH THEIR GOALS AND ASPIRATIONS IN LIFE, ANYONE CAN REACH EVEN THE HIGHEST STAR.. PAUL SAPIERA IS A LIVING PROOF THAT YES… DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

PAUL SAPIERA: He was a very ordinary boy with an extra ordinary dream, an almost impossible dream for anyone to reach , but he had proven himself to the World of of Music, “Nothing is impossible when you follow your dreams” He was an ordinary boy from high school who followed his own dream with admirable tenacity, hard work, self discipline, humility and with a Beautiful heart, his passion for song writing/composing along with his soft yet very distinct voice and talent in singing made him an Icon, a role model to young ones whose passion is learning how to play musical instrument and be a singer. To this day almost two decades later his fans are devoted to following his music career, admires, loves him and are continuously supporting his career. With appreciation to all his fans and his music he devotes his time in singing, performing ,music producing to keep all his fans all over the world entertained. He had made his mark in the Music Industry almost two decades ago and to this day, still proves to the world “When you look up in the sky and tell yourself you want to be Someone, you want to reach your dream! go for it! reach for the stars, don’t put it off, don’t delay it, don’t give up on your dreams, follow your dreams with tenacity and hard work and you too can reach the stars! Your own aspirations and dreams in life. Your very own Star” His name is PAUL SAPIERA, A maverick performer, singer, musician, song writer/composer and a music producer. He is called Pauls to his friends, Sir Paul to his fans and Paul Sapiera an Idol, Icon to many of his music followers. But most importantly, He is Paul Sapiera the boy who reached the stars living his life in Humility and Good Heart. (Paul Sapiera’s songs, music, videos can be found on youtube.com by typing in Paul Sapiera on search engine courtesy of his hundreds of Fans) “This is an article written and published by someone who watched “Paul, the Just the guy in high school into becoming PAUL SAPIERA -THE MUSIC ICON” With Admiration and Respect this article is posted on Arkasia Home Site for Paul Sapiera’s fans, a glimpse at their Idol’s Success Story.

Paul was that tall, thin, light skin, curly haired boy from high school with a set beautiful dimples, beautiful eyes and a shy look in his face, Paul was always kept to himself, very quiet and sometimes can be seen laughing and joking around in the 2nd floor corridor with his friends. Paul used to go to school with his acoustic guitar walking straight up but with shy smile, he would strum along on his guitar during recess or after school hours in the back row of the classroom (Back then, America, Bread, Chicago, Air Supply was the music trend) One would also see Paul playing his guitar in some corner of the school campus. He was just a kid back then, “Just that Guy in the School” He loves music, he enjoys playing his guitar, his passion is his music as a teenager one would hear Paul playing his instrument  3 houses down across the corner from his old home behind the old church in his home town. Paul has a very distinct voice, soft, yet very strong, Paul not only has an excellent voice, He’s also very talented, “The Just the Guy in High School” who can put a melody and rhyme in almost every words, Melody along with guitar strings comes natural to Paul, He’s a great song writer his voice makes any song comes to life. That’s Paul, “The just the guys in high school” Paul’s passion for singing and playing guitar and his ambition in reaching his very own path into music industry, following his dream has been a great encouragement on Paul to team up with his friends who shares similar interest right after High School. They then formed a Band to play local in our hometown. During the early 90?s, Paul was in his early 20?s, a teenager with a Big dream, a passion for composing songs and playing a guitar, Paul has a beautiful, strong voice, from the time he was a teenager, Paul had worked so hard to make his dreams come true, He started off singing with his band in small local bars, performing for small community functions, devoting his time in furnishing his talent in playing guitar, singing and song writing. It was in the mid 1990?s that Paul made a break through in his music career. His songs and Albums won Gold and Platinum awards and was recognized all over the World. It was then that this young boy from high school finally reached his dreams… Of becoming someone! He became a worldly known Performer, Singer, Musician. he became Paul Sapiera, The rock star ! (As most of his fans refers to him) The Idol! the Icon! who to this day, two decades later is still at the peek of his music career and still being followed by fans, music lovers, aspiring musicians all over the world. Not only because Paul has a talent and gifted with excellent voice and musical talent. But because this young boy from high school grew up to be a Man of admirable qualities, courage, tenacity, bravery to follow his own dreams, who worked so hard day and night in reaching his goals in life and with humility and good heart is and has been a pleasant performer to work with, an excellent friend to have, a good role model to others which not only reflects in his works, but reflects in everyone whose lives he touched. Although to Paul Sapiera’s fans, he is someone they could look up to as a role model to be inspired in achieving their ambitions and goals in life, to his friends, Paul Sapiera is not only a Music Icon,, not only the musician, but he’s still that “Just the Guy” whose friends can count on to be there for them, a “Just the Guy” whose popularity hasn’t changed his beautiful soul, his beautiful heart. Paul is still “The Just the Guy” who loves to laugh, joke around, lay back and loves life just like all any ordinary people do. Despite of all the luxuries of being a maverick performer, Paul Sapiera remains still to be that ” Just the Guy with a Beautiful Soul” with humility and a beautiful heart made Paul Sapiera a very “Extra Ordinary Man” Loved, Respected and Admired by all his Fans, Families and Friends.


FALLING IN LOVE (A journey not a destination)
So, I’m sitting here tonight, crunching thoughts in my head to write. It’s Sunday night here and all my friends on facebook are probably half asleep getting ready for work tomorrow. I myself have to get up early but writing is like a meditation to me. I’m not very good at it, but I try anyway;) and I’m just glad that others finds my writings entertaining. So as I sit here someone popped in my thoughts. ‘brought a smile and there goes the thoughts I’m scrambling to find to write ha-ha!

Ahh the thought of Falling in love! kind of a scary thought if you ask me, looking back, I can’t count the times I thought I had fallen in love, only to find out I was wrong, it wasn’t love, it was a mere attraction to others, there are countless times, I thought someone fell in love with me, I was wrong again (and found out about it in a hard way) I had been burnt by love countless times, I had been hurt countless times, I had hoped countless times that maybe, this one or that one, is it. (of course I was wrong again) over the years, I kept looking for the wrong places, the wrong people. (I’m sure they too, for that matter) Now that I’m old and a little bit wiser than I used to be in my younger years. Looking back, something made me realized falling in love is a journey and not a destination.

Falling in love is like riding a train, a subway, or a bus. You know where you want to be before you set foot on that ride. You know where you’re going. But during the ride, there are many stops, the ride can be bumpy, the ride can be slow, but if you would look at the window there are so many things to see, places, streets you probably hadn’t noticed before. during that ride, you might find yourself entertained, or not, you may find some streets, places interesting or not. But while on your journey, you get that moment of calmness, feeling of being in the moment of the ride. I personally think, falling in love is the same as riding that daily bus, or subway, or train you take to get where you’re going. Or even that bike, car or motorcycle you drive daily. Falling in love is like taking a long walk from one place to another.

We meet people in our lives in our journey to where we needed to be, some of these people may be kind, some may be not. But no matter what, these people impacts our lives. Some in a good way, some in a painful way. (just like that bumpy ride on a bus) Falling in love is a journey, it may take a while to get to where we wanted to be, but we’ll get there. First, we have to set foot on that bus, train, subway, car and get ourselves comfortable for the ride. It may not go as much as we wanted it to be but then who said falling in love is a smooth ride after all? Falling in love is enjoying the moment as you face it. Falling in love is enjoying being in that moment, no matter what the result is, or how bumpy the ride is, we find ourselves sitting in that bus, or train because we wanted to be somewhere, we needed to be somewhere and the bus or train, subway or car, is how we get there. So is falling in love… Humans needs love, we need to love, we need human interaction, we need to be loved, cared for, loving and being loved is the very essential of ones life. Being able to feel that we are alive, that we mean something to someone, that they mean something to us, is very essential in life. The question is… What bus number, what subway junction do we need to take to get there? Falling in love is a ride..Right now, you don’t need to worry about what bus number you take, or what subway junction you have to stop. Don’t be afraid to take the ride, it’s the journey of falling in love that matters, roads and rides might be bumpy, it may take so long to get there, it may take so many stops, it may take so many turns, just enjoy the moments of the ride.. and you’ll be surprise to find out….Indeed, it’s the moments you find yourselves in that journey that makes a whole lot of difference.. So when you get to where you needed to be… Being loved and cared for, then you’ll be able to see the difference of how the journey has been for you to get to where you needed to be:)

Love indeed is a beautiful thing as someone had said. And in my age, I can say with pride, I sure am glad to take that journey.. Every moments of it are worth it. (A lot of bumpy sides, a lot of turns, I lot of lesson learned. But all in all the journey had helped a great deal in being able to find wisdom)

Life is not about how popular you are or not. It’s not about what you have or lack thereof. It’s not about how you look on the outside, it’s not about how pretty or handsome you are, or not. It’s not about what race or background you came from. Life is not about how many girlfriends/boyfriends you had or who you have kissed or dated. Life is not about what you do for a living, or who your parents are, Life is not about how much money you have or how little it may be. Life is not about who you ended up marrying, life is not about where you live, it’s not about what Country you’re from or how big your house is or not. Life is not about what car you drive or if you walk bare footed everyday. Life is not about what brand of clothing you wear or if you shop at a flea market. Life is not about how many facebook friends you have on your friends list or who you chat with daily or none at all.

About the things you do ( to and for others) Life is about the quality of time you share yourself with, to and for others. The smile you give to people not just to your friends, families, acquantances but people you see on the street, the smile that lights up their spirit, that makes their day. Life is about the kindness you share to and with others that comes from the heart without expecting anything in return. Life is about the quality of your own life and what you do to make the best of what you have no matter how little it may be. Life is about the inner peace you find within yourself, the contentment at the end of the day knowing you have done something not just for yourself but for others that made a big difference in their lives no matter how small it made a difference on you. Life is about reaching out to and for others with genuine intentions at heart. Life is about HUMANITY…

About knowing and understanding that we all share this world we live in and little things we do for others as long as it comes from the goodness of our heart, does make a big difference. Life is about being humane towards others no matter who and what they are. Life is about being humane to all the living things, animals, strangers, weak and defenseless. Life is about what we Human Beings can do for the benefit of others. Life is about being able to sleep at night (no matter where we sleep, fancy bed or the floor or the street) knowing that we haven’t hurt nor stepped on someone’s toes, knowing that we can sleep in peace and be able to rest our mind at the end of the day knowing we have done something good, anything.. for and towards other human beings.

Knowing with full self awareness that this world we live in is already filled with Hypocrisy, Prejudice, Jealousy, Greed, Anger, Hate and Inhumanity… That WE do not need to play a role in it. Life is about using the Wisdom that the higher power has blessed us to share with other human beings, it is about being able to say our prayers and thank the Higher Power for this thing we call LIFE and knowing that others are also thankful that we had touch their lives in a profound ways.


So yesterday on my way to work, I was stuck in a traffic jam. It’s a bumper to bumper situation on the freeway and I looked around to see what was holding the traffic. Everyone was honking their horn, getting agitated because I’m sure, just like me, they too were running late for work. And so there it was! The cause of the traffic jam, making everyone on the road late either for work or where ever they’re destinations are… A fine looking car, apparently stopped running in the middle of the road. A tall man came out of the car very apologetic, commenting “I must’ve have forgotten to take care of her, she just died on me” I tried to help out just to get the car out of the road, so as we were pushing the car to the side of the road to give way to the traffic, the Man continued saying ” Man! I just got her a year ago, she was brand new when I bought her, not sure what where did I go wrong with her, now I’m going to be late for work boss man is going to be so upset I’m late again” “Again?” I asked. and he said “Yeah, she broke down on me a couple times but I never had the chance to get her fix.” “Hmmmmppp!” I exclaimed, and the man continued on saying ” Been so busy lately, lots of things to do half of it are non-sense, activities and girls yah know?!” It made me smile and said “Ahhh girls! they are like cars!” So a few minutes later, we were able to pushed the car by the pavement away from the traffic

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