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A compilation of Letters and Essays about Love and Life in general.

Submitted: June 13, 2011

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Submitted: June 13, 2011




Do you remember the very first time you recognized his face? The very first time you saw his smile? The very first time you felt his hands holding your tiny little fingers? Do you remember the very first time you heard his voice? Do you remember the very first time you felt the safety his presence around you? How about the very first time you called him “Dad”?or “Papa” “Baba” “Aba” “Dada” ? Do you remember the very first time you ran into his arms? Do you remember the very first time you felt sad and did not want to go to school unless Dad promises to watch you in front of the class room all day? How about the first time you ran to your Father because you wanted something but you knew your Mom wouldn’t give it to you so you ran to your father knowing Dad wouldn’t say no. (Moms are always the disciplinarian and Dad’s are always the spoiler)Father’s Day is a few days away. This particular writing is dedicated to all the Fathers out there. To all the Husbands, Boyfriends, Significant others and to all the Guys out there who someday will become Fathers themselves. To all the Bridge of time readers whose Fathers are still around, Advance Happy Fathers Day from Bridge of Time and to readers whose Father is no longerhere on Earth, Your Father holds a special place in your Hearts, you carry his last name andit is something to always be Proud of. ~ Missy

MY LAST NAME may not be as cool sounding as other people’s last name, I may have had a hard time pronouncing my own last name when I was little,some kid in school might have even said “your last name is too long” or “too short” I might have even gotten into a fight with another child when I was little because of my last name, my last name may not even be popular as other people’s last name.My last name may not even be some rich people’s name nor some actors and actress’last name but you know what? It doesn’t matter at all. Because my Last Name is mine and it represents not only my heritage but the family I came from, the values, the morals and belief I was molded from. When I step out of the door, I keep my chin up, I keep my heads up high because I represent my own last name, I represent the Man I have so much pride and respect for. Mylast name represents my character, my personality, the way I treat others. My last name may not have any value nor worth to others but it doesn’t matter to me for I know, my own last name is something I can forever call “My Own”and it will always be a reminder of the home I came from, the family background I came from, my last name is a daily reminder of who I am, where I came from and I will always be proud of it.

MY LAST NAME is a reminder of YOU, the Man I learned so much wisdom from, the Man who loved me unconditionally, who would always be on my side no matter what the World thinks, no matter who or what situations or circumstances I may find myself into, YOU will always be there defending me, siding on me, protecting me under you wings. My last name is something I will always say with Pride because I know; you will always be the Only Man in this whole wide world who will always be proud of my last name. I remember you once said “Someday you will meet a Man whom you would fall in love with, marry and start a family with… Just remember before you change your last name into His.. Make sure he will love you, respect you, care for you and protect you unconditionally like Daddy did” And you were right… Last Name represents more than words, it represents the person’s character, the person’s family values, morals and beliefs and I will always be proud of mine and what it represents. My Last Name represents YOU for the Man that you are, the father that you are to me and the husband that you are to my mother. My Last Name represent YOU the strong wall of our home. The foundation you built in our family. My Last represent your strength, your hard work in providing for us, in making sure we grow up the way we did, with pride, with integrity with strong mind. My Last Name will always remind me of you unconditional love, understanding, caring and how you do everything in your might to keep us protected and to guide us. My Last Name will always be a reminder of who I am, what I am and for that Dad. On Father’s Day and Always I will always be proud of my Last Name. Happy Father’s Day Dad thank you for the blessing of Life.


Advance Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers, to all the Fathers to be, to all the guys out there who someday will be Fathers themselves. You are the wall your home depends on, you are the guidance your children look up to. You are the strength your children lean on. You are the Foundation of your own home. ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING TO YOUR WOMAN, TO YOUR WIFE, TO YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHERS SO THAT YOUR CHILDREN WILL FOLLOW YOUR FOOT STEP WHEN THEY GROW UP AND LEARN TO LOVE, PROTECT AND RESPECT UNCONDITIONALLY THE PERSON THEY WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH. CHILDREN ARE REFLECTIONS OF THEIR PARENTS… FATHERS, ALWAYS MAKE YOUR CHILDREN PROUD OF THEIR LAST NAME. Happy Father’s Day! [To my Dad, yep still your lil' monster ha-ha and yes dad I've outgrown the Spoiled rotten to the bones part ha-ha! Thanks for always telling me to choose wisely in coping skills aboutLove & Life that no one is responsible for my actions other than me.]PERSONAL NOTE TO ALL THE READERS WHO MAY WISH TO COPY OR SHARE THIS PARTICULAR ARTICLE, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COPY THE “LINK” http://www.facebook.com/note.php?created&¬e_id=193833764001334 AND POST ON YOUR WALL STATUS. – MISSY


Passed midnight in my corner of the World. I’d like to share this writing to all the Bridge of Time readers before I log off for the night. Thank you for your continous support for Bridge of Time and my writings. I appreciate all your time. Have a blessed evening. – Missy


A song reminded me of you tonight. It’s been a while since I thought of you. I tried my best to put forth the effort to not think of you lately, but tonight I guess I failed. I found myself remembering youagain. Funny how little things can be a reminder of something so significantly profound. A simple song playing on a radio can bring back so much memories of you. I know I don’t come across your mind but tonight I miss hearing your voice again, I miss the way we used to talk, I miss the way we used to laugh, the feeling of nearness you used to make me feel, the comfort I used to get when I knew you were just there… You were just there for me. You’re gone and I don’t think you’ll ever come back again and just when I thought I was getting over you.. Something reminded me of you bringing you back into my life and the funniest thing of it all is the reality, that you’ll never know how you made me feel tonight. This feeling oflonging for you. Thefeeling the emptiness, the regrest of no longer being a part of your life. You just vanished as if you never existed, you never explained why, I never asked. Just when I thought we were getting somewhere, just when I thought you were opening up to me, just when I thought you were starting to feel something, just when I thought you knew how I was feeling, you vanished as if I had never existed, you disappeared leaving no tracks, leaving no sign and leaving a hole in my heart. You’re always mysterious that way. I used to think this was the game you play, I used to think you’ll always bounce back to me knowing I amm always here, within your reach,waiting, anticipating.Lately I think you just decided to keep away, to stay away without even saying why?Lleaving me with so many questions unanswered endlessly without ever knowing if I will ever know why you did what you did.I tried to move on, I tried to forget you ever existed, I tried to forget you were once a part of me, I tried to distract myself, divert my thoughts, I tried to just let you go, thinking maybe, just maybe.. You’ll soon still remember me. But I was wrong..It has been too long, I waited too long.. And just when I thought I was getting closer to forgetting, to moving on.. to admitting you will never be mine….. There you are again, flashing through my head… I just wish I could still talk to you, at least for the last time… Because I’d really like to know if you could tell me how will I ever forget you? It’s always when I thought I was getting close… It’s when your memories bring you closer to me. Some stupid silly song tonight just brought your memories back to me and here I am once again….. Longing for you.


And there you are again as if you can hear my thoughts, as if you can read my mind. You always remind me of how things were so beautiful, of how I made you feel and you always head my way in times I needed that sense of belonging, that sense of passion, of being loved. Fate always leads you back to me to remind me to hold on, to keep believing. You always come my way in so many forms, either on emails, on text messages, on letters. Even running into a mutual friend of ours, I hear them say you always asked about me, checking if I’m okay. It is funny and kind of weird how things turn out sometimes. You have your life out there, I have mine. There are other people in our lives now since we were together last yet for some mysterious ways, situation and people in your life doesn’t work out so well and so is mine. When we find ourselves lost in the midst of our life’s limbo then both our worlds always meet.As if it’s always there reminding us, there is something and someone out there worth all the wait. We are always reminded of how things were so beautiful and meaningful when it was you and me. At times, when new faces, new love comes our way, we put each other at that special corner of our Hearts, giving others who offers us love and compassion a chance to fill the emptiness of our lost love, some may even seem to succeed, they sweep our feet’s away, they make us fall in love with them… And when we thought this is it, they are it! The odds come our way and things falls apart with someone we are with. Then there we are! Fate always has its way of bringing us in each other’s lives. There is always that special place where we keep each other in the corner of our Hearts. Love is very mysterious indeed… Always when you thought you were over someone, always when you thought you found someone new, something, anything always puts a reason for that same old familiar feeling, that same old familiar face to come our way… Always reminding us…. There is that someone out there, there is that love out there, so real, so pure… A love, worth the wait….. I just know deep inside my Heart you will always be there, you may not be within reach… I may not be within reach… But our Hearts always remembers… Our path will always meet… No matter how long or what it takes… Hope is what gives us courage..The moments we’ve share and all the beautiful moments will always give me the strength… Because I know.. Until our path cross again….. There will always be YOU…A Love…… Worth the wait…


Ever met someone you fell in love with and cared for deeply?Only to hear later in your relationship the words “I love you, but…. I also love someone else and I don’t know who to choose” when one hears these words, the initial reaction is “What????!” Truth is..please, correct me if I’m wrong. As soon as the person who fell in love with and care for that someone so deeply hears these words, the initial reaction is “Whatttt?!” The heart starts aching, one starts wondering if they are not good enough to “Just be the ONE” “Why does it have to be the two of them?” One may start thinking to themselves “What is it that she or he cannot give to complete the other person which requires TWO of them?” worse part is the wordthat came after the ” I love you but I also love someone else” part. It’s the “And I don’t know who to choose” The first words are like a knife that cuts through someone’s skin, the next words are like salt poured into that open wound. So yes! It is OKAY to be upset about it, it is okay to cry, it is okay to feel hurt.

If I were to be put in that situation, I wouldn’t even think twice, I’d gladly say “Wow, you’re very honestaren’t yah? Thank you for the Honesty but I didn’t realize you thought of me and my heart as Merchandise in a market stand, which you get to pick “whether” to choose or not. Well guess what buddy,why don’t we have this conversation when that “other girl” whom you also love, tells you the same thing you just told me. In the meantime, door is out there. Don’t forget to shut it on your way out.” But then again, that’s me :) That’s what I would do.

Others may not deal with these things the way I would, some may even settle for it, some may even be okay with it. What ever you would do in that situation, is really up to you. No one is to judge you with how you should deal with your own situations. HOWEVER, One MUST think twice before settling or compromising being with someone whom they know, they will to share with someone else. LOVE is a beautiful thing, it is not something to be toy around with and it is not some merchandise one get to choose whether one is better than the other. Giving yourself to someone you love and care for, sharing your body and your heartwith that someone who shares him or herself to you is something sacred, it should be treated with Respect and Integrity. One MUST think ahead before saying it’s okay for that someone to love you and he or she can love someone else.After all loving comes with Intimacy,would you rather always have to worry where your partner is or what is he/she doing the other person? Would you rather be intimate with that someone and have to think if he or she is “really there with you while you are being intimate or sharing passion” OR he/she is thinking of “That someone else he or she loves” while sharing passionate moments with you. Hhmmmmnnnn… Thatparagraphalone sounds too confusing dont you think?

One must think very carefully about the situation they find themselves into and situations they will be facing ahead… LOVE should come with Respect.. What does it tell you when someone you care and love tells you they love you BUT they also love someone else? Does it tell you are being respected? Does it tell you, your body and your heart is being respected? What would he or she tells you next??? That he or she decided to pick the other person? or that he or she decided to marry the other person? In the mean time, you’re left with all the sad painful memories, left with a Broken heart.. Shattered, feeling as if you were never good enough? What would it do to your self-esteem? How would you look at yourself a few years down the road? What ever you decide when facing that type of situations in life IS your own prerogatives and you are not to be judge for it by anyone around you… Because in the end, Only you will judge yourself, your actions, your discretion in heart matters andyou are the only one who will look back in your own life’s pages and what would you rather see?Please remember, No one can treat you poorly if you don’t allow them to. “YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE AND CHOICES YOU MAKE IS WHAT DETERMINES YOUR OWN HAPPINESS OR LACK THEREOF”


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