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A short essay by Missy, Author of Bridge of Time page.

Submitted: June 18, 2011

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Submitted: June 18, 2011




Sometimes when a relationship hits the rock, two caring people who love each other loses focus on things.  Sadly enough, grown ups has a tendency of playing this thing called Wicked Games. You know the “You hurt me, I’ll hurt you back” type of games grown ups do in the midst of their frustration or anger towards the other. The little wicked games lovers play on each other when relationship goes sour, The I’ll make you jealous kind of games or the “I will get you back for what you did to me” moments some lovers may have done to the other out of spite, out of anger and frustration or what ever really the reasons are.  Makes me wonder tonight, how far a wicked game really goes?  In my own opinion, in the end this game grown up play really doesn’t do anybody any good. Maybe a momentary thrill yes, new face, new attraction, I should say “Distraction” a temporary pass for making one’s self feel better for what was done to them by someone they love. Unfortunately sometimes, when two people who care and love each other faces relationship difficulties, they tend to either just grow apart or become bitter with each other, others may have spend hours of arguing, fighting and perhaps even yelling and screaming then steer clear of each other.  Some lovers perhaps just don’t talk about a thing that puts a dent in their relationship, hoping it will go away.


Then there are those who makes hasty decisions, perhaps the pain is too much to bear or the anger perhaps if not rage then go off making poor choices such as looking for a relationship-replacement “while they are still in a relationship” Others may find the negative emotions too much to bear they ran off to the first thing they thought would make them feel better one thing lead to another only to find themselves playing a Wicked Game, creating more pain and confusion, creating more chaos in their existing relationships.  One may claim “Oh well, he or she did it to me first!” or “I was so upset at him or her, I wasn’t thinking clear” Wicked Games grown ups play only brings more emotional turmoil in the end.  Granted that someone has done something wrong to the other, granted that someone is so upset or so hurt, granted that someone was done wrong by the other, getting back at that person really wouldn’t do any good at all. In the holding a grudge or resentment towards someone and getting a pay back by doing something wrong to that person only brings more chaos in any relationship. It’s hard enough to handle a relationship between TWO people let alone bringing in a THIRD person in the picture just because one thinks subjecting themselves into Wicked Games would teach the other person a lesson.


When grown ups play Wicked Games with each other in the midst of a relationship turning sour, it builds a wall of Jealousy, of Mistrust, of Doubt. It is a sure way of losing what ever is left of any relationship. Please remember no relationship is perfect. No relationship is all “fine and dandy” it takes a lot of work TOGETHER to build a long lasting relationship and bringing in an extra person, no mater what the reasons are will only destroy what ever is left of any relationships.  [Of course it’s different if you and your partner are OKAY with the notion of multiple partners because you both no longer have control of your own relationship or you are done with each other. FOR GOOD]

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