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A personal note from the Author of Bridge of Time by Missy.

Submitted: October 18, 2011

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Submitted: October 18, 2011





“When we look at someone with designated standard base on culture, race, background, belief and tradition, we do so with what “we think” is the norm based on our own belief. Setting aside what we “think” or “how feel” about our differences with others and opening our hearts to them with kindness and compassion is universal love.  Universal love brings forth Humanity, humanity is unconditional love and it can change everything, even the world we live in.” 


Good morning everyone! It’s 8: 36 am in my corner of the world (California). I just want to take this time to thank all the readers for all your time and continuous support for Bridge of Time.  It has been brought to my attention our insight data stat for the whole month is 43, 131. I am very pleased to hear my writings have reached so many viewers and more than 163 Countries worldwide.  I am very grateful Bridge of Time page successfully reached its sole purpose of bringing people together from different walks of life, culture, background, belief and tradition and brings forth some sort of support, entertainment and comfort to all the readers.  


ALL of you (regular readers & visitors) of Bridge of Time have contributed a great deal to its success. Thank you all for the time, for the comments, for interacting with other readers, for reading my writing materials, for sharing it with your friends and wall status, for talking with your friends about the Bridge of Time official community page, for promoting my writings and most of all thank you to readers who sent me inbox messages and comments telling me that my writings or my post has helped them in their coping skills with life and heart matters. It is very rewarding to hear it from the readers. YOU all made my effort and my time worth the while. I am very blessed to have you all here in Bridge of Time.  Such display of kindness and compassion is indeed a living proof that Humanity is still in the hearts of Mankind. I appreciate ALL of you.



Stay blessed. – Missy

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