Block T-74: The Year 2030

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The government has gone corrupt with the desire for a "Generation Grandis" an indestructable group of embryos that can have their entire genetic history be changed. The only problem is that the current adult generation must endure the pains of the plights in order for their DNA to properly readjust and be passed on to their children.

The government is secretly torturing people to change their DNA, and as elections approach the people of the 2030's are faced with a new challenge: Senior Counselor Theodore Leltley has already served his two terms, but has demanded the illegal third term to continue with Generation Grandis.

The subjects permenantley confined to laboratories for genetic testing, or labjects, are plotting to run away and destroy the government's brilliant plan for a totally immune generation to use in strange bio-technological warfare against an unnamed enemy.

Told from four people's points of view, all from different sides of the story: Valerie Morton, a cold ambassador to Leltley, Mitch Rory, a labject at the center of the escape plan, Zane Braxton, a young intern in the laboratory and new to all the corruption, and Bianca Withers, a woman accused of having different political views so extreme that she is kept under lockdown at the Main Government Offices and thus immerses herself in her strange mind; all people who walked in and out the door of Block T-74, the lab where it all began.

The story is futuristic, but also explores modern political and social theories.

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Submitted: March 03, 2008

Prologue 2030 The clacking of her high heels was muffled on the floor of the thickly matted gel floor: each of her steps caused h... Read Chapter

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