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To Winter in Alaska

Submitted: May 19, 2008

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Submitted: May 19, 2008



I hate your icy breath, chilly fingers,
clammy touch that always lingers.
The way you make my nose hairs freeze
and make me feel the need to sneeze.
I hate the way I slip and slide;
You make me fall and bruise my hide!
I hate to tiptoe all the time.
I cannot stop, not on a dime.
I hate when shivers come in spurts
And how my toes always hurt.
I hate it when my glasses fog
and when I get sick as a dog!
I have to bundle warm and tight
just to avoid your jagged bite.
I cannot wear my cute flip-flops
or even my graphic t-shirt tops.
Beneath my scarf hides a frown,
I have to pull my hat way down!
I crank the heat and snuggle up
wrap myself ‘round a hot teacup. 
I cannot feel the warm, hot sun
I hope this cold will soon be done.
I’d give my soul for a little warm,
the sticky heat of a thunderstorm.
I’d rock my hammock all day long
and sing myself a happy song.
I’d forget about the icy chill,
the frost creeping up my windowsill.
So if you could just blow away
I’d much enjoy a summer day.

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