Crash into Me

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A play I wrote back in college for script writing.

Submitted: January 21, 2012

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Submitted: January 21, 2012




Scene One

Before the lights come up on stage we hear the sound of Sarah Mclachlans ‘in the arms of an angel’ playing in the background. As the lights slowly come up the music is turned down so that we can only hear it faintly over Amy’s voice which is on tape. We see a young girl about 16 years old dancing with a man in his 30s. He is her dad. There is a blue spot light on them in middle of the stage as they dance.


Amy – (TR) My dad always used to dance with me. Every night when he came home from work, and I would always know if it was him because he would call out my name when he walked through the door and I would rush down the stairs to meet him. Snow White he used to call me, he said it was because of my long dark hair and blue eyes. What he forgot to mention was the fact that I used to ask him to read it to me every night just before I went to sleep when I was little and he always did. I used to think that nothing could come between me and my dad until one night when he didn’t come home. My mum got a phone call at twelve o clock that night there had been a car crash, he was dead! My dad was dead! A year has past since it happened and I haven’t danced with anyone since, I haven’t let anyone get close to me. That was until a couple of days ago when everything changed, forever!


As the tape ends the music is turned up as the lights fade to blackout.


Scene Two


The set changes in the background during the blackout to show the inside hall way of a school. When the lights come up we see Amy in the centre of the stage pacing up and down looking at her watch, she is late for class.

Kristina, Amy’s best girl mate enters.


Kristina – (Out of breath) hey.


Amy – where have you been? We’re like ten minutes late for class.


Kristina – Sorry, you wouldn’t believe the morning I’ve had!


Amy – (Sighs and rolls her eyes) here we go.


Kristina – Well, first of all I got up out of bed ya know as normal, went to my wardrobe to pick out my clothes and my cat had some how managed to get in there in the night and peed all over my favourite jacket ya know the one I always wear. So I thought well I can’t go to school without it so I ran down the stairs and went straight to the washing machine and realised it wasn’t working that things been a real bitch just lately, so has my computer did I tell you about my computer? It died on me last week when I was in the middle of a really important conversation, can’t remember who with, so anyway where was I? Oh yeah the jacket so I went next door ya know to use their washing machine and well………….


Amy – Kristina.


Kristina – Yeah?


Amy – Shut up!


Kristina – Alright, suit yourself. I just getting to the good bit as well but whatever.


Amy – Where is your jacket anyway?


Kristina – oh yeah, no I decided not to wear it in the end. It’s really hot outside today don’t ya think? (She continues on talking before Amy gets a chance to answer) Anyway I wear that jacket way too much, it was staring to smell and that was before the cat had peed on it.


Amy – (Sarcastically) Okay…………… Let’s go to class.


Kristina – Yeah.


They start walking but before they can get very far a guy enters, 16 year old Ryan he is Amy’s lab partner. He rushes past Amy knocking into her making her drop her book bag.


Ryan – (Very apologetic) Oh sorry!


Amy – its okay, its okay don’t worry.


They both crouch down on the floor to pick up the books.


Ryan – (Stops and looks at Amy) Sorry!


He then gets up before Amy can say anything and runs off stage, still in a hurry. Amy gets up with her school books in her hand and watches as Ryan leaves.


Kristina – He’s so weird.


Amy – He’s just quiet.


Kristina – Do you two ever actually talk to each other?


Amy – Only in class but apart from that………… I don’t know, he keeps himself to himself.


Kristina – You mean like you.


Amy – You make it sound like that’s a bad thing.


Kristina – Maybe it is, I think he likes you.


Amy – Who? Ryan? No way, that is so not going to happen.


Kristina – I’ve seen him looking at you. Come on you can’t tell me that you haven’t noticed.


Amy – (Firmly) No!


Kristina – Whatever.


Amy – So what do ya think it is? You know what do you think he’s hiding.


Kristina – You mean apart from his undying love for you?


Amy – Very funny.


Kristina – I don’t know. Maybe he’s an alien!


They laugh then stop and look at each other for a second.


Amy/Kristina – Nah!


They start walking again but then get stopped by the sound of a gun shot coming from backstage. As this happens the lights go crazy giving a stroke lightning effect. As this is happening we hear Kristina call out Amy’s name. Amy screams out as she falls to the ground.




Scene Three


As the lights come back up we see Kristina on the floor crying with Amy in her arms, she has been shot.


Kristina – Amy! Stay with me Amy! Someone help us please, please. (Screams out loud)  Where the fuck is everybody? Oh god! No!



As Kristina continues to cry with Amy in her arms Ryan rushes back on stage. He takes one look at Amy and runs over to her. He picks her up quickly in his arms, taking her off Kristina.


Kristina – (Hysterical) What are you doing? Leave her alone, give her back to me now or I swear I’ll...............


Ryan – Do you want her to die?


Kristina – It’s too late you freak, can’t you see that? She’s already dying; just give her back to me!


Ryan – It’s not too late, she’s going to be alright.


Kristina – (Starting to calm down) what do you mean? What are you going to do?


Ryan – You’re just going to have to trust me.


Kristina – I don’t understand what..............


Ryan – I need you to leave, you need to walk outside calmly as if nothing has happened.


Kristina – I’m not leaving her.


Ryan – Please.


Kristina looks at Ryan for a second and then glances at Amy. She sees the state she is now in, realising that this maybe the only way to save her best friends life she walks off calmly without saying a word. Ryan takes Amy (who is now barely conscious) over to a long chair that looks a bit like a sofa in the corner, he lays her down and crouches down beside her softly putting his hand on her face as he tries to look her in the eyes.


Ryan – Amy, Amy look at me. Its okay I promise, everything’s going to be okay.


As he is saying this the song “Breath no more” by “Evanescence” starts playing faintly in the background. The lights fade slightly on them and they go to freeze frame. We then see that on the half of the stage the set has changed slightly. There is a dining room table and chairs, we see a young Amy seating at the table, she is colouring in and singing “Twinkle twinkle little star.



Young Amy – Twinkle twinkle little star,

how I wonder what you are.

Up above the world so high,

like a diamond in the sky.

Twinkle twinkle little star,

how I wonder what you are.


Dad – Hello snow white.


Amy turns around to see her dad standing there. She gets up from her chair and runs over to him.


Young Amy – Daddy, you’re home!


Dad – Of course I’m home, where else would I be? How’s my little girl? Have you had a good day?


Young Amy – Yeah! I drew you a picture of a star and coloured it in for you. Do you want to see it?


Dad – (Lovingly) come on then. Let’s see this masterpiece of yours.


Amy runs over to the table and shows the drawing to her dad.


Dad – That’s a lovely picture, thank you. I’ll put it up in my office at work so everyone can see how talented my little girl is.


Young Amy – Can we dance now?


Dad – I don’t see why not.


He takes Amy’s hand and they begin to dance.

Young Amy – I love you daddy.


Dad – I love you to.


Young Amy – Will you always be here?


Dad – I’m not going anywhere snow white. I’m not going anywhere.


They stop dancing and hug as the lights fade on them as we go back to Ryan and Amy who come out of their freeze frame.


Ryan – you’re alright now, you’re alright.


Amy – What happened? What did you do? I was dying, I was................ You saved my life.


She seats up and looks at Ryan.


Amy – You saved my life!


Ryan – Yeah, I guess I did.


Amy – (Softly) thank you.


She starts to cry, Ryan hugs her and the scene ends.




Scene Four


As the lights come back up we see that the scene has changed again to show the inside of Amy bedroom. There is everything that you would expect to see in a bedroom, a bed, bed side table, wardrobe and a full length mirror. Amy enters and turns on her CD player and plays ‘Forgiven’ by Within Temptation. She seats on her bed as she listens.


Amy - Why did you leave me? WHY? You promised you wouldn’t leave me! (She starts to break down but then it turns to anger. She gets up and starts throwing her belongings against the wall in her rage.)


Amy – I hate you! I hate you for dying! (She stops for a second thinking about what she’s doing) Dad? I need you. (She spots the audience)


Amy – (To the audience) something happened to me today and I’m not sure how I feel about it. You’re probably thinking that I’m talking about the fact that I was shot today and I nearly died. But that’s not it, what really freaked me out is what happened to me after I was shot, or more to the point how I felt. When he held me when Ryan held me it was the first time I had felt close to anyone since my dad.................. It was like I’d known him for years I’ve never felt like that before. I don’t know what he did or how he did it but the weirdest thing is I don’t think I care, I mean he saved my life! Maybe that’s why I’m feeling like this, maybe that’s why I felt so close to him, but what if it’s not? What if it’s more than that?


There’s a knock at Amy’s bedroom door. It’s Kristina


Kristina – Amy? (Amy wipes the tears from her eyes and opens the door.)


Kristina – Oh my god! YOU’RE ALIVE! AHHHHHHHHH! (She goes to hug Amy.)

Amy – Yes I’m alive and could you not hug me quit so tight. I don’t wanna die twice in one day.


Kristina – Sorry but oh my god, you’re alive, alive you’re alive!


Amy – Kristina shut up! (They laugh.)


Kristina – So what did he do? How did he, ya know.


Amy – I don’t know.


Kristina – What do you mean you don’t know?


Amy – I mean I don’t know! Look Kristina I just really need to be by myself at the moment. I’m gonna go for a walk.


Kristina – But...............


Amy – (Points at the door.) Leave.


Kristina – Fine I’m going, I’m going. Call me later.


Amy – Yep.


Kristina – (Makes to go but turns back to look at Amy.) I love you girlfriend.


Amy – I love you to.


Kristina exits and Amy takes a moment to look around her room.


Amy – I love you dad.


Amy exits, lights fade.


Scene Five


The lights come up; there is a blue wash on stage and bench in the centre. Amy enters and sits down on the bench. She starts to sing Twinkle Twinkle little star.


Amy - Twinkle twinkle little star,

how I wonder what you are.

Up above the world so high,

like a diamond in the sky.

Twinkle twinkle little star,

how I wonder what you are.


As Amy is singing Ryan enters in the background.


Ryan – That was my favourite as a kid.


Amy – (Startled) Oh my god, jesses!


Ryan – Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.


Amy – It’s okay, you didn’t.


Ryan – I guess you’re wondering how I managed to save your life earlier.


Amy – Yeah, you could say that.


Ryan – (Jokingly) Well I would tell you but then I’d have to kill you.


Amy looks at him blankly.


Ryan – Sorry that wasn’t a very good joke.


Amy – (Shakes her head in amazement) What are you? I mean........


Ryan – Does it matter?


Amy – (Softly) No.


Amy – When you held me I felt so safe. I haven’t felt like that in a long time. My dad used to hold me, I mean really hold me but he was the only one who knew how. Everyone else just hugs me, you know?


Ryan – I know.


Amy – And now there’s you, I mean I barely Know you but I want to let you close to me.


Ryan – I can’t be close to you, I mean not like that. We can only ever be friends.


Amy – Why?


Ryan – It would be too complicated.


Amy – I don’t care.


Ryan – I wish we could be more, I really do.


Amy gets up off the bench and walks over to Ryan.


Amy – Will you dance with me?


Ryan – But we’re ouside and there’s no music.


Amy – Does it matter?


Ryan – (Smiles at Amy.) No.


Ryan takes Amy’s hand and they begin to dance. As they dance “In the arms of an angle comes on in the background”. The same song that was playing at the beginning of the play, we watch them dance together before the lights fade.




Scene Six


The lights come back up and we see the inside of Amy’s living room. Her mum is sitting on the couch waiting for Amy to come home it is about 12 o clock at night.


Amy enters.


Mum – Where the hell have you been?


Amy – Out! (Amy makes to go to her room)


Mum – Get back here right now! I’ve been worried sick about you. It’s 12 o clock at night. Now I’m going to ask you one more time where you’ve been and if you don’t answerer me I’ll..........


Amy – You’ll what mum? You don’t do anything. You don’t talk to me, you don’t ask how I am. You ne.ver cuddle me.

Mum – What do you want from me?


Amy – I want you to be my mum. When dad died and you first told me what had happened you just stood there and watched me break down into tears. I’d just lost my dad and I needed you to hold me and tell me that everything was going to be okay but you did nothing. You walked up the stairs and closed your door. You left me on my own crying my eyes out on the living room floor. Why?


Mum – I didn’t know what to do.


Amy – You’re the adult, you’re supposed to know what to do.


Mum – I don’t want to talk about this, go to bed.


Amy – No! You can’t do that, you can’t keep shrugging it off. I want to talk about it, I need to talk about it. I need to know what happened.


Mum – You know what happened, I told you.


Amy – No, all you told me is that he was in a car crash. I don’t know how it happened, I don’t know where it happened, I don’t know anything. Tell me, (Getting hysterical)  TELL ME!!!!


Amy’s mum goes to sit back down on the couch and Amy sits on the floor.


Mum -  Your dad was driving home late from work you know how dedicated he was to his work. He wasn’t drunk you’re dad never drunk drove. He was a good man. He was tired and he wanted to be getting back home to see you, he knew you’d be worried because he’d never been that late before. He was driving down a long dark road, he couldn’t see much because there were no lights. A young lad about you’re age came out of nowhere and crossed the road. Your dad had to swerve to miss the boy and he crashed the car. When the hospital called me your dad was still alive. I went to see him, you were in bed he had asked that you didn’t visit him because he didn’t want you to see him like that. I was only with him for ten minutes before he’d gone. He told me to tell you that he loves you but I could never bring myself to about it until now.


Amy starts to tear up.


Amy – Who was the boy? Does he go to my school?


She doesn’t say anything.


Amy – Mum? Who is it? Do I know him?


Mum – He’s your lab partner.


Amy – Ryan.


Amy runs out.


Mum – Amy!


Lights down.


As the lights come back up we see Amy in the middle of the stage. She is sitting next to her dads grave stone crying. Ryan comes up behind her.


Ryan – Amy.


Amy – Stay away from me.


Ryan – I’m sorry.


Amy – How did you know that I found out. Can you read my mind or something?


Ryan – No.


Amy – My dad died because of you. You killed my dad! Is that why you saved my life? Guilty concourse?


Ryan – No, I saved your life because it was you. I can’t bring your dad back but I can help you say goodbye.


Amy – What?


Ryan steps aside and a white light forms on stage, Amy’s dad enters.


Dad – Hello snow white.


Amy – Dad?


Dad – Yes it’s me, I’ve come for one last dance.


They walk over to each other.


Dad – It’s time to move on now baby girl. You have to start living again. What happened to me was no ones fault and your mother, she loves you so much and so do I, never forget that.

Amy – What am I going to do without you?


Dad – You’re going to be fine. Look at what you’ve got right in front of you.


He means Ryan, he takes Amy over to Ryan, kisses her on the forehead and leaves Amy and Ryan dancing.


Lights fade to blackout.


The End







































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