The Good Stay Alone

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The Good Stay Alone is The Good Staying Alone

Submitted: June 26, 2011

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Submitted: June 26, 2011



Does it ever end? The darkness.

Filled with disappointment, Laid with deceit.

Impression from friends reflect the darkness among the individual's depression.

Exactly the opposite from the mind's evaluation of the groups perception.

Lies lay among layers of listed levels linked to deception.

Worried about peers, worked by employers, standing solo until somebody notices.

Heart once learned to live enchantedly and love endlessly.

Instituted by prestigious, perfectionist parental care

Trained to individualize and depend independently on oneself.

The measure is not where the individual lies in himself, but the value of his peerminship.

It is not where he treats himself above others but others above himself, knowingly known nobody is greater, everybody is equal.

Money talks loud voices but volunteers walk louder footsteps.

Nobody knows these days nothing about selflessness.

Reverse psychology equals negative interest in bad news

And great things result in unnoticed information.

The last man standing is standing in the darkness of fulfilled,

deceived, population.

A Superhero is what everyone recognizes as an icon who symbolizes fairness and equality.

But sometimes Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne is all we should appreciate.

It's funny that the the world loves everyone in masks, never the true character.

Calm and collective, charisma, charm, characterizing through challenge and controversy.

The Good Stay Alone.

Good things fall apart so worse things can come together.

The darkness is sometimes followed by a warm, Bright Light, sunshine.

Other times it's followed by dark skies, cold tornadoes, and black snow.

Love the individual, not the mask.

Not the villain, not the phony or fake.

Or the favorite, or prettiest.

Someone does. Somewhere.

The Good Stay aLone.

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