The Passionate Mumblings Of My Newly Awakened Heart

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This is a short little piece meant to express the love that develops between two souls that have finally found one another, but highlights the hesitation that can arise when one is unsure that their feelings are shared with the beloved person.

Submitted: March 31, 2012

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Submitted: March 31, 2012




To be with the man I see in you is the only solution to my endless riddles. To know the man I see peeking out from within you would be an endless paradise. But, why is it, for all the admiration I hold within my soul for you, I cannot bring myself to tell you all the passionate mumblings of newly awakened heart? For you, I would fight the world. I would fight until the world was free of the ignorance that cripples its vision and the prejudice that clouds its compassion. I would do anything to show the world the man that I see inside you, but alas, I cannot even bring myself to share the exact nature of my feelings with you, I shroud you in the unforgiving cloud of ignorance that I so grandly despise.

With you I feel no sense of fear, freeing me from the captivity of my reluctance and pessimism. With you I am a new and glorious form of myself, completely uninhibited and uplifted. Yet, I still cannot find freedom grand enough to express my true meaning and purpose to you, I cannot find it in myself to show you the passionate mumblings of my newly awakened heart. I often find myself musing over what shall be the catalyst that breaks the last barrier to my everlasting freedom. Will it be a simple word spoken?

I cannot help but dream of the divine day that I am freed and share with you my heart’s yearnings. I dream of gazing deep into the eyes of unspoiled intellect, knowing that the answers I have always searched for lay somewhere within. Oh to touch your soul as you have touched my own would be the exacted answer to my prayers. Never shall I forget the affects you have had on my spirit; never will I forget the love I have for you. You are, to me, nothing short of a divine miracle sent to me from heaven above.

How the world can so casually glance past the significance of you I will never truly understand, but I can, however, keep myself from falling into the same tragic fate. The flaws that you carry, that so many see clearer than anything else, mean little to me other than the fact that they make you who you are. So then, am I being naïve by seeing past them, or am taking a blessed chance? You, my dear, will have to prove to me the answer, fore I cannot discover it on my own. But know I do not despise you whichever answer proves true because you have so grandly opened my eyes to what I have been missing.

What inexhaustible truth, I wonder, shall unfold as time so gracefully progresses? One thing certain, my world shall never be quite the same. Not after the magnificent truth is revealed. If you shall ever come to read this I would hope that you would not become frightened, but rather gain understanding of the person behind the mask of self-doubt that encases me so dreadfully. For all the world means nothing if I have nothing to share its splendor with. Forgive me now that you have read the passionate mumblings of my newly awakened heart.  

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