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This is just something that I wrote when I was bored. :)

Submitted: April 10, 2011

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Submitted: April 10, 2011



2_b_or_not_2_bhas just logged on

peace_2_the_wurld has just logged on

wen_will_u_learnhas just logged on

gd_little_girlhas just logged on

2_b_or_not_2_b - hey guys! u no tht party 2nite? whos goin??

gd_little_girl - hey. i no 4 a fact im not. the ppl who r havin it r the most stupid and senseless ppl i no.

wen_will_u_learn - oi! thts my parents ur on 'bout!

gd_little_girl - oops. soz. i thought it wuz those idiots who live in the mansion next door 2 me.

peace_2_the_wurld - no... those r my parents, Ginny.

gd_little_girl - i keep landin myself in it dont i?? soz, Dan

peace_2_the_wurld - its ok. i agree wiv u bout my parents bein idiots

2_b_or_not_2_b - so, whos goin?!

gd_little_girl - i am John

wen_will_u_learn - i am

peace_2_the_wurld - im gonna have 2 go; theyre my PARENTS!!

2_b_or_not_2_b - gd gd. i dont want 2 b on my own. Tammy, wat time u have 2 go 2 bed?

wen_will_u_learn - er... 11pm... y??

2_b_or_not_2_b - i'll walk u home... if u want...

wen_will_u_learn - erm... ok. y not?

romance_high has just logged on

romance_high - hi john. hi ginny. hi dan. hi tammy.

peace_2_the_wurld - hi tina!

to be continued... 

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