Sun Explodes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm
One of my very, very few ventures in poetry in some years. Despite my evasive attitude toward writing poetry, I still rather like this one.

Submitted: June 09, 2008

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Submitted: June 09, 2008



Starlight decay, resting today,
dancing in the coolest summer rays.
Defeatist fight, mute candlelight,
blanketing the cold ocean with blight.

Autumn breeze lifting under my shoes.
I'm not sure where it wants me to go,
but I oblige to follow.
Singing spring rain kisses my knuckles,
begging for unconditional love,
so I forever hold tight.
Crystal winter cloud embraces me.
Bleeding sweet nothings, cutting open.
I swallow with hollow throat.
Wreckless summer sun absorbing me
explodes, shatters grey analog sky,
my fingers tracing the cracks.

Sunlight implode, skyline explode,
heating false impressions once untold.
Windswept and bled, beloved and fed,
this body birthed the seasons once dead.

Finally the winds had laid me down,
resting my head in warm, green cushion.
Frightened, I remain in dream.
Small men of blissful darkness enter,
dusting clean my soul with nerve endings,
I welcome them with my bile.
And so they'll enter my dried bloodstream.
Moisten, coolant caressing in veins,
my heart circulating them.
As untrue as our new solemn sun,
my form rose, reverb red shutters.
I am blissful darkness, now.

Warm heart destroy, sunset deploy,
spoon sawing veins of Martian Viceroy.
We rule the cloud, they strike the proud,
everyone stands to noose the loud.

Silence please, autumn breeze.
Sun explodes, heaven breathes.

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