A Death Letter From Alex

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A letter from a once immortal man, to his loved one which is now left alone...

Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012



Dear Adam,

I am sorry to inform you that I am deceased. Not to worry Dear I have left everything to you as you know I have nobody left but you. Being born in 1432 was very hard timing for me but living on until now to meet such a wonderful man like you which I am grateful and it was worth the couple of hundred years. Now I bet you are wondering how I diead as I told you I was immortal. What I said was true but also false, I cannot die until I fall completely in love with someone. Then I become mortal which means I become normal...like you.

I died by saving you, let's just say some men were looking for me to kill me and said If I try to run or not do what I say instructed then they will kill you after they kill me...so I had to do it in order to keep you safe my love. Don't beat yourself up over it Sweetie, it was going to happen one day and we both that my Dear. If your wondering how much is left to you then you will be delighted that I have left you with 2.2 million which is my life saving right from 1564 when I started to earn the real money but now that I am dead, you decide what happens to that money but I have a request from you my Dear. 

Remember when we first met in Italy? Well I request you spread my ashes through Venice. I am so very sorry for your loss but I assure you that you will thank me because now you don't live a life of danger but a life of gifts and hopefully peace because throughout the life you will be living, there will be more of these letters delivered to you at certain points. I know exactly what time and day you will be receiving these therefore it is inevitable you don't get these letters. I also have one last finaly request, that you find someone better for yourself so you are not lonely over my death. I know our adventures were the best for both of us and even though I am dead, those memories will never escape my mind. Most of them are of you and our happiest moments together, i am now at peace and I will be waiting for you like I waited many years for you before.


Sincerely, Alex Lake Tune


Goodbye Sweetie



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