UPDATED !!! Meet the Characters of It's Going Down At The House (Book 1: Captured and Captivated)

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The characters

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Bri is a teenage girl with a sassy attitude, but warm personality. She is known by her family as “high-maintenance” or a “lover of the finer things in life.” She is nice, down to earth and also humble, but if you cross the line with her, she is a totally different person. Being well-known in school and her community, she is involved in cheerleading and is very smart. She loves to write, enjoys sports, and is planning to start a modeling career. In her community, violence, drugs, and other negative things has taken over the young generation. She is one of the ones who tries to go against it, but with her drama-filled life, it’s not so easy.


Demond is the community’s teen drug dealer and gang member. By being a 16 year old drug dealer, he is also considering of being a high school dropout. He had a rough childhood by witnessing his dad getting shot and killed at the age of 3. He never likes to show his true feelings or cry, which is what Bri discovers. He also has an anger problem. He is trying to change his life, but the past continuously haunts him, and the people he surrounds himself with makes it really hard.


Rick is Bri’s father. He is hardly home and doesn’t really have a relationship with his daughter. (It is mentioned that he has three other kids from other relationships that his wife doesn’t know about). He is well-known in the community by being a gambler and drug addict. He is also a well-known pimp.

altJanice (Jan)

Jan is Bri’s fiery, yet paranoid mother. She is the reason for Bri’s fierce attitude and anxiety issues. They are both known to have troublesome worries and tend to stress themselves out a lot. Jan is a hospice worker. She is a great cook and is known by her famous pecan pies.


Jazz is Bri’s best friend. She and Bri have known each other since they started middle-school. Jazz is originally from DC, but has the crazy personality of a typical county girl. She is very unique and not like other girls that Bri goes to school with, even though she is a cheerleader, too. Jazz is bit of a drama queen and can be stubborn. She loves boys and is a big flirt. She loves to joke and have fun. She is a true friend to Bri and knows that Bri will always count on her to be there for her and be truthful.


Jazz’s mom. She is also a second mom to Bri. She loves to take Bri and Jazz wherever they want to go. She is almost like their best friend. Being in her mid-30s, she had her first child when she was 16. She is someone that Bri really looks up to because of how strong she is when it comes to handling her issues and daily life.



Bri’s aunt

Madison- Cheerleader

Shai- Cheerleader

Vanessa- Cheerleader

CJ- Guy at party, Bri's friend



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