blonde blue eyed girl

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This poem is written about my real life story. I wrote it to help me figure out my thoughts and feelings over my mom abadoning at a very young age.

Submitted: July 12, 2007

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Submitted: July 12, 2007



A little blonde blue eyed girl all smiles and giggles.

She is smothered to death just before her eighth birthday.

Her mommythe woman she held oh so highly.

Left without saying goodbye.

She got home and saw her daddy's eyes and knew.

Mommy wasn't coming back.

The tears stayed for weeks.

The nightmares for months.

The pain for years.

Now that little blonde blue eyed girl is sixteen.

But the hurt , anger, and confusion just grows with the days.

She knows it's not her fault.

But the thought still haunts her.

Now this girl is hurt and feels alone and unloved.

Always thinks she is unloveable.

That she deserves this.

But the little blonde blue eyed girl hears.

The soft sound of God's voice in the wind.

She won't listen for months.

Everyday he trys.

But she feels as if the wounds are to deep to heal.

Why? She screams!

Nowhere to run.

Or so she thought.

Untill she falls right into God's loving arms.

The little blonde blue eyed girl feels the walls slowly falling.

The voice in the wind saying.

Yes your mommy abadoned you but I never did.

It wasn't her mommy she needed it was God.

So her mommy didn't love her.

But the one person she needed to love her did.

And would never stop.



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