The Romantic

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short story about an even shorter love affair

Let me tell you a story, there was once a hopeless romantic, one Thursday morning he met a girl for coffee, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen they talked for hours and afterwards he felt he was in love already, he started to exercise and eat well because he wanted to be the best man he could for her.

The next day he had a date arranged, but he no longer wanted to go, he had already after one date decided he had met the person he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. He tried to cancel the date, he said he could not afford to go, but the girl offered to pick him up in her car, and said she would pay for his drink, he thought she must be very desperate but finally agreed to go, when he saw the girl in person she was much prettier than he expected and she wasn't desperate she was just kind, she even drove him home and before she left they kissed, he was happy, he quickly forgot about the girl he had been in love with on Thursday, he met the kind girl again on Sunday.

They kissed lots and held hands, if anyone could see them they would have known it was a new love. When she left he was happy and couldn't wait to see her again, they had made plans for the next Saturday night, during the week they would talk by Skype or phone, then one night the girl told him she was meeting another guy on the Friday night, and that if they connected they would sleep together, the romantic as is expected is an old fashioned kind of fellow and was deeply hurt, he had not been intimate with the girl and now she was telling him she would be on a first date with a guy she was yet to meet, he told her that this upset him and she understood, she said she would cancel the date but that he must come on Friday, at this point as your narrator I must make clear the romantic although thinking about this girl a lot also had a date arranged for Friday night with the first girl he had met, he cancelled his date and she cancelled hers, they met on the Friday, they had dinner and a beer together and then they went to bed, the romantic was mind blown, the girl was incredible naked, they had amazing sex, well in his opinion anyway, the next morning the romantic had to work but he agreed to return straight after to the girls house.

That evening whilst in the throes of passion the girl whispered something "I love you" it sounds like she says, now even for our dear romantic, this was a little strong a little soon, he couldn't bring himself to say it back if he did not yet feel it "I think I'm falling for you" he replied because this is what he felt. Later that evening while laying in bed together the girl said it again, this time there could be no mistake "I love you" she said. Now dear readers I must inform you the romantic has broken many hearts he has also had his broken many times too but he could not resist, he had fallen "I love you" he replied.

The next day, they went to a comic book convention together, not only was this girl kind, beautiful and sincere she liked comics! In his eyes she became more and more perfect. Although their tastes in comics differed, he liked the classic dc and marvel comics, she liked manga, he made a vow to learn to draw manga, he knew it was her birthday in a few weeks and he would make her the star of her very own comic.

The next week was bliss for the romantic, if he did not spend the night with the girl they would talk by Skype, they would message each other "I miss you" or about how attractive they found one another. When they were together, the girl would ask him "where did you come from?" he stopped himself from replying "I was made for you" because even romantics have to avoid cheese sometimes, she told him that she couldn't believe as a Spanish girl that the most passionate man she had ever met was British, but the girl had problems, she had fallen for the romantic and she didn't want to, she had been badly treated in the past and was perhaps still damaged, this did not deter our protagonist, he felt he had met someone that all he wanted to do was make happy and he wanted to devote his life to that, as is the way of the romantics of this world.

One morning she allowed him to stay in her house as he worked in the evenings, so she went to work, the romantic felt guilty he had been spending a lot of time with her, eating her food, because the girl was very kind, she also looked after abandoned cats, in his mind he had never met anyone so special.

He wanted to make a gesture so that day, after sleeping in with her pet cat all morning and with her night shirt next to him so he could still smell the kind girl he got up and he cleaned her house, he swept the garden,he mopped the floors, he wiped the surfaces in the kitchen, he folded her clothes and made her bed, then he wrote a note in his spanish which was not good but he hoped she could understand it read something like: because you are so wonderful and beautiful and for all the help and kindness you have given us we wanted to do something in return so we have cleaned the house, lots of love from the cats.

He hid the note under her pillow.

Then he went to work, happy, he couldn't wait until she messaged him later when she returned home, but when she first messaged him he was a little surprised she seemed angry, his tidying had brought back memories of her controlling ex boyfriend, but then she found the note and she liked the note even though his spanish was awful.

Every time he left her house he would say the same thing "when will I see you again" her reply was always "tomorrow" That week it was St George's day in Catalunya, a very romantic day, but alas the romantic did not have a penny to his name, he had food in the fridge but lacked in any currency, so what could he do? Well this my friends is what a romantic does best he is resourceful, when he wants to make a gesture he will find a way one way or another, so he learnt to draw in one afternoon, it is traditional for the man to give a rose so he drew a rose, he put his heart and soul in to that drawing, he made it with care and detail.

When he arrived to her house on the eve of St George's day the kind girl had had a bad day, so he gave her the drawing, when he did she asked "are you even human?" In this moment he felt super human, he could do anything but he was about to be made even happier, the girl left the room, and returned with a plastic bag, she handed it to him, inside was the comic book he had been so taken with at the comic convention, not only was this girl kind and considerate, but it felt like she knew him already, tears welled up in his eyes, he had never received a gift he had taken so much joy from before, his heart raced, if he wasn't sure before he was now, he was in love and falling hard, the beautiful girl he had shared coffee with now just a distant memory, he had eyes only for the kind girl.

He would tell her stories of his past and she would reply how she loved listening to him and loved his voice. But the girl kept reminding him she did not want anything serious, it had become serious it was no fault of either of them they just liked each other and the romantic being a hapless and hopeless romantic was ready to give everything to her, he had never met anyone who had made him so happy and he wanted to return that, they made an agreement they could meet other people but would only be intimate with each other, the romantic didn't care much for this agreement he didn't want to meet other people, she was enough for him.

Once when she said she did not want anything serious the romantic said "everything happens for a reason" the girl agreed to this and I believe in that moment they felt they were each other's destiny.

He was also preoccupied that all the other men she would meet could speak her native language, and would have an advantage, sadly my friends it seems our romantic has some insecurities but he felt she was kind and honest and that she liked him a lot, he could see her pupils dilate when they met and all he wanted was for her to get to know him and continue as they were, he knew if he was given the chance he would strive only to make her happy, he had never had something so special before and the kind girl agreed she also felt they had something special.

When he was home alone the romantic had started listening to cheesy music, thinking of her and she told him sometimes she did the same, he started listening to songs that his 11 year old students liked. I believe Becky G "singing in the shower" was a particular favourite.

The weekend came, they had been spending each weekend together and this would be no exception, he couldn't wait to finish work on the Friday, that day the romantic felt he was the person he should have been always, he was happy more so than ever, he fist bumped his young students,he smiled at people in the street, he held open doors for old ladies, he felt he had found his everything and wanted to make the rest of the world as happy as he was.

When he left work he texted the kind girl to let her know he was on his way, she replied "I can't wait to see you", The night as every with her was perfect again, the next afternoon they went together for her to pick up her new mobile phone, and then she went to see some friends, in the evening he went back to her house again, he had the book with him she had bought him, he told her not to worry if she wanted to play with her phone, he understood what it's like to get a new toy, to which she replied, "you are my new toy I want to play with you".

With every word he fell deeper, it was like every heart he had broken, every time his heart had been broken, was all part of what had had to happen to bring him here, to this moment of divine happiness.

Here ladies and gentlemen I would love to say they lived happily ever after, sadly there are few good or true stories that have a happy ending.

On the Saturday night he felt he became closer than ever with the kind girl, he gave her an all over body massage, he saw every part of her body and caressed it, there was no part of her he didn't love.

The romantic previously had been a very shallow person, he had turned down second dates recently, one because the girl had spoken with her mouth full, the other because the girl had too much nasal hair!

On the Sunday morning the kind girl came to join him in the shower, her nose was running, he wiped the snot away with his hand, in his eyes this girl could never look ugly, they showered together. The romantic was feeling a bit guilty about always being in the girls house, he also wanted to display that he was strong and independent and being a romantic he truly believed the phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder". He suggested they spend a few days apart and meet again 4 days later.

For the rest of the day he thought about her all day, how happy she makes him, he tried his hardest not to message her, but he missed her, this was the longest they had gone without sending a message to each other since they had first become intimate.

He did not last very long that evening he messaged her and they talked on Skype as they always did when apart, but something did not feel right, the girl seemed colder more distant, when he took a sip from his beer she looked at him disgusted, he felt hurt just from a look, only two people had ever made him feel so bad from just an expression, the other if you are wondering was his mother.

From now we will refer to the kind girl as just a girl at the request of our protagonist, he does believe she is still kind but when a romantic is hurting he finds it harder to continue to see the good in someone so I shall respect his wishes.

The next days were much colder, and he did not know why, the girl only replied to his messages when he texted her, no longer were they full of warmth with "I miss you" and kisses at the end. He felt as if he had done something terribly wrong "am I losing everything for drinking a cheap beer in front of her?" He pondered, there must be more to it....and there was.

On Monday evening he learnt how to say "I love you" in catalan, he wanted to be able to say it in every language the girl could speak, it was unnecessary.

The problem with romantics is they normally have very addictive personalities, if they are not addicted to love they find something far less healthy to be addicted to and our protagonist was definitely addicted to this girl, he went to see her at her work, he told her I just want to see your face even if it is for 5 minutes, I just need your beauty in my life, they met and they kissed and they held hands, it seemed as if everything was still fine.

On Tuesday evening he messaged her and asked if it was ok to call, he was missing hearing her voice, she called and his world was shattered, she told him things had been moving too fast and she wanted to go back on the agreement she had not to sleep with other people, she told him she had a date with another guy that Saturday when he had believed they would spend the whole weekend together as they had done so before.

The romantic was confused, hurt and angry, all of the amazing things she had said to him had they ever been true? He wondered, was he not enough? What will she find with another man that I cannot give to her he thought.

Another problem with romantics is they have a habit of making everything about themselves perhaps there was more to it than just him, but through his eyes he could not forget and move on, he had had a glimpse of paradise and now was being denied admission.

Romantics have a lot in common with children and our romantic is no different, he went skateboarding to clear his head, he skated miles and miles, he tried tricks more dangerous than ever before because at this point he knew physical pain would be nothing in comparison with the pain he was in right now.

A strong level headed person would have walked away at this point, would have licked his wounds and got on with his life, but the romantic was confused, he still believed she was a kind girl and that she had feelings for him, but a hurt romantic becomes confused and angry, so they argued all Wednesday via text message, he didn't understand that people change their minds he wanted her to feel the same way she did before, and he thought the best way to achieve this was by being angry.

He was seeing the girl on Thursday night, but again on Thursday they argued she told him he could come that evening but things would be different, she was not in a good mood and things have changed between them.

On the way to her house he listened to sad music, he was prepared for the final conversation, he just wanted to explain that he was hurt and find out what he had done wrong.

When he arrived it was at the same time as the girl and they greeted on the doorstep, he went to kiss her cheek but she turned her head and their mouths locked, he felt her tongue enter his mouth, "Is this the same person I have been arguing with for 2 days?" he wondered, it felt like the love had never died, at first when they entered her house he found it hard to be himself, he was even more confused now, and if you have ever met a romantic you will know it is very easy to read their faces when they are in pain, they talked a little then they went to bed together, the girl told him they must stop seeing each other because every time she sees him she falls in love again. Why would she not want to be in love?! I hear you gasp, well sadly this is the story of the romantic but I am sure there are many reasons. The girl also told him her heart wants one thing and her head another, well of course the romantic took this as that she would be with him again because a romantic really and truly believes in the old adages such as "follow your heart".

The romantic believes he is strong, but he is not, he is weak and at times petty and childish especially when he does not get what he wants, but he thought he was strong enough so he said "we will spend these 2 days together and then we will not see each other" the night was wonderful they always had amazing sex, but the morning was different, again he questioned why does she not want to be with me? Am I not good enough? All I want is for her to love me again he thought.

They were supposed to have a nice day at the beach but the conversation felt forced and uncomfortable " where is the best place you have been on holiday?" The girl asked, this to him was the sort of thing you ask when you don't know someone, he got upset, the beach was cold and they went for a meal where it all spilled out "am I not good enough for you?" "You make me feel worthless like you never cared", "time I can give you but explain why you need to date other men?, What will you find with them that you don't have with me?"

They left the restaurant angrily, here I would refer to our dear protagonist as our hero but he has specifically requested I do not as he feels far from a hero right now.

Romantics are weak people, they always want what they can't have and suddenly he realised he had just lost the last day he could spend with the girl he was in love with, the last opportunity to show her that he could be the man for her, he became apologetic and if I'm honest rather pathetic, when they returned to her home he begged to stay a while just to be in her company a few moments more, romantics also are rather masochistic.

They kind of made up it was not how he hoped to end his time with her, but it was better than leaving on bad terms, she drove him to the train station and they kissed, he asked "don't forget me".

On his journey home he saw a fatal accident, he was in shock, he threw up in to a bin, not sure whether it was because of what he had just seen or because he felt as if he had lost everything, or even perhaps like an addict on the first day of cold turkey. He messaged her he said because he didn't know who else to message and he was in shock, but really he just wanted to speak to her, because for a romantic love is an emotion it is impossible to switch off.

The romantic turned to other vices to try to take his mind off her, on the Friday he drunk a bottle of whiskey, on Saturday he went out, he tried to have fun and act as if he was having a good time, but every girl he talked to just reminded him of her, he left early and went home, he got drunk alone again.

On the Sunday morning he received a message from the girl it was apologetic and sincere he knew he shouldn't but he couldn't resist, he asked to meet that afternoon, he knew he had to be different this time, he had to be cool and calm and fun, like he had been when they were together, she would see who he really is and she would be in love with him again.

They met that afternoon, the romantic remained calm he was trying not to show how much he was hurting, he made her laugh he didn't talk about feelings or anything serious, he didn't try to kiss her or hold her hand...but then she did!

He was happy again, she had kissed him of her own free will, after they kissed the girl remarked "you have your smile back!" Then they spent the rest of the afternoon kissing and holding hands, they went to look in a shop together it was like they were together again, she asked him his opinion whilst trying on clothes, he saw glimpses of her underwear and beautiful body and he could not wait to have her alone again, he walked her back to the train station where they kissed goodbye he was hoping she would invite him to her house but he didn't ask or push his luck, they said a nice goodbye and agreed to meet again.

That evening the girl messaged him, he only sent a brief reply back, he was trying his hardest to be cool, he was happy again he believed that the love they had could be reignited, he was full of hope... Now the romantic has many flaws and impatience is one of his biggest weaknesses, the next day the girl didn't message him, so he messaged her he was trying to be nice and charming and he gave her compliments, her replies were polite but he didn't feel any warmth, he asked her to go for a beer with him on Wednesday, she agreed, on Tuesday she didn't message him at all, in the afternoon he messaged her and told her she was beautiful, he made a promise to himself that if they were together like before again he would tell her at least once every day how beautiful she is.

On Wednesday he told her he liked spending time with her, what he meant was that he missed her so much it hurt and he couldn't wait to be alone with her again but he knew he could not say that, she replied and said she liked spending time with him too, romantics have a habit of hearing what they want to hear and he took this as a sign that they still had something special, he asked if it was ok to meet at her house, he just wanted her alone to himself because when she laid next to him in bed she was always the kind beautiful girl he first met who made him feel like the most special man alive, but the girl didn't like this, she said no, they would meet in his city, the romantic was hurt again, another flaw is over sensitivity.

The romantic had been working on a project since they had kissed on the Sunday he had drawn a picture of her in a manga style he was very proud of it, he knew if she saw it she would see how much she meant to him, and if he could not meet at her house his plan would fail, he wanted her to see the picture, realise he is an amazing, romantic, sweet, kind guy and then they would spend the rest of the night in bed together and he hoped the rest of their lives. 

He wrote on the back of the picture "chapter 1, follow your heart"

He was still hurt and confused, why had she kissed him on Sunday and had gone back to being so cold towards him, he felt like his heart was being broken every time they were apart, when she arrived the romantic said they needed to talk. He wanted to know where he stood, he wanted to know why she kissed him if she still doesn't want to be with just him, he felt used, he still wanted her with so much of his heart but he wanted to know why he was not enough, why she must keep him so distant, you see my friends sometimes romantics don't look at the bigger picture, they believe everything is about themselves.

Romantics are often spontaneous, silly people who do things without thinking about the consequences and our romantic is no different, he became angry, he wanted her to want him like she had when they first met, but in turn she became angry, he told her he had made something for her but she said she didn't want it, this made him very angry and sad, she hadn't even seen the picture, he had done it to make her happy and now he had made her angry, he said "just take it, if you don't like it you can throw it in the bin" the girl looked at it, for a second a softness came over her face, she laughed because he had had some difficulty with the eyes, she didn't seem as pleased with it as he had hoped, but maybe she could see he was just trying to make her happy, he promised he would everyday if given the chance, and she had agreed to that and then reneged on the deal, he thought I only want to make you happy, but she has to want to make me happy also for it to be possible.

They talked more, he said some things that were more hurtful than he had imagined, she told him he was too difficult a person to be with, then she told him some things, things he hadn't really considered, but it made him feel better, he told her that she needed to be honest with him if she is honest with him he can understand her, but he was still hurt, he felt as if he was being punished for being in love with her, and then...well then the romantic died.

You see they had a very petty argument over what had been said about the picture a sort of yes you did, no you didn't thing, the girl then stormed off, she said he called her stupid, that he knew he did not say, he would never call her stupid, she was incredibly intelligent and successful, she speaks 3 languages, the romantic tried to be strong he walked home, he thought who needs someone like that in their life, a confused, angry girl who broke my heart and shows no remorse, she's not a good person he tried to tell himself, a terrible person, who he was truly, madly and deeply in love with.

And that is when the romantic died, he gave up and when a romantic no longer has something in his life to be romantic about he no longer exists.

Submitted: May 08, 2015

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