the unknown

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the things that children are oblivious about before coming to the world

Submitted: April 26, 2013

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Submitted: April 26, 2013



‘’The unknown’’


Aiming at a society that tames the young,

And the young seeking to know the truth,

With the old seeking to be the bound,

Over the society to veil the truth,

And the short-wines off, to that place of ecstasy,

Seeking to uncover the veil in the society.


As young as one’s mind is inside that dark wall,

 Your carrier shields you from the exterior,

Scared of exposing you to the dangers of the mall,

And the foetus sticks seeks to be out of the mall not knowing the

dangers of the anterior,

But the unknown is so unknown,

Seeking to be out at noon.


How the treacherous route to trace your roots can be,

But once found it’s as sweet as the wax from a bee,

But to taste that syrupiness you have got to find its weakness,

Because it’s not as easy as to sleep into the wilderness,

But the unknown still lurks about to get a prey,

And all your superior has to do is to pray.


Hoping for he yes-today-forever to have you shield,

So that you could be safe once you leave the field,

But once out of that field you are as vulgar as a bitch,

That is always struck periodically by her masculine’s stitch,

But we are all one of nature’s breeding mammals,

Hoping to survive every hour.


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