A Hellish Dream #3

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Yet another horrifying nightmare.

Submitted: February 23, 2012

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Submitted: February 23, 2012



The hard, rough bark of the tree rubbed harshly against my back. I shivered, snow was falling and had already covered my bare feet. My body was numb with the cold, each breath a burning pain through my nose. With trembling fingers I brushed my tangled hair from my eyes, and pushed myself closer to the tree. There was no crunching of snow, or little cloud of breath as he seperated himself from the dense shadows of the forest. His feet left no impression upon the unmarked white snow. Fear stabbed through me like a knife in my chest, causing my knees to buckle, and fall to the ground.  I shuddered, my hands being stung by the snow as they supported half my weight. My exhaled breath formed little clouds as it floated away, not shielding my eyes from the sight of him.

His long, curly hair was sligtly tousled by the wind, seeming to wave at me. Dark, blood red eyes looked at me hungrily, snarled lips and lengthened fangs echoing that ghastly hunger. He appeared before me, his own barefeet were inches from my hands. My weak arms trembled, about to collapse due to the lack of strength to hold myself up. One, icy cold finger pressed under my chin, tilting my head up at him. His dark wyes burned into mine with an intensity that made even my shaking limbs go still with fear. He gave me an evil grin that sent tingles straight to my groin. I was suddenly lifted up, he cradled my limp body against his chest and I vaguely wondered if this was going to be different. That hope was crushed when I saw the way he watched the pulse at my neck. He slowly licked his lips as his gaze wandered back up to my face. He winked at me, the action odd on such creature, and looked ahead of him. I too looked, shocked by the change of location. When had we moved? I had been so absorbed in him that I hadn't noticed his preternatural speed as he took me here. Here being a small clearing where the snow ended at the treeline, and blossoming meadow took over. My eyes widened at the sudden warmth and sunlight that shrowded the area. He carried me through the waist high grass to an rectangular patch that had been covered by a blanket and pressed flat. The satiny red blanket was accompanied by large pillow of matching material, and frantic thoughts swirled around in my head. What was he going to do with me? More importantly, what is he going to do TO me? He laid me down silently, and I suddenly became concious of my attire, well, more like lack of it. The only garments I wore was a loosefitting, nondescript, way too small for my chest, nightgown. He got on his hands and knees over me, straddling my waist. I gulped as I looked up at him. His eyes were locked on something every human needs. My heart. My fluttering, pounding heart. It's beat hammered in my ears as he leaned down towards me. My breath grew ragged and forced as his lips touched my breast, my heart causing it to rise and fall along with my haggard breaths. His hands pinned my wrist on eithr side of my head, as he caught the thin material of the gown between his teeth. Shrill fear shot through my veins when he ripped it violently, exposing my bare breast. Fear and excitement clouded my senses as he teased the delicate skin with his tongue. I gasped,stifling a moan that threatened to slip through my near frozen lips. But then the pleasure was replaced by searing pain as he dug his fangs into my breast, causing an inhuman cry of sheer pain to tear off my lips.

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