Faithless War

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Basically people are fighting a war that tests many's faith.

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Dear Mom, If you're reading this, it means that I have died for my Country. It means I am finally the hero you and Dad have always wanted. It means that my little brother will not be labeled as the bad seed's brother. He will be labeled as the Hero's brother. It means Dad and I are finally together again. Don't cry, or think of me as actually Dead. Think of me as finally being alive. Without a fear in my body. Don't worry about how I died. I'm sure it wasn't painful. And tell my little Brother that I am proud of him no matter what. And Mom, don't go back to the way you were when Dad Died. Please. I love you and Tyler very much. And I'm sorry I had to leave ya'll so soon. But at least I am finally a hero of War and of my house. God Bless you... Love Always, Your son, Trystian 1 I actually cried writing this letter. I'm not even dead, but during war time we all write last wish and last statement letters. For that just in case moment. I hate thinking of what could happen to Tyler and Mom if I died, but I have to because Death could arrive at any moment. "Hey Tryst! We are going to go to a party before deployment. Care to join?" My best friend, Jesse....well as we call him 'War Machine', asked in his always ready for action way. "Uh, yeah, sure." I replied, as I placed the letter in my jacket. "Hey Jake! We all may need therapy after this wild party." Said Alex. Well, A-Bomb as we call him. "Don't do anything stupid boys. I don't need patients this early in the war. Especially because of over excessive use of alchoholic beverages." Jacob said in his usual, parental guidance way. I muat say these 7 years I have been here, these guys have kept me on my toes and usually always laughing. "Now Jake, who said anything about alchoholic beverages? You know us all better than that." The more sarcastic, crazy one of the crew stated jokingly. "Just be careful. We deploy tomorrow. So seriously, do not drink. If you do, you will NOT be sent out. That is an order. General Matthew said sternly. We call him Robot behind his back. He's so emotionless, like an empty robot. Its crazy. "Yes sir!" We all yelled in unison as General Matthew departed. Probably to recharge his Robot battery. "Seems like Robot has his wires in a wad." Said Anthony in his joking manner. "Shhhh dude. You're gonna get us murdered before the war." I said laughing. Oddly enough, A-Bomb and War Machine gave me the worst look ever. Guess my joke wasn't the best one. "Well how are we supposed to party now? I mean what is there to do besides drinking?" Said War Machine. "Haha, well you know we do have these things called st-" "NO, Trystian. You know we can't do that." Interupted Anthony, who is now the official party pooper. "Whatever I'm going to the barracks. This night is now boring." War machine said. "C'mon Tryst. We are out." He said bluntly. "I'm coming. Peace guys. See ya'll tomorrow at deployment" I said. "Alright...ugh so much for partying. Wow nice going Anthony." Said A-Bomb. "What! Blame Jacob. Wait. Whered he go!?" Anthony said. "You may be good at Strategy Ant, but you suck at common sense. He's gone cuz. He is not dumb." A- Bomb said laughing. "Ugh. Goodnight!" Anthony said as he parted ways with A-Bomb. 2 I looked over at War Machine. Finally he was asleep. I couldn't sleep. All I could do was think. My brain never shuts up. Ever. That Is why I have a spot where I sit and relax. Its on top of a huge oak tree. Its nice up there. I can stare at the stars, and think about whatever I choose. Now was the perfect time to go. I packed my bag with a small snack and went to my tree. I thought about everything. From mom to dad to tyler and even monkeys. "Hey. A lot weighing on your mind too?" A sweet, familiar voice said. "Yes. Too much. Howve you been Kelly? I haven't seen you since boot camp." I said. "I've been better. I deploy with your sqad tomorrow." "That's good. At least you know us." "Yeah." "Why are you up here?" I asked changing the subject. "I found out today that my younger brother, Thomas, died. He killed himself. People at school were bullying him Mother said. She said they beat him up, and constantly brought him down, but what really made him pull the trigger was...they put a fake letter from me in his locker. A letter that stated I was dead. He couldn't handle it, and in his suicide note, he wrote 'now mine and sissy's pain can finally subside. We can be happy together in heaven.'. I told searge about it. He had the boys that bullied him arrested by MPs. They had this printing device that could mimick handwriting...that's what made the letter. I had the option to interrigate them. I couldn't face those low lifes. I hope they rot in prison" "How old was Tom?" "13" "Seriously?" A look of shock covered my face as I saw all of the walls in her heart tumble downward. She latched on to me in a tight hug. Crying hard. "He had a huge life ahead of him! He was going to be a doctor. And those, those...animals stripped him of that!" "I know Kelly. I know." I sat there holding her for the rest of the night. She cried until she fell asleep in my lap. She was a brave, strong woman. I admired her. I now can't help but let my mind wander into the world of what ifs. Trumpets were sounding as the sun rose from its slumber, in which also woke the soldiers from theirs. I was already awake. "Kelly." "Umgh" "Kelly! Departure time!" "Huh? Oh! am so sorry...umm." "Don't worry about it." We climbed down from the tree to report to our assigned barracks for checks and packing. Eveybody was in a rush before Robot arrived for inspection. "Attention!" Yelled some suck up guy in the far end. We all stood upright arms to our sides. Chins held high. Robot has arrived. Joy. "Gentleman, I wanted to say that it is not only an honor to have great soldiers like you, but it is a priveledge. Ya'll are perhaps the best soldiers I've had. I'm truly proud and blessed to have you men and woman. As my soldiers." "Adease soldiers. We depart at 07:00. " That same suck up guy said. "Yes sir!". We saluted as Robot left. "Well, wasn't that sentimental." Anthony said jokingly. "Actually, it was. General Matthew has never said anything like that to us. He meant it." I said. "Yeah he's right. " Said War Machine. "Guys, we need to get packed." Jacob said. "Yes mom." A-bomb said sarcastically. "I can kill you 38 different ways with just my big toe Alex. Do you really want to joke with me?" "Eh, ill risk it." "Trystian!" "Yes?" I turned to see Kelly standing behind me. "Look I wanted to thank you. I'm not really the let my guard down type. But it felt good getting that off my chest. Oh, and you left this in the tree. I figured you may need it." "You're welcome and yeah my bag is pretty important haha. Thanks." "Well now I knew we were going to have a woman on our squad, but I didn't know shed be the kissin' in the tree type." Officer Rodney parkins stated rudely. Looking at Kelly as if she were a meal. "Look, pigface, Jacob might could kill you 38 ways with his big toe, but I can brutally muder you with your own eyelashes. I am not the pushover type of woman. You do not want to mess with me." Kelly responded. "Ohh feisty" "Can it Rodney before I can it for you." I said. "Oh, do it brother. I want you to try" I ran for him, but Jacob unfortunatley stopped me. "This war is not ally against ally. Its ally against enemy. Fighting your own before a war is a bad idea. Make amends." "Oh shut up shrink. Nobody pulled your magic quote tablet." Rodney said. Jacob poked Rodney in the neck and he was silenced. "You don't have to pull my quote just comes naturally." "Carry him to the truck. Maybe he'll be more respectful." A-bomb said. We carried Rodney to the truck and flung his bag with him. He claimed he was in the military for self disipline. Please. He has no self disipline. He's a rude arrogant jerk. Of course, I am being very judgemental, I don't know his story, but it still gives him no right to act the way he does. "Everybody packed? If so, General Matthws will be here shortly for loading. God be with you men." Some seargent said quite kindly. "Thank you, Sir." We all said saluting as he marched off. "Tryst? Can I talk to you?." War Machine asked seriously. "Yeah of course" "If I die in this battle, I want you to deliver this to my mother and father." He said giving me a letter. "Jess, you're not going to die. You're too hard headed." "That just may be the one thing that kills me." "No, it wouldn't be, but I will deliver it for you." "Will you read it? To check for errors? I want it to sound educated so mama and daddy can read it without wondering what the heck I mean." "If you want me to." "Please." "Okay." Dear Mama and Daddy, If you are receiving this letter, it means I am gone. Physically gone. My spirit may still roam, protecting and nuturing ya'll. Forgive me for leaving so soon, but its all a part of the hero thing. In order to be a hero, sometimes you have to die for something heroic. I have requested for Sgt. Trystian Roland to deliver this letter because we are like brothers. He is my best friend. The only one I fully relied on. He will be there for ya'll any time ya'll may need someone. I hope that I died for him...protecting him. That would make me truly feel like a hero. A true hero....dying for my country and my best friend. I'm sure my death was easy. I love ya'll...and I always will. I'm sorry I can't give ya'll grandchildren.. GOD BLESS Love, Sgt. Jesse Franklin III Squadron 9 "That is a good letter. Perfectly written. I need you to promise me though, no matter what happens do not die saving me. Please. I'd rather die than lose my best friend on my account." I said, constantly clearing the lump in my throat. "Can't make a promise I don't intend to keep." I looked at my watch. "06:45, time to go." "Let's go kick some enemy a- butt..." We ran off to our army truck. Time for action. 3 As I looked at all of these great soldiers around me, all of their joking and silliness was gone. It was seriousness, toughness, and fearlessness that took its place. I was proud to be apart of such great soldiers. I started thinking, though, I may not come home with these guys...and if I do, they may be in a box. This thought worried me. I loved these guys like brothers, Kelly was a different story. I had a crush on her since, well since boot camp. I guess the crush has not departed. "Hey." Speak of the devil. "Oh, hey Kelly. How are you doing?" "Well, seeing as though I'm going to a war, and am possibly going to die..great." "Yeah. I know what you mean." "Look I have something I need to say." "Say away." She gave me that look. A look I've never seen before. Could this "I just wanted to say that ever since boot camp I have l-" "We have entered the Battlezone. Careful of snipers, grenades and so on." General Matthews stated with his fearless face on. "Ill tell you when we win." Kelly said as we unloaded the truck to prepare our attack on the enemies. War Machine with his sniper rifle in tow, headed to a tower. A- bomb and Kelly followed me to the nearest building and we hid inside there. Just as Anthony's strategy had said. Rodney went with Jacob and 2 other men to wait beside the road for early grenade explosions to distract the enemy so its easier to shoot them down. We had the latest technilogically advanced microphones in each of our ears for better and quieter communications. "Enemy spotted." Jacob said so quietly. Everyone prepared their weapons and said their prayers. It was time for war. Just as Anthony had said, Jacob, Rodney and the two others I think Jon and Walker was their names threw high powered grenades at the vehicles approaching. As one, two, three, exploded, we started to move in on them, all but War Machine, he was waiting for a clear target. We checked for survivors. There was only one, but he was so close to death. This was too easy. Way too easy. Something did not feel right. The ground started to gently shake. There was more coming. "Back to positions men!" Screamed War Machine in our ears. "Spread out!" We did as he said. We followed the same strategy until there were too many. We had to let them through. We called General Matthews. We needed more Squadrons. This was going to be tougher than we thought. Never underestimate your opponents. I looked at Kelly. She seemed unphased, prepared for more battle. "Prepare for attack!" Yelled War Machine. I looked up to him waiting for my signal to lead out and attack. The signal two fingers pointing in the direction we must go. I stared him down. Finally our signal came. Time for more action. I silently directed everyone as I came out. Guns ready and grenades in tow. We looked around. Nobody was there. I looked up at War Machine. He nodded his head to the North. We followed his direction, and opened the doors to the city stealthily. Gunfire emerged immediatley. We fought for hours. None of us Americans were shot down, it was by the Grace of God that we were winning. War Machine had ran out of ammo, so he joined our crew on ground. I'm blessed to have him I tell you. A true hero he is. "Tryst!!!" War Machine yelled interrupting my thoughts. "What!" I said as I continued shooting. "Grenade!" "What?!" I looked up and saw a grenade being thrown at me. I tried to escape it as quicky as I could, but my legs were for some unearthly reason immobile. War Machine ran towards me and he leapt for the grenade, pushing me back hard as he landed on top of it. It exploded. Everything in my eyes stopped moving, as if it was in some sort of freeze mode. All I could hear was a deafening silence ringing in my ears. I looked down and saw my best friends limp body lying not even 5 feet away from me. He had died for me. He died protecting me. He was gone...I crawled over to him, took my jacket off. My tags were hung on it, they accidently broke off. I took his tags and placed them in my pocket. I took the letter he wanted me to give his parents. He was my hero. I picked up my tags and placed my jacket over him anf said a prayer for him. I looked up and saw the monster that did this to him. I have no right to call this man a monster, for I am one to. Designed to kill, but I had to avenge War Machine's death. I picked up my gun as sound returned to my ears, and I shot the man in the face four times. One for War Machine, two for his mom, three for his Dad, and four for us. The day's battle had finally subsided after 17 hours. We found a campground and set up camp. Evreryone somehow found it in them to sleep, all but Kelly and me. Everytime I closed my eyes, all I could see was War Machine. Dismembered by a grenade. "Hey." Kelly said quietly. "Hi" I replied. "I am sorry about War Machine Trystian. I know yall were very close." "Don't be. He's in a more peaceful place." "True. He's there with my brother, and your dad." "Yeah. You were telling me something before the battle, Kelly." "Yeah I know, but we haven't won." "Just tell me just in case one of us gets killed." "I was telling you that ever since boot camp I have loved you. You're all I think about. Call me crazy." "I love you too." I said as I leaned in to kiss her softly. "Thank you Soldier." She said. I could just see War Machine looking down screaming "its about time they kiss! I was getting tired of seeing them hungry eyes!" Gosh I missed him. "You better get some rest, Kelly. You seem drained." I said calmly. "Okay, but are you coming?" "No. I can't sleep. All I can do is think." "Okay. Goodnight Trystian." "G'night" "Hey. Are you alright?" Jacob's familar caring voice echoed behind me as he walked stealthily up to me. "Yeah, I'm fine man. Thanks." " No you are not. I have been a therapist for nearly 15 years. You can't play coy and hide your pain around me. If you are ready to break, ill be here. Not just as a therapist but as your friend. I know what its like to lose someone close to you." He was so convincing. "Its just, I watched him die, jacob. I watched his body fly and tear apart in slow motion. I wish that it would have been me. It shouldve been me. " I said as I started to cry. I broke. "Well, think of it as a test of faith. God won't give you more than you can handle. Apparently he thinks your strong. I know you are. You will experience guilt, fear, anger and all other ferris rides of emotions, but its up to you on how you handle them. Put it in God's hands." "Its not easy Jacob." "Who said anything was easy. Holding on is easy, but letting go is hard. Every easy thing has a complication that joins it." He walked away. He was naturally right. I hate how he says something logical, and then leaves. You're stuck thinking. Without anyone's help, but it usually works. 4 General Matthew pardoned me for 1week to allow me to deliver War Machine's letter to his parents, along with the folded flag. I've never done this before, and I was honestly scared. I don't know how to tell a worried family that their son was dead. You are strong, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you Trystian. I heard War Machine's powerful words. Great, now I'm hearing voices of my dead best friend. As I approached his parent's home in Sumter County, Florida, I was ready. I knocked on the door, and a short woman opened the door. "Hello M'am. I am Seargeant Trystian Roland, from the Marines. I am here to sadly inform you that you're son, you're brave son Jesse Franklin the third, has passed away." The woman dropped as I fought tears. She fell perfectly in my arms. I carried her inside. She was limp. Apparently she fainted. A tall lanky man, whom I'm assuming was War Machine's dad walked in. He saw me and his wife, and immediatley he knew. He knew his son would not be coming home. I gave him the letter and stood erect while he read it. It took every ounce of my well being not to cry. " How did he die?" His dad asked. "He died saving me. He jumped on a grenade to keep me from dying." I replied. "So this is your fault!" The man screamed at me. "Sir, it is no ones fault, just God's action. Believe me, I wished I was the one dead, but I'm not." "Get out." He screamed. "Yes sir." I said as I began to exit. "Wait! Yelled the woman, "my son died for you? In his letter, that's how he wished to die. He died the hero he wanted to be so Marc, don't blame sgt. Roland. Be proud of our son." "Sammie, I... Son," he looked at me, "thank you, forgive me for my crudeness I just didn't know how to handle all of this." "Sir, I understand." "God bless you boy." The man said. "You as well, sir." As I left their house, I wanted to go home. To be with my family. Home was only 3 hours away. I was Pensacola bound. 5 Home. My home. A house with a small red door, and a white roof. Quite the patriotic home. I loved this place. It had a weird silence to it though, as if a cloud was looming over it. A dark, raging cloud looming over it. Since I didn't have my keys I knocked three times. Weird. Somebody usually always opens the door. I tried the nob, and oddly enough, it was unlocked. I entered my quiet, too quiet home stealthily. I went upstairs to Mom's room. She wasn't there. I then went to Tyler's room. He was gone too. "What on Earth is going on?" I said to myself. "I would like to know the same." Mom said as I jumped, startled. "What kind of crude joke is this? Are you trying to make my son's brother kill himself like that boy from Tampa did?" Answer me you monster." She yelled. ", its me. Its Trystian. You're son." "My son is dead. I received his letter eactly a week ago." My jacket. I placed it over Jesse's body and took his tags. The letter is all they could go by. The letter to my mom. This is awful. "Mom I can assure you I am Trystian. The army made a mistake. My best friend died and my letter was in my jacket that I laid over his body." "What? You're not dead? Trystian, sweetie is this really you?" "Yes Mom. I'm surprised you forgot me so soon." "Sweetie I've been through a lot." "I'm sorry. Where's Tyler?" "He's in the hospital." "What? Why?" "After your letter was given to us, he went into this catatonic state. The doctor's call it shock." "I have to see him!" "No." "Why?" "Because you still have to go back to that war. You're here briefly, or you'd have your bags with you. Tyler can't see you and snap out of his catatonic state, and you go back and actually die. It could make him worse." "Yes mom." "So how long do you have?" "Two days." "Ah." "Can I stay here?" "Yes you can." The two days I was there, were awful. Mom stayed quiet, gone, and distant. I think she is back on drugs, but she denies every accusation. It was time to go back to battle. "I love you, mom" "I know son. I love you too." "Ill see you when we win." "Sure, sure." "Goodbye mom" "Bye son" I hope Tyler pulls through. I'm going to worry about him so much. I know you're worried, but God has his hand on Tyler, Tryst. So place your worry in his hands. They need you to focus on the war. I've got your back man. I heard war machine's strong voice in my head. I could get used to that reassuring voice. Well, here I go. As I reapproached my base, I looked around. Someone was missing. A-bomb. "Where's A-bomb?" I asked curiously. "He's dead" said Kelly darkly. "What? How?" "It was either him die, or all of us be taken prisoner." "This war has torn me apart enough. My brother is in a catatonic state because he thought I was dead. My best friends are dead. I'm sick of death!" "How do you think we feel! We aren't exactly enjoying the death massacres everyday! I've lost people in this war too! I've even lost myself. I don't know who I am anymore. Whether I'm doing God's work or just being a monster. What is this war even about?!!!" Anthony screamed. "Money." Jacob said bluntly. "All wars after WWII are about is money. Our president thinks if we fight and win, we get money. When in turn all we get is debt, depression, increasing crime rates and death. The fronts that he puts on for our American people, though quite realistic in their eyes, are false. The whole we have to fight for our gas, and so on is all false. We have enough on American soil to supply for a long time, but no we have to be greedy. We have to take from the weak so we can remain strong. When really, we are opening the doors of hell. Satan is waiting to swallow America. He's hungry for it. And the president is dumb enough to serve it to him on a silver platter." "Well stated" I said. "Thanks" he responded. "But that means that all of the men that have died, have died for nothing! Including A-bomb and War Machine. This war that is tearing us apart for nothing!" Anthony yelled. "Well, in our eyes yes, but some of it is for something. We will be rewarded for our oustanding ability." Said Officer Rodney. He sure knew how to blow up a conversation. "Yeah, rewarded by what, Rodney? A wooden box with a flag and some medals? Or missing ligaments, horrible nightmares, and psychological issues until the day we do die? This battle is for NOTHING! Our people are dying for NOTHING!" "This is God's work." Rodney said. "No, God's work is supportive and honest. Not stupid, pointless, and murderous. If you don't know what you're talking about, leave God's name out of it. These people turn us into killing machines. Back in the day wars were for a reason. Now its just little green papers. That is not God's will. God's will is not greed. Its honor, integrity, faith, and belief in Him. So shut up with your false ideas." Anthony said. "Look here boy, my mama told me everything I needed to know about God." Rodney said. "Apparently you weren't listening very well. You seemed to have missed some very key points." Anthony replied. "How dare you! You kno-" "Enough! Okay? Enough! This argument will cease. Its not helping anything, nor is it changing the way things are!" Jacob said. "I'm going to the tower." I said calmly. "I'm going with you." Said Kelly. "Okay." 6 "I can't believe those guys arguing." Kellu stated. "I can. They're stressed, confused, afraid, and unaware. They're bound to argue." I responded. "Why does Jacob seem to be so calm about everything though? He acts as if nothing affects him." "Oh it does. He just doesn't show it. He's a strong young man. He's got God on his side 100 percent, and he relies on him fully. I hear him praying at night before we all lie down. He's kind of like a Guardian Angel. Everytime I talk to him, all of my worries, pain, and fears come pouring out. Like he's some sort of magnet. He's a real peace keeper." "Oh. Wow. I wish I knew God as well as you guys. It just seems like he's against me sometimes." "He's never against you. You're against yourself." Jacob said. Startling us. "What do you mean?" Kelly asked. "I mean, God is never against you, but he can't help you unless you're willing to help yourself. Until you're ready to help yourself, you're basically fighting yourself." "But nothing goes right in my life." "That's because you won't let it. You're too worried about the why's and self pities, instead of just not worrying at all. Everything happens for a reason. No its not always easy, but they're all a test of faith. Just rely on God." "Will you help me?" "Help you what?" "Pray." "Yes I will. Ill pray with you." "Thank you, Trystian will you pray too?" "Yes." "Dear Lord, JACOB: We are experiencing multiple types of loss, pain, anger, fear, worry and regret, and we are coming to you Lord for forgivness. For not putting our full faith and trust in you. KELLY: And Lord, I'm coming to you also to beg for forgivness. For not believeing soly in you. For blaming you for my brother's death. I need you Lord, I need you to be my rock. I need you to enter my heart. I love you Lord. And thank you Jesus. TRYSTIAN: Lord, I need forgivness for every sin I've commited. Also Lord, I need to thank you. For giving me everything I need and also For the strong reassuring voices when I am weak. Thank you for the opprotunity of knowing these amazing people, and Lord please lay your healing hand on my Mom and Tyler please. In Jesus's name we pray AMEN. "I feel...I feel different." Said Kelly, wiping away tears. "Good." Said Jacob. I was silent. God was speaking to me. I closed my eyes and I saw my little brother in his hospital bed. He was awake. I then was switched to my mom. She was flushing drugs down the toilet. Then a bright light came through. I looked, and there was my dad and War Machine. They were so happy. A sense of peace flooded my body. I was happy. I opened my eyes to Kelly and Jacob staring at me. "What?" I asked. "Are you okay?" Asked Kelly. "You're smiling, and you look relaxed." "I've never felt better." "Good." Said Jacob as he climed down the tower. I have never felt better. God can work wonders in a life. Its amazing. I looked at Kelly, and for once her internal war was over. She looked so happy. I think our actual war will be much easier to fight with the Lord by our side. "Trystian, did you hear that?" Kelly asked, interrupting my thoughts. "Hear what?" I replied. "That rustling." She said. Dropping her voice to an almost unidentifiable whisper. "No." "Listen". I heard it that time. Someonevwas out there, and we were unarmed, but not completley. We have God. Dear Lord, help us. I prayed. "Get down as low as possible." I told Kelly quietly. She did as I said, and we both listened. "I think people are up there Sir." Said a man roughly. "Go see." The other man replied. "Yes sir." We heard the man as he climbed up the tower. We just sat there, awaiting whatever God has decided for us. The man looked down and saw us. "Sir, two of our enemies are here." He stated into his walkie talkie. "Good, good we need prisoners, bring them down." "You two are coming with me. Don't try anything stupid. It will only make matters worse." "Yes sir." Kelly and I replied as we stood up. The man looked at me strangely. "You, you are the evil man that shot my brother in the face four times." "Unfortunatley I am. Forgive me. This war has brought pain to us all." "Forgive you? It is the least I can do to not rip your wretched heart out. I don't forgive anyone. I was raised to never forget and to always hold a grudge. Its how people remain afraid of you. They're less likely to hurt you that way." "Or maybe your just afraid of yourself." I said calmy. "Move. This conversation is over." Kelly and I did as he said. Calmly and politley. We don't need to die so early. "Well look. What do we have here. I'm surprised you came so easily. Did you expect that if you cooperated that imprisonment would be easy? Think again. Interrogate them. Use any means necessary to make them talk." "Yes sir." He took us to what I'm assumong to be the interrogation room. It was a quaint little room. With only a window and two chairs. Oddly enough, I had no fear. I'm beginning to like the new me. The man forced Kelly in a chair and binded her ankles and hands with a rope. Apparently I was to be interrogated first. Good. Reverse psychology time. "What is your name?" The man asked me. "Trystian Roland." "How old are you?" "25" "Are you an American?" "Yes" "What is the next strategy that your army has planned." "I do not know. I'm not on the strategy team. I don't find out until the meeting." "When is the meeting?" "Nobody said." "Liar!" The man yelled as he punched me in the stomach. "When is the meeting!?" "I do not know!" "Lie again and your little girlfriend is next!" "Sir, do you really think that hitting us, torturing us, then killing us is really going to solve this matter? We ma be enimies, but aren't we both also humans? Haven't we both lost more than we've gained in this war? Do you even know what we are fighting about?" "Yes. An American killed our govenor." "No. You're men killed your govenor, and killed an American to make it seem like he killed the govenor." "Lie!" "No he's right." Said Kelly. "The war is a dispute over money. Little green papers." "Lies!!!!" "No, truth. We have got to end this war. Please. I believe we can make peace." "I do not believe in peace." "You should." "Well I don't. I don't care about peace. I've been raised to believe in war." "Do you believe in God?" "Who?" "God. The one that created everything in 7 days." "No." "Would you like to?" "No! Now shut up before I shoot you!" "No. You're going to just have to shoot me." "Trystian don't!" Kelly yelled. "God is the only one that knows everything about you. He knows your thoughts, where your heart is and what the future holds for you based on your decisions. He listens when you pray, He is strong when your weak. He is the rock that moves the mountains in your way." "Where is He then? Where was He when you killed my brother?" "He is in Heaven. He is everywhere. He should be in your heart. He was there when I killed your brother after he killed my friend" "How do I get to know him?" "Read this, " I said handing him my pocket Bible, "read it, and pray. Repent of your sins, ask Him to forgive you of your wrongdoings. And ask Him to replace the cold darkness in your heart. Ask Him to fill your heart with the Holy Spirit." "That's all?" "No. You must remain on the path of righteousness. Follow the Lord's way. There will be trials and tribulations, but its a test of faith. Put all of your worries and fears in His hands. He'll guide you." "Thank you." "You're welcome." "I'm sorry, but I have orders to kill you both if I don't receive the information needed." "Okay" "Okay!?"Yelled Kelly. "As long as you set her free. You never asked her anything. She has medical knowledge. And she can speak to your dying soldiers about God. "That would make me a traitor!" She yelled. "Not if you do it in the Lord's name." "That's not a bad idea." Said the soldier. "Goodbye Kelly." "Tryst no!" "God forgive me of my sins. Kelly write my mother." I said in final request. I was now staring at War Machine. The end;)

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