20 Things Girls Hate About Guys

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Just a humorous and cute little list of things girls can't stand that guys do. If you're a girl, you will probably agree. If you are a boy, you should maybe take some notes ;)

(Also, please don't take any offense to this. It was just done for fun and isn't meant to be hurtful or mean in any way.)

Submitted: March 17, 2014

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Submitted: March 17, 2014



Things Girls HATE That Guys Do !


1. Open your mouth

- Okay, this one needs some explaining. No, we don't want you to stop talking completely. However, things you say reflect back on us as your girlfriends. We know you don't have a filter, we get this. But maybe every once in a while take a second to think your words over before you say them.
Mostly because it looks bad for us. Also, things you say can be extremely arrogant and annoying. And lastly because you tend to like to spill things we told you in confidentiality.
So just think before you talk, got it?

2. Talk about our sex life

- I understand you like to talk about sex, its natural. But you do not need to tell your friends the details of our sex life, or the lack of it. That's personal, so just keep it between the two of us.

I want to give an example with this, because my boyfriend did it to me the other day:
We were playing beer pong and he tried to finger the ball out of the cup while it was spinning (If you don't understand beer pong, this won't make any sense), and his buddy said, "Dude, your shit at fingering the ball out." Where my boyfriend then responded by saying, "Well its not like I've been getting much practice lately." and looked at me.

3. Take forever to respond

- If we text you saying "What's up?" and you respond 2 hours later saying "nm." WE DON'T CARE ANYMORE. We asked you two hours ago, now it is irrelevant.

4. Send abbreviations

- Please take the time to type out the whole word. It may not seem like a big deal, but to us it is. The difference between "nm, hbu?" and "Nothing much, how about yourself?" is huge !

5. Get shit face drunk

- We don't like to be that annoying girl telling you to stop drinking, but you force us to do it. Everyone has a limit, learn yours.

6. Talk to ANY girl you have ever had a relationship with

- I know, this sounds typical and annoying. Yes, you are allowed to have female friends. Yes, you are allowed to be civil with your ex. No, you may not hang out with her by yourself and no you are not allowed to text her sweet and flirty things. You broke up. so stop.

7. Talk to ANY girl you have slept with

- Simply if you had sex with her, please erase her from your memory. And don't act dumbfounded when we get mad that you are talking to her, obviously we don't like it!

8. Criticize us

- There is a difference between being honest and being mean.

9. Touch us in spots you know we hate

- You know I hate my inner thighs, so why do you continue to touch them?

10. Tell us things that we like are stupid

- We know you hate Bachelor. But we hate South Park and we put up with it. So put up with fucking Juan Pablo twice a week!

Also, yes we like reading. You have never picked up a book but that doesn't mean it's stupid. It just means we are more intellectual then you.

11. Do something nice and then remind us of it all the time

- Of course I appreciated that you bought me that expensive watch or purse. I thanked you for it several times and probably did something to show my appreciation. Every time I get aggravated by you, you are not allowed to bring that back up. You bought it as a gift, not a hostage.

12. Put the fucking toilet seat down.

- Enough Said.

13. Talk during reality TV shows we like

- Alike #10, we know you hate Bachelor, Big Brother and Survivor. However, those are our favorite shows and if you haven't noticed the entire show is based on the communication of people. So when you talk through the whole show and we get frustrated, it's because we have no fucking clue what is going on and we just missed something annoying that Clare said. Or something adorable Jon said. Or when LJ took off his shirt.

14. Saying that we are over exaggerating our period

- It fucking hurts.

15. Their inability to ask for directions when lost

- You are lost, just accept it. It does not make you any less of a man.

16. When they say bad things about our friends

- I don't care if Cindy is a whore. She is my friend and you are not allowed to talk bad about her.

However, I am and you need to sit there and listen ;)

17. Farting

- We don't care how comfortable we are with each other, farting in front of us is NEVER okay.

18. Ask questions

- If you are going to ask us a question, at least care about the answer. If you ask and then get distracted or start talking about yourself half way through, then don't ask at all.

19. Don't ask questions

- You see we are having a miserable day, would it kill you to just say "Are you okay?" We will probably respond by saying "I'm fine." even if we are not. But the fact that you asked will make us happy.

20. Don't tell us that they love us

- You need to say it first. And for the love of God, if you love a girl then just fucking tell her !!



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