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Submitted: June 12, 2013

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Submitted: June 12, 2013




Don't they see my frustration?

With their soul-less reaction.

I open my soul to allow

Those dark locked crevices to be heard

Yet, your cold empty eyes are un-deterred 

Those moments of humiliation and pain

All obviously relived in vain

Let the tears flow like a spring rain

Let the memories unravel

Unravel into the depths of cruelity 

That was once my daily reality

You let down your judge's javel

I gave you my self-less fraility

You gave me your empty eyes

You're life filled with lies

Love's your false ideal

It appears as a mirage so surreal

Some wait for their next meal

You wait for everything, yet know it not

Your identity is repeatedly fought

You don't see you

You don't see me

Something that's everything

Why is this surprising?

Yet, nothing behind those eyes

An endless space of closed attributes

To Your soul's endless pleas

You wish it were a mute

For me to never handed you our keys 

You look on me as a hideous disease 

Yet, I look to you for acceptance

Yet, you look to me with disgust

Submerge the keys, they'll never rust

If you think the separation is a must

Deny with your empty eyes



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