How Do You Love?

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A valentines day poem I wrote while at school, I was inspired by a boy, and was infatuated by love

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



Love! is it an illness, is it a disease, an emotion that doesn't have an offswitch? was love premeditated when the first humans the earth? nobody has control over this feeling. love is everywhere. everyone has someone that love him or her. parents, neighbors, family, friends, etc. one question, how do we know if we love someone? or like a person so much that we think it's love? nobody knows! sure, you might think your in love, but what do you actually know about that person? love is when you get butterflies in your stomach and when you talk, you smile and you think about everything. you think about that person all day and you can't talk straight without repeating yourself. love never goes away, you remember your first crush, your first kiss and first date. you remember every detail about that person. everyone wants someone to love them, wheather it would be a friend or your family. love is just not that easy to get rid of. love cannot be destroyed. love can be seen and heard by the person's eyes or by talking. people know when your in love because we can see it. Te Amo (I love you)

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